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03 Jun 11 Repairing XBox RROD (Red Ring of Death)

Was up, dingo here, Im going to show you how to fix the xbox 360 red ring of death. this method will fix most red ring of death errors. You’ll need the follow tools to dissemble the xbox. [cutaway: list of tools] Presto Griddle Heat Gun(500F) Arctic Silver Remover or Alcohol/Goo Gone Arctic Silver 4 Machine Screws 1/2″ Aluminum Foil Metal Tape hex ScrewDriver T-10 Small Screwdriver Kit 8 M5-.80 x 10 Machine Screws Partial Resemble 16 #10 Flat Washers [Nylon] 16 5mm Flat Washers [Metal] so lets start off by removing the casing. [scene of dingo removing case] After the case is removed, you’ll need to remove the X-Clamps and Heat Sinks. [scene of dingo removing x-clamps & heatsinks] You’ll need to clean the GPU and the CPU with cotton swabs with alcohol until they shine. Remove all cables from the motherboard. Using aluminum foil, cover the conductors of the motherboard, only exposing the H(ANA) Chip and the GPU on top. Use the four 1/2″ machine screws hoist the motherboard above the griddle half of an inch. Preheat the griddle to 350ºF. Let set for 5 minutes. Heat the using H(ANA) Chip and the GPU using the Heat Gun at medium heat. Use a circular motion for 4 minutes. 1″-2″ away from the chips. (Do not burn any parts) Let set for 35-40 minutes. Remove motherboard from griddle. Remove aluminum foil. Clean up any tape access (if any). Apply arctic silver (small amount) to the chips. Spread and flatten an even coat of article silver using a credit card or a trowel. [Optional
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28 Apr 11 Repairing Bosch and Neff fan oven element fitting, replacing Replaceing and fitting a fan oven element to your neff and bosch and how to repair you appliance. Welcome to our video tutorials on domestic appliances please note all work should by a qualified person.This is brought to you by At We supply…
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26 Apr 11 Repairing a leaking dishwasher – Which? Guide

Which? – If your dishwasher is leaking, follow our quick guide to see if you can fix the problem without calling in a professional. For reviews on hundreds of dishwashers and more useful guides visit

wingnut dishwashers union just because i dont say anything dont mean i got nothin to say house show in pasadena, ca
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06 Mar 11 Troubleshooting & repairing a microwave oven, part 1

For insider405 and others who’s microwave is not heating. I will show steps to troubleshoot your microwave oven and solutions to solve the problem.
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You can really cook with a solar oven and they can be made from scrap material for free!
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18 Jul 10 Repairing Your Own Dryer

An overview of how dryers work and what usually goes wrong with them. All brands are discussed. Save money repairing your own and make money repairing those of your friends. Learn more at
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A girl falls for the well known hair dryer prank. Her roommate put a LOT of baby powder in the hair dryer when she was in the shower, when she gets out; she turns on the hair dryer and her hair and face gets covered in baby powder, the best hair dryer prank I’ve seen. You may have also seen this clip on The Sunday Night Project which was aired in 2008 i believe, where Simon Pegg was hosting the show.
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