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29 Oct 11 Athens Services

Athens Services
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27 Sep 11 Lister Plumbing Galveston TX Drain Sewer Services

Clogs ruining your day? Call in Lister Plumbing in Galveston, Texas. They are a full service contractor that can work on any size job, large or small, residential or commercial. They can service and repair drains, sewer lines, leaks, water heaters, backflow prevention, and more. Visit us
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26 Sep 11 Len McKeown Tree Services

From major land clearing to rose pruning, we have the right team and resources for any job. Len McKeown is aa fully qualified arborist with a Diploma in Arboriculture from Melbourne University Burnley Campus. He is also a Consulting Arborist, who generates Arborist reports for Yarra Ranges & Maroondah Council. Private consultations are also available. Services include Tree felling, Tree trimming, Emergency work, Stump grinding, Climbing, Wood chipping, Garden mulch, Insurance work & claims, Bobcat, Elm tree pest control and more. Talk to Len about any issues you may have with problem trees. Len McKeown Tree Services prune to Australian Standards which means no spurring of trees which are prunned. We cut specific pruning points stem or branch bark ridges on the particular tree. Safety is a major issue and one we take very seriuosly. The work area is thoroughly assessed to make sure all people who may come in contact with the work area are protected. Property and person are of vital importance to you and to us. Your tree work and garden care is our number one priority. If your happy we hope you will tell your friends. We are in the people business and we care. Contact Len on 0418 397 235 Video produced by Andrew Beck 0418 882244
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13 Sep 11 Allstate Plumbing Video – Austin, TX – Professional Services

Allstate Plumbing – Austin, TX (512)990-8600 Honest and reliable service 24 hours 7 days a week. Full service plumbing including sinks,showers,garbage disposals,faucets,water heaters,bathtubs,toilets,drain lines,water pipes and gas lines.
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10 Sep 11 Guaranteed Plumbing Services – Ocean Springs, MS

Guaranteed Plumbing Services 228-875-2462
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18 Aug 11 JROF Disposal Services Inc – Garbage Removal Rosemead, CA JROF Disposal Services Incorporated has served Southern California for over 10 years with the highest quality garbage and junk removal. We’re the environmentally friendly solution you can trust, with 24 hour a day service, flat rate fee pricing, and on the spot free estimates. From construction debris to household items, we haul everything away! JROF Disposal Services Incorporated, call us to learn more.
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02 Aug 11 Disposal Services Pete-Rapid Rail 2628

So here we have one of what I believe is the oldest remaining trucks in the fleet. It aswell as all the 2620s and some of the 2630s are spares. I saw my usual trash driver on green waste when I got home from school, and couldnt help but go film this truck since I’m sure it will be gotten rid of soon when the 2011 trucks arrive (rumor says the new trucks will be Pete again) Enjoy the fast pace of this truck. I miss the older trucks (Volvo, WhiteGMC, and pete 310) that we used to have when I was younger. But this truck still is great to see with an awesome driver who likes to rev it. Oh, and did anyone else notice this truck has both Diesel AND Lng fuel tanks? pretty cool IMO.
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02 Aug 11 Air Duct Services and Restoration – HVAC

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18 Jul 10 When Comfort Means Houston HVAC Services

When Comfort Means Houston HVAC Services

Nowadays people are realizing how day-to-day choices impact the way they experience comfort in life whether at home or at work. And that is where doing the best way to be comfortable becomes necessary. So let me ask this, are you staying comfortable? If your answer is no, then you might want to avail of the heating and cooling services. Furthermore, we all know that dirty air makes us sick and getting a cooling/heating service might make a difference. This article will show some guides on how you can do and get the best service that you deserve.

Finding a Qualified HVAC contractor

The main goal of HVAC services involves cooling, heating, and cleaning the air you breathe. Some HVAC companies offer commercial and residential HVAC equipment repair services, Air conditioning repair, remodeling etc. depending on your needs. If you are in Houston Texas areas, then you might as well lucky since there are HVAC contractors you can easily find in your area. There are also trusted HVAC contractors in the Memorial Villages and River Oaks.

Make certain to look for a licensed and insured company since rest assured that they will provide you with reliable service. A promise is a promise, and there’s no long waiting period or putting off your day. In most cases they offer same-day service. Find companies who are certified in heating and air-conditioning, are certified air balancers, certified in refrigerant recovery, and holders of NATE or North American Technician Excellence certification. You need to consider these because these are significant factors if you want quality service.

You can browse online and look for sites for a view of the company’s range of air conditioners, refrigeration and air conditioning maintenance services whether for the residential or commercial applications. Make the right choice and be comfortable!

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