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25 Nov 11 Part 2, North East Victorian Floods, 4th and 5th of September, 2010. – ‘Intense Storm intercept’

(for those that just want the storm goto 2:26 ) Footage from a 3 day documentation of the severe weather event from 3rd to 5th of September. We concentrated on the North East areas and filmed in areas from Bendigo to Bright. ‘My Brother and I Intercepted the major storm that released massive rainfall on the Saturday the 4th of September, in the North East region of Victoria. Filmed Up on Apex Lookout [600m above sea level] in Bright Victoria, Australia. Surrounding Alpine areas recorded 135km/h / 84Mph wind gusts from this storm.’ Part III coming soon, Filmed 2 hours after the Storm Intercept. Trees and Debris washed down Ovens River. Myrtleford and Eurobin flood waters, flooded roads and much more.
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21 May 11 Comet TV Advert 3 – Come & Play – 15th September

Comet TV Advert 3 – Broadcast on 15th September 2010 as part of Comet’s new brand launch. Get your hands on some expert advice and come and play at Comet.

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