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14 Aug 14 Samsung VR9000H robot vacuum cleaner


The Samsung robot vacuum cleaner, the VR9000H is equipped with a powerful, digital inverter motor that delivers suction up to 5 times higher than in comparable robotic cleaners. Such a constant high suction brings incredible cleaning results.


The suction system employs cyclonic separation forcing the dust particles into an inner chamber, so that only clean air passes through a second chamber and then to the outside. The bagless technology ensures even performance and there is no filter to clean.

The Samsung VR9000H robot vacuum cleaner features a strong Full View Sensor which continuously scans its surroundings to avoid any obstacles. The large EasyPass wheels help the vacuum to deal with things like video game wire and doorsteps. The sophisticated software algorithm allows for thorough and systematic detection of the surface to be cleaned. The remote control with laser pointer function allows you to direct vacuum to clean especially dirty spots.

The Samsung VR9000H vacuum cleaner should be in stores September 2014 at a price of € 1,000.

Samsung vacuum robot with Visionary Mapping System
Samsung Smart Tango – vacuum robot with pop-out brushes


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24 Apr 14 Samsung microwave oven with SLIM FRY technology


Designed for healthy eaters, the elegant Samsung MC28H5135 Smart Oven offers a sleek, premium design to seamlessly fit any modern kitchen decor. The transparent black Crystal Gloss handle and dial, combined with an ice blue display that brightly illuminates the settings and clock, create a beautiful, stylish exterior.


The microwave permits guilt-free enjoyment of fried foods. You don’t need a deep fryer or a skillet. Instead, Samsung SLIM FRY function combines a grill with warm air circulation, cooking food that is crisp outside and flavorful inside – without additional oil.

Once frying is done, you can easily cook fresh vegetables, seafood, pasta and more. With the simple push of a button, Samsung unique Smart Moisture Sensor determines interior air humidity for natural texture and original taste of ingredients.


This Samsung Smart Oven comes with 14 recipes preprogrammed for your convenience. So you can easily cook everything – from green beans to brown rice, boneless chicken breast to fresh salmon steaks. The result will be moist and flavorful food.

Other key features of the Samsung microwave oven with SLIM FRY technology include,
– 900 Watt microwave
– 1.5 kW grill
– 2.1 kW hot air with 40°C to 200°C range
– 6 power levels / 6 heat settings
– 28 liter cooking interior made of scratch resistant ceramic enamel
– Eco mode
– Quick key for immediate start at full power
– 35 cooking programs, including yogurt / yeast dough preparation
– 32 cm glass turntable
– child lock

Price for the Samsung MC28H5135 Smart Oven is approximately € 340. Previously, Samsung Blue Crystal washer.


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22 Apr 14 Samsung French Door refrigerator with integrated Soda Stream module


The 31 cu. ft. French Door, double drawer refrigerator with automatic sparkling water dispenser, the Samsung RF31FMESBSR gives you the crisp delicious taste of sparkling water straight from your refrigerator door. The 4-door refrigerator uses a standard SodaStream 60L CO2 carbonator installed in a small, concealed yet easily accessible area inside the refrigerator.


With Twin Cooling Plus which uses two separate cooling circuits for refrigerator and freezer sections, the refrigerator air is kept at higher, near commercial grade humidity levels to keep food fresher longer. Dryer freezer air means less freezer burn for better tasting frozen foods.


The Samsung RF31FMESBSR Ice Master produces up to 10 lbs. of ice per day and stores up to 4.2 lbs. of ice. This space saving design leaves more room in the refrigerator.

The French Door refrigerator comes with counter height FlexZone Drawer to create 4 flexible size compartments with Samsung adjustable Smart Divider. Features 4 customizable temperature settings – Meats 29°F, Cold Drinks 33°F, Deli / Snacks 37°F, and Party Dishes 42°F. Plus, the convenient, counter-height drawer is easily accessible for kids.

3-way Slide-in / Flip-up Shelf accommodates all storage needs, You can use it like a standard shelf, slide-in for more space and flip-up for even more to fit taller items with ease.


