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25 Dec 14 Siemens iQ700 steam oven


The new ‘A+’ energy rated Siemens iQ700 CS658GRW1 steam oven belongs to the Siemens iQ700 line and comes with innovative Home Connect iOS app.


The 47 liter compact steam oven has 15 cooking functions including 4D hot air, hot air Eco, top & bottom heat, top & bottom heat Eco, fan grill system, full width grill, small area grill, pizza setting, frozen special, separate bottom heat, intensive heat, gentle cooking, preheat, drying and keeping warm. In addition to those, the Siemens CS658GRW1 features 4 steam heating modes – steam cooking, regeneration, fermenting and, thawing. See Siemens iQ 700 multi function oven.

Other characteristics are TFT touch display plus for easy readability and intuitive operation, rapid heating, external steam generation, 30°C to 250°C temperature range, LED interior lighting, clock, timer, empty water tank indicator, descaling and auto cleaning cycles. This Siemens iQ700 steam oven will be available early in 2015 with suggested price of € 2,318. Siemens.


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10 Jan 12 Siemens steam oven


This compact 60cm wide Siemens steam oven, the HB25D5L2 is a quite visually appealing built-in oven, made of shiny black glass and stainless steel. An innovative operating concept with direct selection mode, beautifully laid out controls, black and white display, and a blue confirmation indicators project design sophistication and high level of technology.


Similar to the HMT85DL53 Bosch steam oven, the 22-litre Siemens steam oven comes with 0.9 litre water tank, LED light and integral cooling fan. It is operated with the help of electronic retractable rotary knob and push buttons. Other main characteristics include heating-up control, automatic programming, descaling program, automatic boiling point detection, left-hinged side opening door, cookControl 20 program, and Full Steam 40°C to 100°C in 5 temperature levels. The Siemens HB25D5L2 steam oven sells for approximately € 600.



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05 Dec 11 Thermador Pro Grand steam range cooker


Designed to meet the needs of the most passionate and discerning of home cooks, the modern 48-inch Thermador Pro Grand Steam range offers the ultimate cooking experience, bringing the 7 distinct cooking options – steaming, convection baking, burner cooking, simmering, grilling, griddle cooking and warming for restaurant-caliber meals into home kitchens. This impressive Thermador range combines steam & convection oven, a large-capacity convection oven, a 6-burner gas cooktop featuring the exclusive Star Burners, and a fully integrated warming drawer for the all-in-one package. You will also find a few Thermador cooking exclusives, such as the ExtraLow simmering technology, and a power burner with 22,000 BTU.


The Pro Grand Steam Range delivers performance and craftsmanship for the home cooks, allowing them to achieve their best and experience the absolute finest in cooking, whether it’s healthy steam cooking, baking in the large-capacity convection oven, precise simmering on the Star Burners, or just keeping the family meal warm.


Key features of this 48-inchThermador range include,
– 1.4 cu. ft combination steam & convection oven with 30 easy cook programs
– 5.1 cu. ft convection oven with 9 cooking functions
6-burner gas cooktop with QuickClean base
– 22,000 BTU power burner, five 18,000 BTU burners
– electric grill/griddle option with ProCoat titanium surface
– 1.4 cu. ft warming drawer which holds up to 10 dinner plates


– American made from highest-grade stainless steel
– Professional Series handles and trimkits to match other Thermador appliances
– hydraulic SoftClose oven hinges and warming drawer glide doors
– full access telescopic racks with integrated easy-grip handle
– electronic oven displays for cook timer, meat probe and preheat status
– commercial-style stainless steel knobs and temperature gauges

Price for the Thermador Pro Grand steam range cooker is around ,000. Thermador.




