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24 Jun 13 LotusGrill smokeless charcoal grill


The compact and portable LotusGrill cooks your favourite steaks and seafood on pure charcoal in just 3 minutes, providing well over 70 minutes of extremely high heat cooking time. Available in yellow, orange, green, red, purple and grey, this smokeless charcoal grill is equipped with the integrated, battery operated, smoke free Bellows Fan System that forces air over the coals, creating rapid high radiant and conventional heat. The heat output is controlled with the fan dial to suit your cooking habits and requirements.


The patented Bellows Fan System pushes air over the charcoals and heats them to super hot temperatures very quickly. Even better, this also forces LotusGrill to bypass the annoying smoking stage of creating barbecue embers. The charcoal lights easily and quickly with readily available and safe ethanol lighting gels, so your smokeless grill is good to go in 3 short minutes. Eliminating the other contributors to smoke and flare ups, the LotusGrill thin metal grill surface makes excess fat and oil to drip safely into the removable catching bowl.


The patented and highly effective thermal and radiant heat distribution system ensures that the BBQ grill produces and distributes even high heat extremely fast. In the end, LotusGrill uses astonishing 10% of the charcoal, normally used in your typical charcoal BBQ.


This smokeless charcoal grill is quite safe, because the charcoal burns inside a closed mesh container, so nothing can fall outside, even if by accident, you drop the LotusGrill or turn upside down. The double wall construction ensures the outer bowl and top rail don’t get hot. The grill is fixed to the grill body with safety buckles, therefore direct contact with embers is impossible. It is safe to move even while you are grilling.


The LotusGrill consists of basically just 4 parts. Only removable bowl and grill need and should be cleaned. Both parts are dishwasher safe or can be simply washed with warm water if desired. The charcoal cylinder easily empties and is the only non weather proof part. Comes in standard and extra large models for around 0 AUD and 0 AUD respectively.





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27 Mar 13 Smokeless deco fireplace by Wieser


The elegant smokeless deco fireplace offers unique open design and provides a beautiful sight of smoothly burning open fire. These deco fireplaces use specially formulated gel fuel for a clean, smoke free burning. Wieser. Previously, Lodenofen fireplace with textile surface.




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24 Mar 11 08-29-10 Jewell Smokeless Coke Ovens.wmv

Footage of Coke Ovens in the Early Am of Sunday 08-29-2010 near Vansant Virginia, Deep in the heart of Appalachia and about 1.5 hours west of Bluefield West Virginia on Rt. 460. Here is a description of Coke From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Raw cokeCoke is the solid carbonaceous material derived from destructive distillation of low-ash, low-sulfur bituminous coal. Cokes from coal are grey, hard, and porous. “Coke oven at smokeless fuel plant, South WalesCoke is usually produced from coal; the process is called coking. Volatile constituents of the coal—including water, coal-gas, and coal-tar—are driven off by baking in an airless furnace or oven at temperatures as high as 2000 degrees Celsius. This fuses together the fixed carbon and residual ash. Most modern facilities have “by-product” coking ovens. Today, the volatile hydrocarbons are mainly used, after purification, in a separate combustion process to generate energy. Non by-product coking furnaces or coke furnaces (ovens) burn the hydrocarbon gases produced by the coke-making process to drive the carbonization process. Bituminous coal must meet a set of criteria for use as coking coal, determined by particular coal assay techniques. These include moisture content, ash content, sulfur content, volatile content, tar, and plasticity. The greater the volatile matter in coal, the more by-product can be produced, but too low or too high a level of volatile matter in the coal results in inferior coke produced in respect

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