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19 Nov 11 Sydney Outdoor Room & Add another valuable dimension to your home by installing an Outdoor Kitchen. Life Outside has designed and built high quality Outdoor Kitchens for our Sydney clients over the past 5 years. Within our custom designs we include the best outdoor bbq appliances, outdoor sinks, cupboard space, counter tops, wood fired ovens, wok burners, dishwashers and outdoor refrigeration – all built to last and, of course, look amazing. An Outdoor Kitchen is the ultimate feature for any real foodie. Whether its BBQ,, woodfired pizza or cold glass of wine served from your outdoor fridge that tickles your fancy, an outdoor kitchen can transform the way your family eats and lives. Custom Outdoor Kitchen design – Life Outside is flexible, creative and experienced in designing outdoor kitchens to suit your needs. Whatever your vision, we are your one stop shop for Outdoor Kitchens and all the complimentary elements to go with it: decks and pergolas, outdoor rooms, and landscape gardening. Before commencing any work, we will provide easy to understand plans and pricing so you know exactly what you will get from your Outdoor Kitchen. Design Elements can include: * BBQ * Wok Burners * Wood Fired Pizza Ovens * Counter tops and cupboard space * Refrigerators, Freezers and wine fridges * Dining area * Bar area * Lighting * Landscape design Built in BBQ area – If you are looking for just a classy BBQ area but don’t like the look of stand alone rusty BBQs, consider a built in

Peter Facinelli, eco-friendly actor most known for his roles in Twilight and Nurse Jackie, teamed up with MasterCard and The Home Depot to share tips on how anyone can be more environmentally friendly. During the month of October, Home Depot consumers who use their MasterCard now through October 31 to buy ENERGY STAR appliances — refrigerators, clothes washers, dishwashers, dehumidifiers, water heaters — 10 percent of the proceeds from those purchases will benefit Habitat for Humanity, up to 1 million dollars.

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19 Sep 11 Studio Apartment, Sydney Central, Furnished Property

Studio style rooms in central sydney offering kitchenettes with microwaves and refrigerators. Your studio can be serviced daily, weekly or as you desire. All rooms have en-suite bathrooms, hairdryers, fans, televisions and offer a variety of layouts depending on the number of guests. Property offers an outdoor courtyard where guests can relax and read the papers or socialise with other guests. This style of accommodation is perfect for a short or long stay in Sydney. Prices start from per night to 5 per week for a minimum 5 weeks stay 1 night = pn 1 Week = 0pw 2 Weeks = 0pw 3 Weeks = 0 pw 4 Weeks = 0 pw 4 Weeks + = 5 pw

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30 Aug 11 North Sydney Paper Recycling

Same truck featured in the garbage video, except this time it is being loaded with paper and cardboard recycling. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to hang around to get footage of the crate collections further into the suburb, so I got this video of the job in the units area. Also since I captured this footage, the service has become commingled so the two crates have been replaced with new 140L wheelie bins.

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31 Jul 11 City of Sydney Garbage (South Region) Pt 1

In this video we have one of the traditional yellow bodied Sydney trucks collecting all the red-lidded garbage bins. I came across this same truck in Rosebery on both Tuesdays, the first week to catch them on the last street and the second week to find them with heaps left to collect. After they returned from the transfer station I tailed them along the main road and through some back streets as the truck moved between each house while the two runners loaded at the back. I believe they only have this single truck and maybe another used in the south region, where the focus is on clean-up one day and garbage the next, with an assumption green-waste is done on another day. Although I am a #1 fan of the Accos, I like the sound of this Hino during bin-lift and the second stage of packing… runs pretty quickly too for a Compaction Systems. Also they used to have the old manual bins in Sydney before I got this footage; the roll-out of new bins is what got me down here. I hope you enjoy the footage in this video and in part two a pile of clean-up gets loaded into the back, all ratings and comments are appreciated. A big thanks to the friendly team hard at work on that hot day, with a special thanks to the driver for being helpful with the videos. Be sure to check out the video of the little Hino rear loader collecting recycling and also the footage from the northern region… Body Make: Compaction Systems (now Superior Pak) Model: 15m Maxi Pak Chassis: Hino FM Council: City of

Hey guys ! sorry I haven’t posted in a while but here’s a video I took in January ! it’s a 08-09 McNeilus Mack Mru emptying a 5yd garbage dumpster. fav like subcribe !
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22 Jun 11 Garbage Trucks Parramatta Sydney New Years Day

William and the week old baby Aria enjying the New Years Day Garbage Collection Our buddies collecting rubbish on New Years Day. Thanks guys. Hope you didn’t have to deal with any nasty hangovers. Have a great New Year!

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