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25 Jan 15 Petra raclette multifunctional stone grill


This 2-in-1 multifunctional stone grill works as a gourmet raclette and as a stone grill. Designed to feed a family of 4, the Petra raclette features adjustable thermostat for perfect temperature settings.

The multifunction grill has non-stick coating, 4 spatulas, 21cm x 21cm baking surface, anti slip feet, integrated handles and power indicator light. Petra. Previously, Solis combi grill.


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21 Nov 11 Construction Intervention: The Blarney Stone

Forty years ago, the Blarney Stone, a family owned Irish bar, opened its doors in the Financial District to much success. But, after the death of the Keane family patriarch and 9/11, business has suffered, leaving brothers Teddy and Joe struggling to carry on the family business. Now, after 40 years of wear and tear, The Blarney Stone desperately needs renovation in order to attract the new wave of young residents living in the Financial District. However, renovation has been out of the question and the bar is literally disintegrating around them! A construction intervention would resurrect the spirit of the Blarney Stone and bring in new customers to this much loved neighborhood institution. When someone new walks in, they almost immediately walk out because nearly everything is original from 1969! From the barely functioning steam table to the cracked tile floor, the kitsch of this bar is killing its revenue. Although these troubles haven’t stopped loyal regular customers from enjoying great food and cheap drinks, the grungy appearance has hindered the flow of new clientele that Joe and Teddy need to make up for the loss of business they suffered after 9/11. While the brothers try their best to keep profits up, they are barely making ends meet and fear losing the family business that was their father’s pride and joy. Nearly everything could use a facelift. The floors are dingy, the ceiling tiles are mismatched and water damaged, the air conditioning ducts leak, the
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06 Nov 11 Mouth’s Cradle – Honey from a Stone

from The Next Big Thing (released April 6, 2010). Download the album on itunes! buckle up, buckle up in your new Chevrolet snuggle up, snuggle up to the tunes of today oh with a 45 on repeat and a 40 in your idle hands yeah your kisses are soft but they just do the minimum you could give me a lot but i’ll only get sick of them and it’s gotta be so easy just to squeeze me and make juices flow but getting loving from you is like trying to get honey from a stone and honey from a stone is the sweetest honey of all i’ll have to savor every sip i can oh but if you aren’t gonna give me any honey at all i’ll have to find myself some other man grab a beer wipe my tears on my housecleaning dress oh yeah i’d hate to let you go because i like you the best oh and i’d rather your alliance than appliances or country homes but getting loving from you is like trying to get honey from a stone and honey from a stone is the sweetest honey of all i’ll have to savor every sip i can oh but if you aren’t gonna give me any honey at all i’ll have to find myself some other man you took me to the drug store and you bought me a malt you said “the way that things are going this just isn’t working out” so now i’m stuck to find another way to sweeten up my rock ‘n roll ’cause getting loving from you was like trying to get honey from a stone getting loving from you was like trying to get honey from a stone getting loving from you was like trying to get honey from a stone yeah getting
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19 Aug 11 Curry Stone 2008 Finalist, Shawn Frayne_Humdinger, 2007_(Source: Google Tech Talk)

The Curry Stone Design Prize is awarded by the Curry Stone Foundation to an individual or group who, in response to a particular need in an area of: clean water, clean air, clean food, shelter, community health, and peace, have developed a specific design solution that has the potential to create beneficial change and vital community. Like the MacArthur Award, this prize is “no strings attached.” The recipient of the award will be announced each September at the Louisville IdeaFestival. Shawn Frayne, inventor of the Windbelt, the worlds first non-turbine wind-powered generator. The technology, which is light enough to hold in your hand, has enormous potential to help people in poor communities power lamps, run small vaccine refrigerators and charge cell phones for pennies a day. Frayne was inspired to create the Windbelt after a visit to a village in Haiti where residents rely on costly kerosene and diesel for lack of an electrical grid.
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20 Jul 11 Mosaic stone backsplash tile

Small tile mosaic stone backsplash from Mozaico

The art of the Mosaic goes way back, some 3,000 years BC and is considered one of the oldest art forms that is still here. Stone mosaics used to enhanced decors of the rich and powerful. From ancient palaces of Roman, Greek, and Mesopotamian cultures, the incredibly beautiful mosaic stone backsplash tile finds the way to the modern kitchens of today consumers. You can have stone backsplash done in polished, tumbled or antique tile. Mosaic can be made in shapes, colors and finishes that truly meet your taste and satisfy imagination – whether you draw ideas from the French and Italian Renaissance, want your stone backsplash to resemble mosaic walls from Roma villa, or want to enjoy your favorite modern art with every morning cup of coffee.

4″ hexagon red onyx mosaic stone backsplash from Maestro Mosaics

Stone mosaic backsplash in tiles of various shapes and sizes by Francois & Co

Rectangular tile stone mosaic backsplash by Ravenna Mosaics

Mosaic backsplash designs
Mosaic tile backsplash
Quartz splashbacks


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03 Apr 11 ITALFORNI_SOLOFORNI – Stone based conveyor pizza oven

The first stone based conveyor pizza oven in Australia, brought to you by IFM. We are a Catering Equipment superstore in Victoria. We have the biggest range and the cheapest on all catering equipment. Visit our showroom at 1492 – 1494 Hume Hwy, Campbellfield, VIC or give us as call on 03 9357 2666.
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24 Mar 11 Coal Fired Stone Hearth Oven

Starting a Stone Hearth Coal Oven. Also look for our other pizza and tortilla press videos on our website Doughpro has a full range of dough presses and wood fired ovens ( Stone Hearth Ovens ) that can be custom built to any size and shape. Contact Factory for details: 1(800)-624-6717
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Check out this link of a 1970 Film of this exact location to see how coke was manufactured! Today Enjoy a tour of the last great coke oven operations located in Shoaf Pennsylvania, south of Uniontown. This 200 oven operation closed for good in 1972 due to not meeting EPA standards. So ended a 100 year history of coke manufacturing in Southwestern PA. This operation could be a wonderful walking tour if not for the fact that what is under it is too valuable for the owners to turn over to tourism (a coal seam) Too Bad. Enjoy the best examples of complete coke ovens, with rails still in place for “larry cars” to load the coal through a trunnel hole in the top, rails running along the front of the ovens to allow the “mud car” to assist the mudders who would block up the opening for a 36 or 72 hour coke charge, the Railroad “Wharf” still intact between two banks of ovens that allowed the workers to easily deposit the cooked coke and send north to Pittsburgh. To realize what workers did for so little (often a a day or worse–paid in company store scrip), a dirty, life shortening existance, which supported their families, is quite a humbling experience. Visit and the Coal and Coke Heritage Museum, located at Penn State University, Fayette Campus US 119 South, Uniontown, PA.
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