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14 Aug 14 Samsung VR9000H robot vacuum cleaner


The Samsung robot vacuum cleaner, the VR9000H is equipped with a powerful, digital inverter motor that delivers suction up to 5 times higher than in comparable robotic cleaners. Such a constant high suction brings incredible cleaning results.


The suction system employs cyclonic separation forcing the dust particles into an inner chamber, so that only clean air passes through a second chamber and then to the outside. The bagless technology ensures even performance and there is no filter to clean.

The Samsung VR9000H robot vacuum cleaner features a strong Full View Sensor which continuously scans its surroundings to avoid any obstacles. The large EasyPass wheels help the vacuum to deal with things like video game wire and doorsteps. The sophisticated software algorithm allows for thorough and systematic detection of the surface to be cleaned. The remote control with laser pointer function allows you to direct vacuum to clean especially dirty spots.

The Samsung VR9000H vacuum cleaner should be in stores September 2014 at a price of € 1,000.

Samsung vacuum robot with Visionary Mapping System
Samsung Smart Tango – vacuum robot with pop-out brushes


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29 Jul 14 Miele Scout RX1 robot vacuum cleaner


The Scout RX1 robovac by Miele incorporates a systematic navigation system that covers the area to be cleaned in parallel tracks instead of randomly crisscrossing the room – the more common approach adopted by the majority of robot vacuum cleaner which use chaotic navigation.


The MIele Scout RX1 navigation system achieves more reliable coverage and saves time and battery power to boot. Furthermore, complex floor plans involving several rooms can be vacuumed in their entirety, including return trips to the base on completion of the task and for recharging.

Miele Smart Navigation relies in the first instance on a so-called gyro sensor which measures rotation and changes in direction. This alone would be sufficient to systematically clean a room. Besides this, though, the Scout RX1 has a high-quality digital camera on board which scans the ceiling of the room several times a minute to ensure additional precision. The interplay of gyro sensor and ceiling-scanning camera ensures that the perimeters of rooms and difficult-to-access areas are cleaned without gaps. Furthermore, the Miele robovac has 7 infra-red sensors on the front of the unit. These scan a 180° area ahead of the machine in order to avoid collisions with furniture and other obstacles. In contrast to most other common systems on the market, these sensors stop the vacuum cleaner in good time before a collision occurs. 3 further sensors below the unit prevent the Scout RX1 from falling down stairs.


Particularly effective cleaning is guaranteed by the Triple Cleaning System. Two long rotating side brushes target difficult areas along the walls of rooms or along items of furniture and sweep dirt towards the center of the unit. Once there, a removable beater bar picks up coarser particles. In the third stage, a fan transports the finer dust into the dust box. This container has a capacity of 0.6 liter and can be removed at the touch of the button. An AirClean filter ensures clean room air.

4 cleaning programs guarantee maximum cleaning convenience. In Auto mode, Miele Scout RX1 travels through all rooms. Spot mode is intended for a defined area of at most 1.80 meters square, for example to clean up crumbs from under the breakfast table. In Corner mode, all rooms are first cleaned in Auto before returning to clean all edge areas once again. For particularly fast cleaning, Miele offers its Turbo mode in which the robovac cleans the entire home but travels in straight lines with greater spacing. In this case, cleaning is somewhat more thorough than in Auto mode but only takes half as long.

Overall, a battery charge is able to clean an area of up to 150 m², corresponding to a duration of approximately 120 minutes. When cleaning larger areas, this Miele vacuum robot pauses as and when needed to return to its base for recharging. Work is automatically resumed after approximately 2 hours at the precise point where cleaning was interrupted earlier. Even after 300 recharging cycles, the battery still has the capacity it had when new. With this combination of battery charge and battery life expectancy, Miele currently represents the benchmark on the robovac market.

The Scout RX1 has good traction on all common floor coverings and is even able to negotiate height differences of up to 2 cm, for example thresholds and the edges of rugs. Rooms or areas which are to be excluded from cleaning can be cordoned off with a magnetic strip. The Scout RX1 is started either at the controls on the unit itself, using the remote control handset or by programming the timer to start and finish at predefined times.

The design of the Miele robovac is both high-quality and elegant. This is achieved for instance by the white characters on a black background in the display which are not only easily legible but also blend in perfectly with the Miele product family design. A rear-printed plastic insert on the top of the machine further underlines the noble overall impression. Price is around 0. Miele.


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23 Sep 11 Floor cleaning robot – Moneual Rydis R750


Moneual Rydis R750 measures just 8cm at height – the lowest in the world, and can vacuum rooms autonomously or driven by tilting a video game like controller. This floor cleaning robot easily navigates under the coffee tables, beds and couches. Equipped with a powerful 3-step vacuum system and smart sensor system, the vacuum cleaner robot sucks up fine dust and ticks through, while navigating carefully yet briskly with the help of various safety and anti-collision sensors. And with the special quieter mode, you can clean at night.


The Moneual Rydis R750 floor cleaning robot comes with twin side brushes, attached to the sides to facilitate cleaning in hard to get nooks and corners, auto voice guidance system with over 55 voice guides to keep you informed on current status and errors, removable large capacity dust bin and RF remote controller for convenient control of R750 anywhere in the house. Rydis.



