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15 Jan 15 Charnwood Tor wood burning stove


This modern Charnwood wood burning stove comes in 2 models, the 10.0 kW Tor and the 7.0 kW Tor Pico. The robust stove is solidly constructed of high quality plate steel, cast iron, fire brick and ceramic glass.


Tor is DEFRA exempted, meaning this wood stove can burn wood in smoke control areas. Aesthetically, both Tor and Tor Pico feature 3 gently curved glass panels for a spectacular view of the fire from the front and from the sides. Its highly advanced combustion system ensures exceptional clean burning and outstanding efficiency. See Charnwood Cove wood stoves.

Other features include Cleanburn airwash technology, Quattroflow air management system, riddling grate, cool to touch handle for safe and easy reloading and drop down throat plate enabling the chimney to be swept through the stove. Charnwood.


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23 Nov 14 Ecofire Eldora silent pellet stove


The stable 100kg Ecofire Eldora comes in 2 models, the virtually silent 7.0 kW version for ultimate acoustic comfort and the powerful 9.1 kW stove equipped with a robust a 400 m³/h tangential fan. Both green pellet stoves are made in high performance steel and finished with various claddings of your choice. Both have over 90% efficiency.


The Ecofire metal pellet stove has a single pane ceramic glass door with a hide-away handle and cleaning system, Palazzetti Star pellet-feed system, digital LCD panel, remote control, 15kg fuel hopper capacity and 23-hour burning time. You can easily program hours of operation on a daily and weekly basis. See Ecofire ducted pellet stove.

Other features include a large ash drawer, a very thick cast-iron brazier and firebox back panel and a room temperature probe to control the set temperature. In addition, Ecofire Eldora can be connected to an outdoor thermostat. Palazzetti. Previously, Ecofire hermetic pellet stoves.


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03 Nov 14 Ecofire Denise ducted pellet stove


Ecofire Denise is the 7.3 kW ducted pellet stove with durable yet elegant steel structure, available in teak, mirrored glass, wavy white glass, bronze aluminium, red aluminium, gold aluminium, beige painted metal, marble serpentino, black painted metal, black lacquer wood and white lacquer wood.

Just like Ecofire Slimmy pellet stove, Denise is very efficient. This stove yields close to 95% efficiency at reduced heat output of 2.8 kW. It comes with 17 kg fuel hopper and burns continuously for up to 29 hours.

Other features include thick cast iron brazier and firebox, large ash drawer, digital LCD panel, variable speed 400 m³/h fan and room temperature probe. You can program hours of operation, connect your Denise to an outdoor thermostat and push hot air through the ducts to other rooms. Palazzetti.


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06 Sep 14 RIKA Scena wood burning stove


Designed and made in Austria, RIKA stoves offer the highest quality, market leading technology and outstanding design. Scena wood burning stove is a real eye catcher. It heats in style up to 260m³ and yields up to 10.0 kW.


The wide screen stove features RIKA air distribution system that allows you to control and optimize the supply and distribution of air in the stove using one simple hand movement.


The slim stove has wide combustion chamber for long wood logs. The Scena is also operated in an ambient air-independent manner with the combustion air supplied from outside, making it ideal for modern, energy efficient buildings. In addition, the solid cast iron doors seal tightly and stay that way even at the highest temperatures. The air circulates optimally in the stove without any unwanted external air, allowing the Scena to reach 80% combustion efficiency.


RIKA Scena is also equipped with the patented panel flushing system, ensuring the glass is kept clean for a clear view of the flames. This wood burning stove is available in soapstone or ceramic trim and several colours. Priced from € 4,700 to € 5,300. RIKA.


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02 May 14 lateNight patio stove from Arte Puro


This elegant patio stove by Arte Puro is made of the highest quality Schott glass and heat insulated, powder coated stainless steel.

The lateNight patio stove will add coziness and beauty to your spring and summer nights. Start your evening with a hearty supper and glass of your favorite wine, while relaxing by the stove that allows you to enjoy the flames from 3 sides.

The Arte Puro lateNight comes with integrated air flow for selective air supply and low emissions. Its fireclay bricks protect the metal housing from overheating. The modern stove weighs only 66 kg and with the optional stainless steel wheels, you can easily move it to your preferred location. Price is around € 2,300. Arte Puro.


