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I have finally taken a huge 8 min video of my garbage day. its recycling and garbage week…. the driver was really nice to me and showed me how the computer works in his truck.. the company is WSN Environmental Solutions enjoy!
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One Wednesday during January 2009, I visited the City of Botany Bay when they still had the manual recycling collections with crates. Down in Botany everything is collected weekly, with the council removing the garbage and green-waste and Veolia taking care of the recycling. The truck in this video is what I believe to be one of Veolia’s (formerly Collex) original recycling trucks, specifically designed for the collection of bottles and containers. The truck is broken into four compartments: the top is for steel cans, aluminium, cartons and plastic containers, and the bottom three compartments (from left to right) are for clear, green and brown glass. The bottles are tipped into a ‘tray’ like section which spans across the rear of the truck where all the sorting takes place. I remember a lot of these types of trucks existed when recycling was first introduced, before MRFs started to really come into fashion. I hope you enjoy the footage of this rarely seen collection, it’d be great if you rated and commented, be sure to check out the second video of this and take a look at the other Botany videos. I’d also like to give a big thanks to the hard-working guys on the back of this truck, very friendly blokes and nice to have a chat to. With what I saw, they’re a speedy team and definitely deserve a cold beer at the end of the day! Body Make: Collex (now Veolia) Model: Kerbside Bottles Sorter Chassis: Mitsubishi FUSO Fighter Council: City of Botany Bay Contractor: Veolia

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