Sleek LED display for settings and temperature display, water, ice and soda dispenser.


High efficiency LED lighting design beautifully lights up the interior so you are able to quickly spot what you want. Sleek design saves more space than traditional incandescent light bulbs.

The Samsung RF31FMESBSR SodaStream refrigerator sells for around ,900. In Europe, the similar RF24HSESBS model will be available for suggested price of € 3,900. Samsung.


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15 Feb 14 Samsung Food ShowCase Zipel refrigerator


Belonging to Samsung 9000 Series of modern appliances, the Zipel FS9000 is divided into the InCase fridge compartment for bulky and less often used foods, and the ShowCase fridge compartment for frequently consumed items like fruits, vegetables, deli meats, juices and such. Samsung Food ShowCase Zipel FS9000 is designed to appeal to the younger consumer who attach priority to time management – an alternative to the popular Samsung T9000 French four-door refrigerator with Android based LCD screen which was primarily intended for the middle age buyers.


The ShowCase fridge compartment is designed to meet the needs of every member of the household and opens only the exterior door of the refrigerator. When opened, you find whatever you want at one glance. It comes with customizable baskets to address the various needs of a household by placing 6 specific food cases within the ShowCase including Cheese Case, Sauce Case, Drink Case, Snack Case, Kids Case and Multi Case.

For further convenience and practicality, there are 3 zones, each comprise 2 cases, the upper level Cooking Zone with Cheese and Sauce Cases, the middle level Family Zone with Drink and Snack Cases, and the lower level Kids Zone with Kids and Multi Cases.


This Samsung Food ShowCase Zipel refrigerator features Samsung own Twin Cooling Plus System that separates airflow from the refrigerator and the freezer, enabling accurate temperature control while improving cooling performance. In addition, it incorporates Samsung Space Max technology, an insulation technique that allows for the thinner fridge walls, keeping the overall refrigerator size within typical side-by-side parameters. As a result, the Food ShowCase Zipel FS9000 offers more capacity within the interior of the refrigerator, while maintaining the standard exterior dimensions.

Samsung also equips the Food ShowCase with its superior digital inverter compressor to drastically improve energy efficiency and cooling performance by automatically adjusting to the ongoing cooling requirements. Whether due to frequent door opening, a hot plate of food or changes to the outside temperature, the compressor reacts rapidly and provides cold air or slows down to reduce unnecessary energy consumption. And, unlike many other models, Samsung compressor operates at a lower noise level at night.

The exterior is designed with the goal of making it a premium fridge freezer that meets all decorative demands of the modern consumers. The Food ShowCase refrigerator features elegant metal doors, handles and clean sleek finish, showcasing Samsung design philosophy of Timeless Design.


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11 Jan 13 Samsung T9000 French four-door refrigerator with Android based LCD screen


Samsung T9000 RF32FSQDBSR is a large French Door refrigerator with 10″ LCD display / control screen, Wi-Fi support and 32 cubic feet total capacity, which is 4 cu. ft more than the capacity of Samsung RF4289HARS 4-door refrigerator with Apps.

Based on extremely popular in Korea four-door Samsung Zipel T9000 that sold 10,000 units in one month after its release, the fridge freezer features large LCD screen which runs the Android operating system and offers a range of preinstalled apps for calendars, weather and news as well as Evernote sharing app, which helps in creating and sharing notes, photos, movies, etc., and sync them with any device running Evernote. You can’t, however, install new generic Android apps.


The idea of a four-door refrigerator goes back to Samsung QuatroCooling Convertible that had four isolated independently controlled and cooled compartments, resulting in ideal humidity and temperature settings in each section.


The new RF32FSQDBSR gives you an option to switch its lower-right 6.1 cu. ft quadrant from freezer to refrigerator mode. If you choose to do so, you effectively combine this quadrant with a 19.4 cu. ft capacity French Door refrigerator compartment on top, which gives you 25.5 cu. ft in fresh food storage. Otherwise, you have a 12.2 cu. ft freezer space.