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20 Nov 11 WHE – Waste Heat Engine (water lubricated steam powered)

Harry shows off the WHE at the Steam Automobile Club of America meet 2010. Cyclone Power Technologies Waste Heat Engine (WHE, pronounced “we”) recaptures heat from external sources to create steam which powers the engine. The WHE models are designed to run a grid-tied or primary electric power generator while producing ZERO Emissions. The WHE is designed to run on heat as low as 500ºF from many different external sources of “wasted” heat such as: * Commercial or small-scale industrial ovens or furnaces * Landfill and industrial gas flares * Engine exhaust — from vehicles or power generators * Biomass combustion — dry, vegetative waste materials
Video Rating: 5 / 5 What Is Cellphone Radiation? Cellphones use wireless technologies that work by emitting radio frequency radiation that are transmitted through the antenna in your phone. When talking on your cellphone, the device and thus its antenna end up right next to your head, letting the radiation from it easily affect your brain. This radio frequency radiation (RF) which is produced by cellphones is the same type of energy that is generated by microwave ovens. What is most concerning about RF from cellphones and similar technologies is that they have never undergone pre-market safety testing or been properly scrutinized since being put in use. Long And Short Term Risks To Children: Scientists are discovering that exposure to radio frequency radiation has subtle effects on the brain and other biological functions. These effects are more prevalent in children because their skulls are less thick allowing for more radiation to reach the brain, they have a nervous system that has not fully developed, and because they are likely to be exposed to a lifetime of RF. Researching Radio Frequency Radiation The cellphone industry has obscured the facts around radio frequency radiation through lobbying and manipulating public opinion through its own biased research. If look past the industry funded studies, it becomes clear that cellphone radiation is dangerous and potentially lethal. It is important to remember that Cell phones have only been used in such high volume for
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01 Nov 11 Siemens steam station iron – TS20EXTREM


The distinctly designed TS20EXTREM steam station looks very sharp in its metallic dark anthracite finish, contrasting beautifully with the orange trim and controls. The 1.2 litre transparent water container of this Siemens steam station can be filled while the iron in use. The iron comes with orange-coloured silicone nubs and is easily removable. The XTRM steam jet delivers twice as much steam penetration as any comparable iron steam station. Siemens unique PulseSteam function yields 200 gr of steam per minute, and if that is not enough, special intensive shock steam feature will take care of the most stubborn wrinkles.

The 3.0 kW Siemens steam station iron comes with patented titanium-glissee sole plate with steam channels and three-phase design for optimal steam distribution and glide. Equipped with continuous steam regulation the TS20EXTREM steam generator is ideal for steam and dry ironing, and is ready for ironing duties in just 2 minutes. Its 5-bar steam pressure delivers precise vertical steam to freshen clothes. Other characteristics include illuminated master switch, 1.8 meter steam hose between base station and iron, anti-slip feet, cord storage, long connection cable and safety system. Price is € 200. Siemens. Previously, Siemens steam generator iron.


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30 Oct 11 EnviroMate E5 Steam Cleaning System with CSS

Click here for more details: EnviroMate E5 Steam Cleaning System with CSS Price: 8.70 Sale: 9.00 You Save: 9.70 (23%) EnviroMate E5 Steam Cleaning System with CSS. WHY CLEAN WITH STEAM The new EnviroMate E5 is a powerful flexible and efficient cleaning device that is the natural alternative for those who seek an alternative cleaning and sanitizing method to using harsh chemicals.

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19 Oct 11 Electrolux 5Safety steam iron


The new Electrolux 5Safety steam iron ensures safe, simple, fast and effective care. The advanced steam ironing system is developed using knowledge and experience from the professional laundry industry. Electrolux 5Safety is a high performance steam iron with advanced safety functions. In addition to providing excellent ironing result, generous steam release also provides odor removal from clothes, garments and fabrics.

The rubber grip ensures that 5Safety steam iron is easy to control, while the shape of its base makes it possible to iron backwards over seams and buttons. 605 steam holes produce an extensive amount of very fine steam to really help penetrate fibers to revitalize, refresh and deodorize.


