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23 Nov 14 Ecofire Eldora silent pellet stove


The stable 100kg Ecofire Eldora comes in 2 models, the virtually silent 7.0 kW version for ultimate acoustic comfort and the powerful 9.1 kW stove equipped with a robust a 400 m³/h tangential fan. Both green pellet stoves are made in high performance steel and finished with various claddings of your choice. Both have over 90% efficiency.


The Ecofire metal pellet stove has a single pane ceramic glass door with a hide-away handle and cleaning system, Palazzetti Star pellet-feed system, digital LCD panel, remote control, 15kg fuel hopper capacity and 23-hour burning time. You can easily program hours of operation on a daily and weekly basis. See Ecofire ducted pellet stove.

Other features include a large ash drawer, a very thick cast-iron brazier and firebox back panel and a room temperature probe to control the set temperature. In addition, Ecofire Eldora can be connected to an outdoor thermostat. Palazzetti. Previously, Ecofire hermetic pellet stoves.


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08 Nov 11 Silent Hill 4: The Room HD Walkthrough With That Screaming Commentary Son Part 5

Barely making it past the creatures clawing away at him, Snake was at the top of the escalator. He made it to the Lynch street turnstile. A woman’s bag, the floor littered with make up products and other typical items you’d expect to find in a bag of mysteries. Snake knew it was Cynthia’s, the air carried a vague smell of her perfume. A blood trail led to a near by door, whatever was on the other side, Snake knew it wasn’t going to be pleasant. He gripped the door handle, post poning its turning for as long as possible. Looking down to mentally prepare himself, he saw a strange loose plate hanging at the bottom of the door. Unaware of its purpose, Snake felt the urge to pull it off and keep it, something about the plate seemed right. He turned the handle, slowly revealing a small gap in to the room. Blood painted the entire room, paper scattered everywhere and appliances looked as though they were thrown aggresively across the room. It was a mess, Snake entered the room and his fear was confirmed. Cynthia was on the floor, her back to Snake, covered in her own blood. He ran to her, falling to her aid. “Cynthia!?” Snake rested her head under his arm and held her hand. She opened her eyes. “I’m sorry I never got to do that ‘special favour’ for you.” She smiled with blood stained teeth. Snake laughed gently through his nose, her ability to still be in character even when facing death reassured him that it wasn’t so bad. “I feel like I’m dying.” “Don’t worry, you’ll about to

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21 Apr 11 Silent Hill Shattered Memories HD: The Town and Clear Picture Shop P2

➣ Salvage Yard and Garage Checking out the Men’s bathroom… I lol’d in this place XD. Then the mini store. I was hoping Harry would take a snack and get a drink while walking around lololol. ➣ The Outside Well… kinda look similar in my place because it’s snowing too XD. So I enjoyed looking around =0o= ➣ Clear Picture -Cameras, TV, and Appliances- Lots of used things, but no time for Harry to get one. Too bad, Harry should’ve watched those movies he saw XD.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 5 / 5

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18 Apr 11 Silent Hill Shattered Memories HD: The Playground and Dinner 52 (Meet Cybil) P3

➣ Clear Picture -Cameras, TV, and Appliances- Lawl, this is actually my 1st time on this part. I haven’t finish the game yet. But I know it was #3 but I mess up when I rotate my Wiimote. ➣ Clear Picture -Cameras, TV, and Appliances- (Outside) Poor kid, I wonder where’d his cat went. Lol Harry Mason disobey the sign XD. ➣ Playground Weird playground. I don’t know if this is for young kids like 6 below because of the place, yet the rules are harsh. The parents suppose to guide them lol. ➣ The Outside Not a good reason why Harry can’t cross on those snow, because I can climb as high as those. Harry meets Cybil, like the ol’ days they meet on a restaurant, but this is totally different and not a remake. Cybil looks like a mother in this game, her hair is not blonde (wonder why?). Then she ask Harry some questions, and wondering who’s he (because he’s not familiar to Cybil). So Cybil thinks Harry is not ok. «Phone» Yes, like an Iphone but not quite. It doesn’t have games, internet, or videos unfortunately lol. But it makes weird noise like on the previous games if there’s enemies nearby, but mostly for ghost or past tragedy on some place.

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