The T9000 French four-door refrigerator comes with Samsung Triple Cooling system, in order to provide professional grade humidity and cooling levels. This proprietary system features two compressors, three evaporators and an array of sensors to keep produce fresh longer. The refrigerator should be available late spring / early summer for around ,000. Samsung.


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06 Jan 13 Canister vacuum cleaner from Samsung


Samsung technology and smart design innovation are clearly displayed with the three canister vacuum cleaners, recently launched in the US. These Samsung vacuums make floor cleaning a quieter, quicker and healthier experience with reduced noise levels and innovative ergonomic design. Available in Champagne, Electric Blue and Black, the cleaners offer comfort and ease of use as well as easy storage and maneuvering on all floor types.

The innovative airflow design reduces excessive noise, cutting down on the roaring vacuum sounds that can disturb everyone in the house. Each Samsung canister vacuum cleaner also features unique design components with a carrying handle, designed to make it easier to move around the home and reduce the amount of pressure on the body, while transporting the device from one room to another. The ergonomic design extends to the control handle and is meticulously contoured to fit the palm of your hand. With unique airflow for less noise, multi-chamber technology and HEPA filters for cleaner air, these vacuums incorporate a number of innovative and convenient features that were designed to make vacuuming much more efficient.


Whether cleaning the floor, or hard to reach places like ceiling fans or under the seats of cars, these vacuum cleaners also include features that make them suitable for virtually any cleaning job. Each Samsung canister model has a telescope wand that extends close to 35.5 inches and down to 23 inches for the ideal length. The Electric Blue and Champagne vacuums include a 15 inch wide brush which is larger than the standard 13 inch brush on most other vacuums, and can be used on different floor types for faster cleaning. All three vacuums come with large dust bins designed to easily remove and empty the bin without spilling the dust. In addition, the 2.5 liter dust bin holds more than conventional canister vacuums so you can clean bigger messes without interruption.


The Champagne vacuum features an innovative MultiChamber Vacuum System which delivers improved efficiency with longer lasting suction power than conventional vacuums and catches up to 99.7% of even the finest dirt, dust and particles. The Black and Electric Blue vacuums feature a Twin Chamber Vacuum System, which offer an efficient and powerful design that catches up to 95.2% of dust and fine particles. All three Samsung cleaners have a HEPA Filter, which traps small particles, purifying the air and bringing relief to allergy sufferers.

The Champagne canister vacuum also features an Auto Dust Sensing System, which intelligently measures the amount of dust it needs to clean and adjusts suction accordingly, further resulting in cleaner air. It is also perfect for pet owners since it tackles pet hair on all surfaces, reduces pet dander with its HEPA sealed-gasket filtration system and eliminates pet odors with the Anti-Odor Carbon Filter.

The Black SC88BOH1K sells for 0, the Electric Blue SC88POH1B is available for 0 and the Champagne SC96POH1G is priced at 0. Samsung.


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31 Mar 12 Samsung EcoBubble washing machines


More Samsung EcoBubble washers are coming to European markets as early as April. Based on unique EcoBubble technology, introduced in the 12 kg Samsung washing machine, the 2012 EcoBubble washers are available in the 7kg, 8kg, 9kg and 11kg models. These new washing machines will cater to consumers diverse lifestyles, providing durability and efficiency – from 6kg and 7kg washers designed for the folks that deal with frequent and regular wash loads, to the larger 8kg and 9kg capacities intended for families with children. And Samsung 11kg and 12kg washers are designed to perform with much heavier load sizes that help reduce the washing demands of larger families.


The latest Samsung EcoBubble washing machines use less energy than the highest rating of ‘A+++’ within the new energy efficiency label started in 2011, while delivering a great washing performance across the measured 60°C and cooler 40°C cycles of this label. The Samsung washers are equipped with the bubble generator which creates and pumps a large amount of bubbles into the wash by quickly dissolving detergent with air and water. Rich in detergent, Eco Bubbles help the dissolved soap rapidly penetrate into the clothing, an effective function in cooler water where this process can normally take much longer.