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20 Sep 11 Air purifier robot from Moneual


Rydis H800 is a self-moving air purifier robot, able to detect an air polluted area, suck dust and purify air. Once the air quality improves, the robot looks for another area to purify. Moneual superior 5-step air filtration system consists of dust, HEPA, deodorizing, Semi Alpha and impregnated activated carbon filters. Equipped with special Location Detection Sensor, the self moving air purifier provides clean indoor air in quiet, unobtrusive fashion.

Equipped with quite a few sensors and mapping system, this air purifier robot acts like a floor cleaning robot, with the key difference being of course, that is cleans air. And when the battery goes below a certain level, the Rydis H800 goes back to recharge. Moneual.


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25 Aug 11 LG HOM-BOT vacuum cleaning robot


The stylish and cutting-edge LG robot vacuum cleaner, HOM-BOT Smart Vacuum Cleaning Robot boasts an impressive array of advanced features. This is the first robotic vacuum equipped with the Dual Eye Camera Sensor. It employs one lens on the top fascia and one on the bottom to provide more comprehensive visual data.

The upper camera is tasked with simultaneously mapping and remembering floor plans, while the lower camera has an Optical Flow Sensor that captures a myriad of surface images per second providing distance information and plotting paths for the HOM-BOT to follow.

In addition, LG HOM-BOT vacuum cleaning robot comes with ultrasonic and infrared sensors to identify obstacles and prevent the redundant and irritating bump-and-retreat action. Specially designed integrated systems make sure that if the robotic vacuum does run into an obstacle, the accelerometer and gyro sensor allow the cleaner to react accordingly. As the result, HOM-BOT mostly avoids the pitfalls rival systems often suffer from. It is also quiet, with noise levels reduced to just 60 dB. LG.


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29 Jul 11 Banebots P60 Gearbox Installation – The Robot MarketPlace This is a demonstration of how to attach a Banebots P60 gearbox to a 550 size motor. The mounting setup will work with 550 size or similar motor, so you can use whichever you prefer. The gearbox comes with two screws, two lock washers, and a pinion, so all you need is the gearbox and a motor. The first thing you have to do is press the pinion onto the shaft of the motor. This can be challenging if you don’t have a vice or arbor press. Always make sure you support the back end of the shaft so you don’t damage the motor, and also be careful not to bend the shaft when you’re pressing the pinion on. Then you need to carefully unscrew the four screws from the front of the gearbox, making sure everything stays together. Pull the back face off this assembly. It may be tight, so use caution if you have to pry it off. Attach the back plate of the gearbox to your motor with the screws and lock washers. Slide the ring gear off the inner gears. If you’re not able to just slide it off, pull the ring gear and whatever gears stay with it off of the shaft, and gently tap it on your bench top. Be extremely careful not to lose any gears! Grease each stage. We use Mobil 1 synthetic grease. All it takes is about a pea sized amount per stage. Stack them up as you grease them. Then slide the ring gear back on, being sure that the flats line up with the locking pins. It helps if the planets are aligned! If they aren’t, it can be really difficult to get the ring gear
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16 Jun 11 Handling of dishwater housings with a KUKA robot

BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte relies increasingly on automation for the manufacture of its dishwashers. Therefore the company also planned to automate the application of bitumen sound-deadening pads to dishwasher housings. The pads have to be seated accurately to ensure maximum sound-proofing and a clean fit when BSN installs the housings.

It’s the invasion of smart household appliances at CES 2011! In the LG booth we are showing everything including washers, dryers, ranges, ovens, fridges, microwaves, dishwashers and vacuums. We’re also showcasing THINQ, the future of appliances where they are connected to each other and the internet & accessible from wherever you are.

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13 Jun 11 Toshiba Machine SCARA industrial robot at Kuchenmeister Germany In this application we see a Toshiba Machine SCARA industrial robot in use in a bread packaging application at Kuchenmeister Germany. Read on for more information about SCARA robots in the food industry. Cost effective, reliable and fast industrial robots in the food industry have been the key factor in what TM Robotics sees as the sector’s automation revolution. Just as the automotive sector became heavily automated in the 1970s, so the first decade of this century brought with it a scramble amongst food manufacturers to invest in the most efficient and future proofed industrial robots on the market. Amongst the best robot technologies for the food industry is the SCARA. SCARA stands for Selective Compliant Assembly Robot Arm or Selective Compliant Articulated Robot Arm — the two acronyms are both common and are entirely interchangeable. What are SCARA robots? This acronym is the key to understanding the advantages of a SCARA robot in the food industry. The first thing to recognise is the robot’s parallel-axis joint layout, which is compliant in the XY direction but rigid in the ‘Z’ direction, hence the term ‘Selective Compliant’. This offers enormous advantages in all sorts of primary and secondary packaging applications as well as a host of other pick and place functions. Secondly, the jointed, two-link arm layout is similar to a human arm, which is why the phrase ‘articulated’ forms part of the acronym. As a result, the robot can reach into

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07 Jun 11 Robot unloads items from a dishwasher.

This video shows STAIR (STanford Artificial Intelligent Robot) unloading items from a dishwasher autonomously. Using machine learning algorithms, the robot is able to understand the image, and pick up objects—even the ones that were not seen before. This video is 3-x speed. More details at:
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