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17 Jan 15 Charnwood Cove wood stoves


Charnwood Cove is a collection of wood burning stoves that includes 4 models. These contemporary wood stoves have one single, curved door for a unobstructed view of the fire. Your Cove wood stove comes with the advanced combustion system for optimum efficiency and an exceptionally clean burn.


Made of plate steel, cast iron, fire brick and ceramic glass, the Charnwood Cove stove is available in 3 sizes with a choice of 5 base options and convection panel options. Nominal output ranges from 4.0 kW to 12.0 kW. Other key features are Cleanburn airwash technology and Quattroflow air management system. Smoke reducing models are also available within the Cove range. These SR stoves are DEFRA exempted appliances, so you can install them to burn wood in smoke control areas. Charnwood.


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09 Jan 15 Jotul F 370 wood burning stoves

Jøtul F 373 White

The versatile modern F 370 Series from Jotul features 10 customizable models. The award winning wood burning stoves offer power, efficiency and elegance, and fit any modern or traditionally styled home.

Jøtul F 373 Black

The Jotul cast iron stove from F 370 Series can be customized by adding extra glass elements or a soapstone top for a subtly different look.

Adding extra glass provides convection heat on the front of the stove as well as considerably reduces surface temperature on the entire product. You can also install your F370 Series Jotul wood stove on a 360° rotatable pedestal. Different models come in up to 4 colours. Jøtul. Previously, Jotul wood burning stoves.


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04 Jan 15 Vermont Castings FlexBurn wood burning stoves


Crafted in the USA from 100% recycled materials, the Defiant wood burning stove from Vermont Castings is one of the eco friendlier stoves in America, offering the highest EPA ratings. Defiant FlexBurn easily adapts to your lifestyle and works in catalytic or non-catalytic mode.

The Catalytic combustion process uses a honeycombed ceramic chamber coated with a metal catalyst to increase the rate of combustion and lower the burning temperature of the wood, whereas the Non Catalytic combustion process uses airflow inside the firebox to reburn smoke and gases instead of employing a catalyst. See Vermont Casting grills and outdoor smoker box

Available in Twilight, Classic Black, Biscuit, Majolica Brown and Bordeaux, the Vermont Castings Defiant FlexBurn delivers up to 75,000 BTUs/hr and heats up to 2,400 sq. ft. This wood burning stove can burn for 14 hours and takes 24″ logs. Efficiency rates are 84% with Catalytic combustion and 76% with Non.


The smaller and also very efficient Encore Defiant heats comfortably up to 1,800 sq. ft. accommodating 22″ logs while yielding up to 65,000 BTUs/hr. The burn time is 12 hours, efficiency rates are 86% with Catalytic combustion and 78% with Non Catalytic. Also comes in Available in Twilight, Classic Black, Biscuit, Majolica Brown and Bordeaux. Vermont Castings. Previously, Vermont Castings patio fire pits.


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29 Nov 14 Wood burning stoves by Cheminees Philippe


Made of steel, the minimalist round and oval wood burning stoves from Cheminées Philippe fit nicely into your modern living quarters. These stoves draw outside air and can be installed in variety of ways. Heat outputs are between 5.0 kW and 11.0 kW, efficiency ranges from 71% to 76%.


For more informatiuon see Cheminées Philippe. Previously, RIKA Impera XL.








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13 Nov 14 Godin wood stoves


The modern 9.1 kW Godin wood stove heats up to 330 m³ of living space. You can burn logs up to 50cm long. Made in painted steel with optional decorative ceramic wall.


The 5.6 kW Godin wood stove burns 33cm long wood logs and comfortably heats up to 190 m³. Ideal for small living spaces. Previously from Godin,
Godin stoves and range hoods
Godin vintage stoves


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24 Mar 14 Retro wood burning cook stoves from Elmira Stove Works


Built with the quality and craftsmanship of how the things used to be, Fireview wood burning cook stoves by Elmira Stove Works offer the lowest emissions, highest efficiency and most usable features among retro wood burning cook stoves, available on the market today.