Cold water wash uses significantly less energy than a conventional washing cycle that needs to heat the water up, and the EcoBubble cycle matches the performance and time of the warmer wash. This technology also provides greater protection against thermal damage. In addition, the 2012 Samsung EcoBubble washers feature very efficient brushless Digital Inverter Motor, that is more reliable and long-lasting, delivering refined control of the washer drum for high performance spinning with larger loads. Samsung.



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28 Mar 12 Samsung side by side refrigerator from H-Series


Known perhaps more for its sleek 4-door refrigerator models, Samsung moves to solidify its position in Side-by-Side segment within the European market with the large HM12 side by side refrigerator from the H-Series.


The first side by side refrigerator produced at Samsung Electronics Poland Manufacturing is equipped with the best space innovation, including an array of boxes, shelves and guards capable of containing large capacities at a time. Samsung Space Max technology features the new H-Series interior design that provides for the ultimate capacity while keeping depth and width at just over 71cm and 91cm respectively. Now European consumers will be able to store a variety of grocery items in a refrigerator that fits nicely in any kitchen space.

The new Samsung H-Series Side by Side refrigerator also comes equipped with better insulation, sleeker walls and upgraded energy efficiency of ‘A++’. Its LED interior lighting offers ultimate brightness and convenience. In addition, the side by side refrigerator has a new touch display and an upgraded interior design of enhanced boxes, shelves and guards.

The H-Series refrigerators are available in a wide range of options such as with or without water & ice dispenser and colors, as well as options to suit different lifestyles. And Samsung Twin Cooling Plus System will keep the food fresher and longer as it utilizes separate cooling systems in the refrigerator and freezer, giving better temperature control, higher humidity and preventing the mixing of odors. The new H-series HM12 will be available across Europe in May 2012. Samsung.

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23 Mar 12 Samsung G-Series combi fridge freezer


With the upcoming G-Series combi fridge freezer from Samsung, you will get a large capacity bottom mount freezer in surprisingly compact size. Offering 440 litres of refrigeration space, the Samsung RL4483 succeeds in minimizing space constraints through its width. The G-Series Space Max technology increases the inner storage space without affecting the refrigerator body size. Space Max also further reduces the thickness of the wall yet maintains incredible insulation performance, enabling consumers to enjoy additional storage space and easier organization.

The G-Series Wide Combi bottom mount freezer is also very convenient. The incorporation of an ergonomic door handle allows for easy opening without extra force and foldable shelf that can be used as a full depth shelf or tucked up against the wall to accommodate taller containers. Other highlights of the Samsung G-Series bottom-mount freezer include,
– ‘A++’ energy efficiency, thanks to Samsung Smart Eco System, which applies sensor technologies and an intelligent self-adjusting compressor operation tailored to your specific usage
– blue LED Display at the front door graces the exterior of the refrigerator with its enhanced design and usability
– digital inverter compressor for more efficient cooling performance, higher energy savings and optimal freshness
– bright and efficient LED lighting to illuminate the interior of the refrigerator for easy navigation
– slim water dispenser for larger inner space and a twist ice maker
The G-Series Wide Combi will be available in Europe Europe starting September 2012. Samsung.


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12 Mar 12 Samsung portable induction hob


The new portable induction cooking hob from Samsung is a sleek and space saving kitchen appliance. This tabletop cooktop is the world first colour portable induction hob, available in Capri Blue, Ruby Red, Mint Green, Stylish Black and Cream White. You can cook meals with ease regardless of where you are.


The portable induction hob has a sleek, slim design and rounded shape to give it an easy grip. The hob comes equipped with an intuitive user interface, featuring a unique iPod-like groove touch wheel that allows you to change power levels by drawing a circle on the hob with your finger.


The portable induction hob boasts a range of innovative and user friendly features to help with the cooking, including pan detection technology, a safety system with anti-overflow functions, boost function, a safety shut-off feature, residual heat indication, a child safety lock, 15 power levels, auto water boiling and Keep Warm functions. Price is around € 290. Samsung.


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