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24 Mar 14 Retro wood burning cook stoves from Elmira Stove Works


Built with the quality and craftsmanship of how the things used to be, Fireview wood burning cook stoves by Elmira Stove Works offer the lowest emissions, highest efficiency and most usable features among retro wood burning cook stoves, available on the market today.


You can customize your retro range cooker with several decorative and functional options to suit your personal needs and style, or match it with your Northstar French Door vintage refrigerator.

Key features of Elmira Stove Works retro cook stoves include,
– large 1.6 cu. ft. firebox for 30,000 to 60,000 BTU output
– burn times over 10 hours
– heats up to 1,800 sq. ft.
– secondary air supply for clean, efficient burn
– 21″ firebox that accommodates 18″ logs
– spacious 3.0 cu. ft. oven to fits large turkey
– Fireview door for enjoyment and fire control
– overhead and side warmers
– optional 11,000 BTU gas side burners
– optional water jackets for hot household water
– optional nickel legs, skirt and Victorian trivet


Retro wood burning cook stoves from Elmira Stove Works come in 3 models,
– 1840, 36″ wood burning cook stove for ,495
– 1842-0, 48″ wood burning cook stove with work surface for ,995
– 1842-G, 48″ dual fuel wood burning cook stove with 2 gas burners for ,295


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16 Mar 14 Palazzetti Lady Fire wood burning stove


The latest from Palazzetti, the traditional style Lady Fire wood burning stove has sturdy steel structure for solid, uncompromising build, and is entirely clad in beautiful, decorated ceramic. Lady Fire features Palazzetti dual combustion Magnofix firebox with almost silent opening mechanism, the VDF patented system for perfect draught management and the rounded door with large glass window for panoramic view of the fire.


Palazzetti Lady Fire offers just under 8.0 kW heat output at 81% burning efficiency and is available in 4 stunning ceramic models – Mikonos, Capri, Ischia, Boston. Palazzetti.

Hi Fire panoramic fireplace from Palazzetti
Pellet burning stove from Palazzetti
Ecofire hermetic pellet stoves


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18 Feb 14 Piazzetta Qube wood burning stove


This is another aesthetically pleasing compact stove, designed for smaller spaces. Featuring fine, hand made majolica cladding in 6 colours, Piazzetta Qube offers radiant, conduction and natural convection heating for your living quarters, backed by Multifuoco System that brings an optional forced ventilation kit with 4 electronically controlled power levels and LCD remote control.


The Qube comes with a tertiary air system for optimized combustion and high efficiency with low emissions, self-cleaning ceramic glass resistant up to 750°C, enameled steel with grate in cast iron and removable ash drawer for quick cleaning. 9.0 kW heat output, 80% efficiency, wide vision of the fire. Heats up to 260 cubic meters. Piazzetta. Previously, contemporary pellet stove – Piazzetta Line.


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10 Dec 13 Contemporary pellet stove by Waterford Stanley


This highly efficient contemporary pellet stove offers modulating heat output in the range from 3.2 kW to 9.1 kW. Automatic start up cycle, built-in room thermostat and automatic chimney cleaning cycle make operating and maintaining the Fusion from Waterford Stanley a simple task.

Clean lines and compact design of this modern pellet stove, combined with 81% efficiency, clean burning and automatic control, bring warmth and comfort of wood heating as well as modern minimalist look.

Other key features of Fusion contemporary stove include optional remote control thermostat, 7-day programmer, 2 on/off periods per day, fan assisted convection air, room humidifier, automatic overheat and chimney safety shutdown, 25 kg hopper capacity, removable ash tray and burn pot.

More from Waterford Stanley,
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Other contemporary pellet stoves,
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24 Nov 13 Tonwerk T-SKY eco2 wood stove


The integrated storage core of the innovative T-SKY eco2 from Tonwerk is made of fire proof ceramics with an excellent heat conductivity. When burning the wood, the storage core absorbs the released energy only to save it and slowly return afterwards.


The combustion chamber offers a beautiful view of the fire and ensures the optimal radiation of the heat into the room. The door handle is installed above the combustion chamber for an easy reach and an ergonomic opening of the stove. The Tonwerk T-SKY eco2 completely uses the energy, reaching 84% combustion efficiency and over 15 kWh heating capacity.


Other key features of this T-SKY eco2 wood stove are 6 kg firewood capacity, 2-hour burning time, slider for manual control and 12-hour duration of warmth release. Comes in 11 finishes. Tonwerk. Previously, Tonwerk T-EYE stove.



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