You can customize your retro range cooker with several decorative and functional options to suit your personal needs and style, or match it with your Northstar French Door vintage refrigerator.

Key features of Elmira Stove Works retro cook stoves include,
– large 1.6 cu. ft. firebox for 30,000 to 60,000 BTU output
– burn times over 10 hours
– heats up to 1,800 sq. ft.
– secondary air supply for clean, efficient burn
– 21″ firebox that accommodates 18″ logs
– spacious 3.0 cu. ft. oven to fits large turkey
– Fireview door for enjoyment and fire control
– overhead and side warmers
– optional 11,000 BTU gas side burners
– optional water jackets for hot household water
– optional nickel legs, skirt and Victorian trivet


Retro wood burning cook stoves from Elmira Stove Works come in 3 models,
– 1840, 36″ wood burning cook stove for ,495
– 1842-0, 48″ wood burning cook stove with work surface for ,995
– 1842-G, 48″ dual fuel wood burning cook stove with 2 gas burners for ,295


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31 Jan 14 Modular Stack stoves


This modern reinterpretation of a traditional wood stove, the customizable modular Stack stove is the fruit of collaboration between La Castellamonte and Adriano Design. The basic goal was to create a very efficient, contemporary scalable stove that fits living spaces and requirements of eco and design conscious European consumer.


The modular Stack stoves are available in Cubistack, Roundstack, Cookinstack, Ministack and Thermostack models with several variations. Previously, La Castellamonte tiled wood stoves.






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12 Jul 13 Stoves Mini ranges in new colours


Stoves is giving is giving its popular British made Richmond Mini Range cookers a colourful makeover in time for summer. Richmond 55cm Mini Ranges are now available in selected shades from the Colour Boutique collection. Stoves has added Day’s Break, Wild Berry, Icy Brook and Hot Jalapeno to the existing options of Black and Champagne across both dual fuel and gas options.


Combining range cooker styling with smaller dimensions, each Richmond Mini Range offers a total cooking capacity of 98 litres, combining a main oven with the flexibility of a top oven with grill. The Richmond sturdy, cast iron hob is now further improved with the addition of a central 4.0 kW wok burner.

The Richmond Mini Range is already one of Stoves best-selling appliances. Now it is offered in the most popular colour options. Stoves.

Sterling Mini range cookers
Stoves Duo Cook and Belling Micro Cook
Colour boutique
Stoves built-in collection
Flavors by Stoves – colorful range cookers


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28 Apr 13 Ortal modern gas stoves and fireplaces


Made by Israeli based Ortal, these modern Eco friendly gas stoves and fireplaces come with high efficiency ratings and contemporary designs, while providing plenty of the radiant heat to keep your dwelling warm. The contemporary fireplaces use direct vent technology, electronic ignition and require little maintenance.


Ortal offers 60 modern fireplace and stove models for you to choose from, in an array of sizes and designs to suit every architectural need, integrating heat into the aesthetics of life. Ortal USA.







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29 Dec 12 Contura Swedish tile stoves with modern technology


The Contura traditional Swedish stoves go back to the dawn of 18th century when shortage of wood suitable for burning triggered an energy crisis, forcing Swedes to come up with the imposing slow burning stoves, capable of heating large living spaces with high efficient wood burning and relatively low heat output. Today, Contura tiled stoves combine traditional design with modern technology, keeping warm living spaces up to 90m², while yielding no more than 4.0 kW at 87% efficiency.


Contura stoves come in many sizes and styles, and whether you choose a modern or classic style, the same time tested technology will deliver. The fan equipped Swedish stoves push the heat quickly from room to room, spreading it uniformly around the house. A heavy, heat retaining cast core and long multichannel flues allow these stoves to store heat and keep rooms warm up to one day after the fire is extinguished. Contura.



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