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20 Dec 13 Sirius Booming decorative wall extractor


Another modern model from Sirius collection of the modern wall hoods by Fabrizio Crisa, the Booming is stylish rectangle-shaped decorative wall extractor with 800 m³/h blower, progressive charge 3 speeds + light control panel, a 6 Watt LED strip and anodized aluminium filter. Made from top quality painted stainless steel in RAL colors. Sirius.





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18 Dec 13 Modern wall hoods by Sirius


Designed by Fabrizio Crisa, the SL 90 and SL 91 modern wall hoods will make a bold statement in any contemporary kitchen.


Both hoods, the 55cm wide SL 90 and the 80cm wide SL 91 are equipped with the 3-speed, 900 m³/h modern blower, sliding control switch, 6 Watt LED strip and anodized aluminium grease filter. Made in the highest quality AISI 430 stainless steel and glass. Sirius. Previously, Sirius island range hood.





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23 Feb 12 Raised range hood from Sirius for modular cooktops


This compact domino raised range hood from Sirius is specifically designed to work with modular cooktops. Measuring just under 50cm in width, the Sirius SDD3 fits perfectly between two domino hobs. The raised range hood comes in two models, the AISI 304 stainless steel vent with 4-speed electronic controls and glass downdraft range hood with 4-speed touch controls. Other main attributes are 900 cubic meter per hour maximum extraction rate, timer, 6-layer anodized aluminium grease filter and 55 dB(A) noise level. Sirius.




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15 Jan 12 Contemporary range hoods from Sirius

Sirius SLTC74

The search for a contemporary range hood may have come to the end, even if a temporary one. Innovative in shape and strong in functionality, the high performance Italian-made contemporary range hoods from Sirius offer everything a modern homeowner is looking for. The precision engineered wall mounted range hoods bring purity of design, technology, clear lines and a perfect combination of glass and stainless steel to your kitchen. Common features of these Sirius contemporary range hoods include multilayer anodized aluminium filters, 3 LED lights, ambient lighting, 4-speed touch or rotary controls, timer and light. The maximum extraction rate reaches 800 cubic meters per hour, except the SLTR 76 hood which has 500 cubic meters per hour. Sirius.

Sirius SLTC73


Sirius SLTR72


Sirius SLTR75


Sirius SLTR76


SIrius SLTC77


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05 Jan 12 Decorative island range hoods from Sirius


Looking like an expensive designer lamp, Sirius SILT21 is one of the quintessential Sirius decorative island hoods, available with white, black and stainless canopies. Equipped with LED lighting, washable anodized aluminium filter, carbon filter and 550 cubic-meter per hour motor, these remotely controlled island range hoods will hold their own when clearing your kitchen air from undesirable fumes and smoke.



The SILT18 is another elegant decorative island range hood that Sirius recently introduced. Made of white or black fiberglass and chromed stainless steel, these island vent hoods come with remote control, 6-layer aluminium anodized washable filter, carbon filter, 550 cubic-meter per hour motor and ambient LED lighting.


Made of AISI 304 polished stainless steel, the round MOD406 is decorative island range hood, designed for those who like simple lines and minimalist Italian design. The 800 cubic-meter per hour blower delivers top notch extraction. Anodized aluminium grease filter, LED lighting, remote control, black or white finish. Sirius.


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11 Apr 11 Sirius 23-3/5″ W SU-1 Traditional Stainless Steel Wall Series Range Hood, 600 CFM —
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11 Apr 11 Sirius SUE900 70 SS Stainless Steel 27″ Wide 375-CFM Economy Under Cabinet Range Hood —

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09 Apr 11 Sirius 35-2/5″ W SU-1 Traditional Stainless Steel Wall Series Range Hood, 600 CFM —

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07 Apr 11 Sirius 23-3/5″ W SU-2 Traditional Stainless Steel Wall Series Range Hood, 600 CFM —
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24 Mar 11 Sirius SU1 60 SS Stainless Steel SU1 SU1 24″ wide 400 cfm Range Hood (3.9 sones) — —
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