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18 Nov 11 Phoenix Tile Removal Crew: Our Virtually DUST FREE Thinset Removal (Saves Your Home!) Are you a homeowner or contractor faced with a difficult or health sensitive tile removal project? Is one of your biggest concerns the massive amount of cancer causing concretes dust that will find its way into your cabinets, drawers, closets, air ducts, walls, ceiling, bookcase, hutches, appliances, etc.? You’ve probably heard it will be a very long and dusty process. Does it worry you to know your tile removal project will take many (4-8 days) to complete, and that cleaning up from the mess will take weeks if not months to complete. This type of thorough cleaning will require a huge expense of your time and money. We have solutions for all those concerns. Our videos prove it. We have developed a proprietary tile & thinset removal system so advanced that we guarantee 99.99% dust free tile and thinset removal, and about 5 times faster than any other method currently in existence. Our system is designed to protect your homes contents so the air quality during the removal process remains safe and clean. I’m also willing to teach anyone about this system, including the type of equipment necessary to duplicate the extraordinary results in this video. Watch the difference our ceramic tile removal and thinset removal equipment makes when it comes to keeping things really clean. We have a patent pending tool accessory called the DustRam™ for our Bosch electric chipping hammers, CDCLarue PB-1250 Industrial Vacuums, CDCLarue Dust Grabber Shrouds, Modified Edco
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18 Aug 11 JROF Disposal Services Inc – Garbage Removal Rosemead, CA JROF Disposal Services Incorporated has served Southern California for over 10 years with the highest quality garbage and junk removal. We’re the environmentally friendly solution you can trust, with 24 hour a day service, flat rate fee pricing, and on the spot free estimates. From construction debris to household items, we haul everything away! JROF Disposal Services Incorporated, call us to learn more.
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08 May 11 Trash Removal Pt 2

Trash Removal Pt 2

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05 May 11 Trash Removal Pt 1

Trash Removal Pt 1

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03 May 11 Whirlpool Kenmore Washer Cabinet Removal Video

This video shows you how to remove the cabinet on a Whirlpool, Kenmore or Roper washer. From here you can access the motor, drain pump and the lid switch along with many other parts. Please leave a comment if the video was helpful. Do your own repair work on Appliances. Cabinet removal video sear kenmore repair sears washer repair whirlpool washer repair video cabinet removal video for kenmore washing machine Here is the link for the video on putting the cabinet back on your washer:
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Your front load washer pump can become clogged with small items. This may cause vibration, long cycle time, washer pauses, or locked door. Follow these tips to clean out the pump filter. More tips at

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19 Apr 11 Whirlpool Refrigerator Door Removal & Replacement

Learn how to remove and replace your refrigerator doors by clicking this video. Super easy to follow; super simple instructions!
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We’re restoring our 110-year-old Folk Victorian home and have made it ultra energy efficient by using geothermal heating and cooling, motion sensor lights, an energy monitor, tight insulation and sealing, and energy star appliances. Now we’re nearly ready to add solar panels. The home will then produce more energy than we consume. This project will make history by being the oldest home in America to achieve net-zero energy. We hope to inspire others to create a Mission Zero for every one of the 130 million existing homes in the US Restoring old homes is not just about preserving the past, it’s about protecting our future.
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28 Mar 11 Loading a Garbage Truck while emptying a home. Queens Rubbish Removal

Guys carrying out tons of stuff from a home in Queens. Rubbish removal team is loading stuff into a garbage compacting truck in Queens, New York.

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