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12 Aug 13 Swan retro refrigerators


The new collection of retro refrigerators from Swan has 3 ‘A+’ rated models – compact 130 litre, 54cm wide undercounter larder fridge, 208 litre, top mounted 55cm wide fridge freezer and 295 litre, bottom mounted 60cm wide fridge freezer. All 3 refrigerators come in 7 retro colours – blue, black, cream, green, orange, red and wine red. Priced at £500, £600 and £700 respectively. Swan.




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10 Aug 13 Swan all-in-one Teasmade


An Englishman and his tea … the nation love affair with the electric automatic Teasmade can be traced back all the way to 1932, when Sir Samuel Rowbottom introduced the first model. In 1936, the Goblin Teasmade became a must-have item, with over 300,000 units sold every year. The Swan electric automatic Teasmade is a totally redesigned model that employs the latest technology to ensure the tea experience is even better than ever.


The Swan all-in-one tea maker, clock and alarm offers compact bedside design with 0.6 liter capacity, integral reading light, rapid water boiling, alarm function after boiling, illuminated LCD clock with analogue face and auto dimming, ceramic tea pot and cover, and manual tuning AM/FM radio with Aux Input for MP3. The Swan STM100RADN sells for around £120. Other models sell between £60 and £80.


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07 Aug 13 Black Swan slow cooker by Swan


This large 5-litre glass slow cooker, the Black Swan, is the modern and highly advanced version of your traditional slow cooker. The Swan SF11050N is equipped with the latest technical features, making slow cooking easy by taking the guesswork out. Swan also designed a 32-page international Slow Cooking recipe book to provide a step-by-step guide for perfect slow cooking results. This recipe book comes with all Swan Slow Cookers.


Key features of the Black Swan include,
– 200 W high setting for 5 hours cooking
– 130 W low setting for 8 hours cooking
– 5-litre bowl with 3-litre food capacity
– auto setting for 5 hours cooking
– environmentally friendly low power consumption
– dishwasher safe bowl and lid
– ideal for soups, stews and desserts
– tempered glass lid with stainless steel rim
The new Black Swan glass slow cooker sells for around £80. Swan. Previously, Swan all-in-one Teasmade.


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