Electrolux makes ironing easier, with better end result and removes worries about ironing delicate fabrics. The 5 safety features are,
– an extra large stand that makes it stand steadier when not being used
– an extra large overall rubber handle that gives a better grip when ironing
– 3 levels of auto-offs that kicks in when the iron is still longer than 30 seconds lying plate down, more than 30 seconds lying on the side and after 8 minutes in standing position

Other key benefits of Electrolux 5Safety steam iron include,
– 150g shot of steam, extra large water tank
– ability to de-wrinkle and remove odors from already worn, dry garments
– 4active power auto steam control and anti-drip function
– Resilium soleplate for best scratch resistance to protect the fine textiles
– choice of Dakar Metallic, Aruba Blue Metallic or Phantom Black colours


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06 Oct 11 Bosch compact steam oven


The elegant and superbly crafted Bosch compact steam oven, the HMT85DL53 has a 22-litre internal capacity and a 0.9-litre water container, and is engineered for eye-level integration. Employing gentle steam cooking technology, this Bosch Exxcel steam oven keeps flavours and vitamins fully preserved, and is perfect for steaming vegetables, fish and meat dishes.

Finished in brushed stainless steel, the compact steam oven from Bosch will compliment your new kitchen perfectly. It features flush retractable operating dial controls, an automatic door opening for harmonious integration in modern kitchen environments and 20 automatic programs to facilitate the preparation of various nutrient-rich dishes.


Other key elements of Bosch Exxcel HMT85DL53 compact steam oven include,
– LED control panel with touch controls
– electronic clock timer
– steam cooking range from 40°C to 100°C
– descaling program
– stainless steel interior with LED light
– 3-position shelf
– side opening left hinged door

The 60cm wide compact steam oven from Bosch is seen in stores for around £620.


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01 Oct 11 AWESOME Steam Cleaner – Steamfast SF-246

This is an awesome Stean Cleaner – I bought it in March 2010 to clean a bank owned Condo my mom had just bought. It was dirty. For example The stove had never been cleaned – image – UGH! Anyway, my farm dog had just come in from eating horse manuer and threw up in two places on my white carpet. It was black, nasty and smelt awful. Normally it would of stained and nothing would of gotten it out. Check this video I made this morning.. incredible. It saved my carpet.. There are 4 videos total. Remember this is a WHITE carpet. You can buy one of these from Walmart for about .00 Model # SF-246. Worth it’s weight in gold. I use it to clean everything: blinds, sinks, toilets, stoves, hard water dishwashers, filfthy refrigerators… I love this thing!
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26 Sep 11 Zsuzsi Gőzgépe | Zsuzsi’s Steam Engine. 1976 Mamod SA1 first steaming. 2011-05-07 18:00 UTC

Mrs Goose has never been 100% impressed with my boyish enthusiasm for expensive toys. Consequently, my growing collection of vintage model steam engines has encountered a certain amount of playful derision from “She-that-must-be-obeyed”. So I came up with a cunning plan to get Mrs Goose “on-side”. She happened to mention that she liked the look of Mamod’s rather pretty SA1 steam car. So, after spending more time than is good for me scouring eBay, I finally stumbled upon a real beauty. It’s a 1976 model – with the old style six-spoke wheels and the water level plug rather than the later level glass. It also has a methylated spirit burner rather than the more modern, solid-fuel type. I was delighted by the the fact that it had not been “restored” or generally messed-about with. It’s what I would call “a good, honest little motor”. However, there were a few minor issues that I had to resolve before we got steam up:- 1. The safety valve was jammed. This was simply a build up of limescale. A couple of hours soaking the valve in vinegar fixed it. 2. I ordered a set of replacement SA1 drive bands from a Mamod specialist to replace the knotted band and stretched bands it came with. Unfortunately one of the bands that arrived was too long. Fortunately, the the band was not joined together particularly well either! So I was able to undo it, shorten it and the refasten it again properly. Now it is fine. The other band was too big and too fat. Fortunately I had a spare that I was shows how to replace old basin taps with a new pair. This video also shows how to use split click centralising washers to centre the taps in the centre of the basin tap hole.
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