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18 Nov 11 Bulk and Skull 19

Privvy MMPR fans (not me) might remember the iguana episode as being the “PRs turn to Putties” episode. I point this out because there’s a lovely moment when Zack says “Kimberly?” and Ms. Appleby responds as though he just gutted a live hamster on her desk. Jesus Tap Dancing Christ, lady, give it a rest sometime. The music when B&S toss the LSD-laced angry-man shades at Billy and Zack is reminiscent of the early Captain Syrup era Wario Land games, just for a second. Dear God, let us NEVER EVER have another up-nostril shot on Miss Appleby AGAIN. Let’s see, iguana on floor, NOT being touched by Bulk and Skull, gee it MUST have been Bulk and Skull “taking it out” in the first place! Good logic there, Miss Wormwood. As best I can make out of the sign over Bulk and Skull’s club, it says “Twixt Pweebs” or else “Fwush KX()K89”, which means “Video quality sucks”. It looks like their club is about household appliances, which seems pretty interesting. There’s something about the blocking in non-Bulk and Skull scenes in which Bulk and Skull are still on set. It seems like they’re intentionally being not filmed, which makes sense when your target audience is retarded sugar-ingesting eight-year-olds, because that would give their little ghetto brains information overload or something. Did Lord Zexposed Raw Meat actually just say “Welly well well”? The answer to “What is B&S’s club” is “Unsolved Mysteries” club! Man, I miss that show with Robert Stack and stuff. The white trash from my
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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