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16 Nov 11 How-To put round pipe together

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Video describes the benefits of residential geothermal heating and cooling.

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15 Nov 11 Ipana Troubadours Sam Lanin I Found a Round About Way to Heaven Roaring 20’s Victrola

This is another of those peppy 20’s songs that uses the then still universal method of rail travel to fill the bill so charmingly. It’s amazing how everything in the 20’s coalesced into a brilliant harmony of fun–songs were made from the most common things of everyday life, ie, many people still didn’t have refrigerators so they needed ice delivered, so make a song called Any Ice Today, Lady? Or the madness about the new Model A Ford. Even cross-word puzzles found their way into song, as well as the ancient game of Mah-Jong, which will be uploaded at a later date. Can you imagine a cute up-tempo song about a new iPod or iPhone today, or the latest hybrid car! Or how much fun it is to get 50 MPG or consult your GPS?

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