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14 Oct 12 Electrolux Go Colour! small appliances


One of the fastest ways to brighten up a kitchen can be with a splash of color against the typical white or stainless background. Electrolux offers a fun yet practical way to do that with its new Go Colour! range of small appliances.


The limited edition Go Colour! coffee maker, toaster, water kettle, hand mixer, blender and stick mixer come in playful shades of red, purple and yellow.


The intention is to spread happiness, energy and joy into the kitchen. And the fun colors of the appliances also make them useful gifts. So next time, give a stick mixer to a special someone instead of flowers. Electrolux.



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18 Aug 12 miniki mini kitchen for small apartments


Ideal for small apartments where the kitchen and living room are often one and the same, miniki mini kitchen is a quite functional kitchen system that transforms into a floating sideboard after use. Three basic modules – mk1, mk2, mk3 are available to match your requirements. From the mini kitchen with just one sink and some storage room for small offices, to kitchenette with a fridge and two cooking zones, to fully equipped eat-in kitchen with the full range of functions. This makes miniki a flexible, versatile, multi-purpose kitchen system. Better yet, this elegant kitchen can be finished in one or a combination of 15 colours, to match your taste and decor. miniki.










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16 Nov 11 Colton Oregon property on small acreage for sale.

A Unique property. Are you looking for a home with 7 bedrooms, 5 full bathroom, Private offices, den’s, Formal living room with fireplace, formal dining room overlooking yard, Sunroom overlooking flower garden with walk way? This may be just the property you’ve been looking for. Located in the rural community of Colton. The home sits on 2.11 +/-acres and well off the main road. Sold “As-Is” this home is a work in progress. The county reports the square footage as being 8366 square feet of living space. Large windows, sumptuous hallways, and room for everyone. One small outdoor storage building. This property has a well that is shared with 4 other residences however, it maybe possible to reconnect to city water, a shared drainfield, two septic tanks, two hot water heaters, and zonal heat for efficient heating of rooms being used. This property is owner occupied and shown by appointment only. Call Aimee Davis, Principal Broker dba Firefly Real Estate 27955 S. Hwy 213 Mulino, Oregon 97042 503-829-8328 or visit online at
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More info. at – One of a Kind Home on 25 Acres of Wooded Land, Lake, and Orchards. Extensive Use of Custom Building Materials make this a must see. Main Floor features plank wood flooring, Large Stone Fireplace, Cathedral Ceilings, and Beautiful Kitchen with heated ceramic tile and Granite Countertops. Second Floor features Open Landing Area, 2 Bedrooms, 1 Full Bath, and Master Suite. Master Suite is one of the many highlights of this home as it is layed out with Wet Bar, 52 inch Plasma TV, Jacuzzi Whirlpool Tub, Tiled Shower with dual shower heads, and large porch overlooking this serene setting. With this home you will enjoy views from 5 decks and full glass solarium. Take a walk out the front door and find extensive brick patio with gas firepit, deep infinity edge pool with waterfall that overlooks lake, Pool Cabana with Kitchen, Built in Grill, and changing rooms with bathroom. Home also is equipped with two furnaces and two water heaters for zone heating and water use. Professional landscaping with underground sprinkling along the lake, wooded land, large pole barn, and acres of orchards make this a must see property. Video tours by http
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06 Nov 11 Secret Military Testing on Small US Town

The secret of covert military experiments against the populations of the United States, Canada, Europe as well as many developing nations is quite extensive. It ranges from releasing pathogens in the air (such as the NY Subway experiments or the Porton Down trials), to releasing substances…

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13 Aug 11 Upgraded Chris Reeve Small Sebenza 21

March 10, 2011. Received my Small Sebenza 21 back from Chris Reeve with some upgrades. 1. Converted the blade to stonewashed finish from a satin/polished finish. 2. Replaced the screws. 3. Added perforated washers.

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13 Jul 11 Silencer Design II (Small and Medium Calibers – 3D model and build)

High performance Silencer design using AutoDesk INVENTOR PRO 2009 (3D models). Includes building process. Easy to build based on Alu tubes and fender washers and modular design, offers support for small and medium calibers. It’s modular design give the chance to assembly with many different configurations to fullfill specific needs. EDUCATIONAL PORPUSE ONLY.
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I Managed to Make use of Another Sunny Part of The Day This Time much Better! This Test was “Much” more Impressive than the first.. Just Look at that nice steam with a flow of water =) -I had also asked someone else to judge the temperature of the water in a glass, within this video. The Outside Temperature was at About 19 Degrees Celcius for this test. You can see breifly at the end of the video. – I am convinced that within even cooler conditions, it is possible to still get hot water! Also, a good possibility, my concept could be used in conjunction with a small steam engine to produce electricity. A pyrex top cover, made the same as the bottom and a fresnel lens with flat black copper pipe will also assist the water to get hot REALLY fast! So the fresnel lens will focus the beam directly to the black pipe and in turn, heat the top of it, this will also further heat the oil which rests above the pipe. Remember, this is a very small device, and to make larger, would not be that expensive to do. I do not think it will have to be more than 4x’s larger than this to provide enough hot water for a regular household HWT of around 40 gallons.. If you do it right. This Unique Idea with the Pyrex in Conjunction with Copper Piping in Coil and Non-toxic Oil has been presented now, and it looks quite promising! So for anyone who would like to try a larger solar water heating system, I completely recommend this concept! Enjoy the video. Good things can come in small packages.
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08 Jun 11 A Small Solar Powered Sterling Engine Capable Of Generating You can produce electric power from the sun with a solar powered sterling engine. Four times more efficient than conventional photovoltaics, PV or solar panels, and inexpensive to build, solar powered sterling engines are expected to be produced in large numbers in the near future. The small metal reflector focus the sun’s light energy on a special hydrogen filled tube. The resulting rapid heating and cooling of the gas taking place inside the tube runs the sterling engine which in turn can be connected to an electric generator to effectively produce electricity freely, cleanly and efficiently.
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24 Apr 11 small plants, big buds.avi

This time I make a test to veg only two days. After two days I put the plants into flowering. This video is make for home growers of cannabis plants to show my setup and my way of growing. There are a lot of different grow systems, but this is my way to grow. Result = small plants Room specification: Grow room aria 5,1 M2 Workroom / dryroom, whit electricity aria 1,2 M2. Air input 1500 M3 Air output 2500 M3 Carbon filter 100 cm Light: 7 x 600 Watt HPS Heating : 4 x 800 Watt Feeding tank: 1000 liter under the Grow room. Feeding system: ebb and high tide Strain : S.AG.E. ( Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium )
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14 Apr 11 VALERIE: Ep. 19, S2: “Small Packages” Pt. 3

Episode 19, Season 2. “Small Packages”: (12/07/86) Pt. 3 On her birthday, Valerie gets just what she needs when the boys give her a new garbage disposal, and just what she doesn’t need when a client who has a crush on her gives her an expensive necklace. George Mobley: Stephen Lee. Annie: Judith Kahan. *SPECIAL NOTES* Fans will recognize Stephen Lee, who played George Mobley in this episode, as one of Valerie Harper’s co-stars on her later series “City”, which, ironically, aired directly opposite the then-titled “The Hogan Family”. The show also starred Lu Anne Ponce, the real life sister of Danny Ponce, who played Willie Hogan on “Valerie”. This episode is NOT from an original NBC airing but it is the full UNEDITED episode. When PAX first aired their first rotation of episodes of the show, the episodes were unedited, although the theme song and closing credits were severely altered (the closing credits are abysmal in fact, as you’ll see in part 3). Enjoy!
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