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21 Nov 11 Homestead Series How To Cut And Split Firewood

Some helpful tips on fire wood. Showing how to cut firewood and the tools you will need.
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A look at the MSR MiniWorks EX ceramic water filter—for backpacking.

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13 Nov 11 Fujitsu ductless split air conditioner & heat pump installation

Fujitsu ductless split air conditioning system installed in 130 years old house in NJ, Seven indoor units (ducted concealed ceiling) installed in the attic to preserve same old look in the house, each room individually controlled, System provide heating and cooling (heat pump) all year round comfort,
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03 Oct 11 Mr. Slim eight zones split Air conditioner installation in NYC

Mitsubishi 8 zones heat pump provide heating and cooling from one device. Split-ductless air conditioning heat pump has been the primary solution for cooling and heating interior space. Mr. slim eight zone ductless split system has three main components: indoor units, an outdoor unit and controllers. Installation is easy as 1, 2, and 3, Mounting the indoor units and outdoor units, connecting the refrigerant lines to branch box and making a few electrical connections., An easy installation for eight zones system means you will be quickly enjoying the comfort Mr. slim provide
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29 Sep 11 Instalación de aire acondicionado split Pequeña muestra de nuestros cursos, que pueden ser adquiridos en nuestra web.

Only 28219 original miles w/ original paint (driven less than 1K miles a year), 500 cid 4-barrel V-8, automatic transmission, front wheel drive, beautiful Cotillion white paint, Tuxedo black power leather seating for 6, power black convertible top, 4 wheel independent suspension, power windows + locks, power mirrors, AM/FM/8-track, cold air-conditioning, spectacular example of a survivor to show or drive. 301.816.1000
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25 Sep 11 cheap/easy trick: prevent split ends

It’s really easy to get split ends in the summer.. esp. from using hot tools such as blow dryers and straightners, etc. This trick will prevent you from getting split ends and from getting brittle ends. & yes, I know the lighting stinks, but you don’t need the best lighting for this particular video. Hope it helped!

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29 Aug 11 Morgellons nematodes in bubbles – The split tail is how they connect…

I extracted these from my arms on 5-20-2009 and had them on my microscope within minutes of them leaving my body. You can see them hitting the bubbles but they are so fast those that make it thru are gone. There is about a 15 minute window that I can continue to extract before I must secure them in freezer baggies, if I wait much longer my feet will begin to feel them entering and will swell. I don’t know if they were created in a lab or have been modified by a mad scientist hired by “the government”, but I have been watching them for more than five years and I have formed the opinion that these have been making humans sick for quite some time. I also believe the worms have always used other organisms to house their young and maybe even as a source for oxygen…but I don’t know if they even use oxygen. The other crap in our bodies from GMO, fast food, chemtrails, vaccinations or human testing, has been put to use by the nematodes…and Nano technology has added color to their environment. I also believe our washing machines & dryers do more damage to our environment than chemtrails. The types of fuel and the modified delivery systems of airplanes may be contributing to our illness yet the trips continue. Find the dryer vent and I bet the ground around it is crawling.
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15 Aug 11 LG Air Conditioner Single Split Heat Cool Professional Installation

LG Air Conditioner Single Split Heat Cool Professional Installation. LG HVAC systems offer a range of solutions that are cost efficient, quiet and attractive. They provide a smart alternative to both central HVAC and window-mounted air conditioners, and are available in a variety of configurations to suit different cooling and heating situations. Split Systems – These innovative systems are “split” into indoor and outdoor units. The interior units are available in several different units. The interior units are available in several different configurations: Art Cool, standard wall-mounted, Floor Standing and ceiling cassettes. All interior units have remote controls for easy use. Installation by a qualified HVAC contractor is safe and easy – no duct work or sheet metal is needed. Single, dual and tri-zone systems, as well as cooling only and heat pump models, are available. Mini-Split High Efficient Air Conditioners Single-Zone – LG Electronics’ products have led the global air conditioner market with excellent performance and innovative design. LSxxxHSV models, a brilliant new addition to LG’s lineup, are high-performance air conditioners with a high SEER inverter and excellent design. • Plasma air purifying system • Energy Saving • Self-cleaning indoor coil • Auto changeover • Gold Fin™ Anti-Corrosion • Jet Cool • Cooling/Heating/Fan Mode • Auto sleep mode • Ultra-quiet operation • Dehumidifying mode • Auto restart • 24-Hour on/off timer • Evaporator frost control

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14 Aug 11 Daikin VRV-S Ductless split Air conditioning in NYC

Daikin VRV-S system is built-in intelligence that gives you precise temperature control in every room, maximum flexibility and energy savings. With the ability to connect up to 8 indoor units to one compact condenser, yet powerful, outdoor unit, the space-saving VRV-S system is ideal for most residential or light commercial projects, from single-family homes to multi-family townhouses, small offices and retail stores
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25 Jul 11 Fujitsu Ductless Mini Split System Benefits

Welcome to where our striving for excellence in providing superior customer service makes us the leading distributor of finest products in heating, cooling and plumbing industry Always in Stock, NationWide Free Shipping 866 554 4328
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It may be one of the easiest, but most-neglected home maintenance items. But changing your furnace filter can save you money in the near and long term. Check out some tips in this video by Visit for more ideas or to find a professional to help you with your home improvement project.

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30 May 11 Mini Split Air Conditioner,HVAC,A/C,Dismantled,Klimaanlage,Klimagerät,Demontieren

Hier ist eine Split Klimaanlage.Welche Ich einfach mal demontiert und wieder montiert habe.
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parametric hvac design software
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