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03 Aug 12 ViRobi robotic mop from Vileda


ViRobi is equipped with the autonomous navigation system, so this robotic mop from Vileda automatically removes dust on hard floors. Collected dust and hair are retained on an electrostatic disposable pad.

Once you fix electrostatic cleaning pad to the soft base using velcro and choose a cleaning program, Vileda ViRobi runs autonomously and silently through the room, catching up the dust without stirring it up. The flexible softbase of this innovative robotic mop is especially designed to reach corners and along the walls, and protects the furniture. The dust and hair then easily disposed of together with the cleaning cloth pad. ViRobi runs on rechargeable batteries. Vileda.


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08 Nov 11 Tech – Robotic Hair Washing

This film was commissioned for Network of the World’s “Tech” programme to discover what hairdressers thought about robotic hair washers. Written, Produced and Directed by Thom Goddard
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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