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07 Aug 13 Black Swan slow cooker by Swan


This large 5-litre glass slow cooker, the Black Swan, is the modern and highly advanced version of your traditional slow cooker. The Swan SF11050N is equipped with the latest technical features, making slow cooking easy by taking the guesswork out. Swan also designed a 32-page international Slow Cooking recipe book to provide a step-by-step guide for perfect slow cooking results. This recipe book comes with all Swan Slow Cookers.


Key features of the Black Swan include,
– 200 W high setting for 5 hours cooking
– 130 W low setting for 8 hours cooking
– 5-litre bowl with 3-litre food capacity
– auto setting for 5 hours cooking
– environmentally friendly low power consumption
– dishwasher safe bowl and lid
– ideal for soups, stews and desserts
– tempered glass lid with stainless steel rim
The new Black Swan glass slow cooker sells for around £80. Swan. Previously, Swan all-in-one Teasmade.


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26 Sep 11 Super Epic Slow Motion Gun Destruction – FUN

Slow motion clips from past videos showing various guns destroying odd targets. From shotgun slugs, 22’s, and .45 ACP to outragious improvised ammo including flat washers, flint-tipped bullets, and various shotgun loads. You may see some familar shots from our old videos and some new ones you haven’t seen before. music is by ELSE Creative Commons lic. for commercial use
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Learn how to build a beautiful harvest table with these step by step instructions. Assemble your table base upside down on a flat surface. After cutting your aprons and legs to size and drilling pocket holes, attach a long and short apron to one leg. The outside face of the leg and the outside face of the aprons should be offset by about 1/4 inch. Use glue and pocket hole screws to secure the parts. Add a second leg to the short apron, followed by the remaining long apron. When those have been secured, add the remaining legs and short apron. Flip the table upright and cut 4 corner braces that will reinforce the leg joint. Glue the braces in each corner and secure with screws. Drill pilot holes and drive screws and washers into each leg. Cut the stretchers to length, drill pocket holes, and install between the long aprons by attaching with pocket screws. Cut the top slats to size, sand, and apply stain and clear finish. Place the two scrap boards in the floor and place the top slats with the best face down on the scraps. Make sure the ends are flush. Center the table base on the slats and secure them with pocket screws. Complete the table by adding furniture glides to the bottom of the legs. To make the bench, make the end assemblies by cutting a 6 degree angle on the top ends of the legs. Place them on your bench with a 1/4 inch spacer between the legs. Center the leg brace on the legs with the bottom flush and trace the angles of the legs onto the brace. Remove the brace
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24 Sep 11 An oven meets a slow painfull demise

This is in a spare truck,an old international/ mcneilus.The pre crush panel had a weak cylinder so it took awhile to get this oven smashed.

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04 Aug 11 Coway Juicepresso slow juicer


Coway Juicepresso delivers low speed juicing for maximum nutrition and taste. The unique Smart Extraction System of this slow juicer gently extract all nutrients, minerals and vitamins, and preserves flavour from fruits and vegetables. With Juicepresso, you simply get the most nutritious juice.


Unlike a typical masticating juicer or blender that grinds or rips apart fruits or vegetables, Coway slow juicer gently presses juice out, often yielding up to twice more juice and delivering up to four times more vitamins, minerals and enzymes. And by minimising friction and heat, Juicepresso delivers live nutrition and preserves flavour and colour. The juicer is also characterized by low operation noise and very easy to clean. Price is around € 400. Coway.


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23 Jul 11 Slow Motion Airsoft with Sony HDR-FX1000

Shooting an airsoft pistol at a red plastic cup full of water in slow motion.

Some Selby Archers decided to hold a 24 hour sponsored marathon shoot in aid of Comic Relief. There were 14 core archers (shooting the most rounds) and were supported by 10 others that were ‘chipping in’. Some archers were even dressed for the occassion and we had a few Robin Hoods, a pirate and even Scooby Doo! We were photographed by the Selby Times and were broadcast, nationally, by the BBC! One archer managed to complete 20 rounds in 24 hours, his scoring range from 555 to 577 (out of 600). A junior archer managed to complete 7 rounds and she is only 13! We are immensely proud of our achievements and managed to score over 70000 points with around 4000 10 ring golds. Quite a record! Fancy a go yourself?

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13 Jul 11 Slow Smoked Rib Sandwich by the BBQ Pit Boys

No better eatin’ at the Pit than a Pulled Pork sandwich, for sure. Unless, of course, you’re serving up these “low and slow”, falling off the bone, Smoked Rib Sandwiches. And it’s real easy to do on your grill, as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys!
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