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07 Nov 11 Rite in the Rain 25 meter Zeroing Target for M-16A2 / M4 / AR-15 Rifle

Fun Gun Reviews Presents: “Rite in the Rain” M-16A2/ M4 25 Meter Zeroing Targets. Used by US Military, these waterproof targets allow you to set your 300 meter Zero while shooting at 25 meters. Battleboy Surplus Rite in Rain Web Page: Battleboy Surplus 5% off discount code: “Sootch00” Battleboy’s YouTube Channel: Rite in the Rain Tactical Products: Thanks for watching~

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30 Sep 11 Toy Manchester Terrier Target Training

Toy Manchester, Asher, demonstrates how to target a hand. This was taught using clicker training. Hand Targeting can be used to help teach a dog how to “heel”, or loose leash walking, can help teach a dog how to go on scales, invite them on the couch, invite them off the couch. It can also be used with a recall to have the dog come back wither in front of you or to your side. Hand Targeting can also be used to teach tricks like spinning in a circle, jumping up on cue, and helps give direction. It can also help a fearful dog allow handling from strangers by inviting the dog to touch them and them receiving a tasty reward. Object targeting can help teach a dog “place” or to go to bed, and can help dogs overcome various fears of objects. It can also be used for various assistance tasks such as switching lights on or off, opening refrigerators, and is commonly used in animal acting. Further exercises include teaching retrievals, sending a dog away, and teaching tricks such as hand stands, leg lifts, staring at a specific object, and more! There’s a book called “Right on Target!” That you may want to check out for more info.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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24 Sep 11 How To Build Your Own Reactive Target

In this second DIY video I show you how to create your own reactive (or resetting) steel target for under (not including the steel plate). Shooting steel is extremely fun and breaks you from monotony of shooting paper targets. The audible “Ping” created by a hit is good for training purposes, especially at longer ranges, and is also useful in Run N Guns, as will be shown in later videos. One of the main drivers that caused me to make this video was the drive to save you money – a frequent theme that my channel revolves around. Reactive targets from various manufacturers are either cheap (and some are therefore dangerous) and fall apart quickly, or overly expensive (as the market for this type of product is apparently not large enough for companies to offer options at reasonable prices) making reactive targets too expensive for the average shooter’s budget. With this design you could build yourself 3 reactive targets for the price of buying one the lowest end models available. The steel itself can be any of a variety available from a host of different target companies (although I discuss the specs I think are necessary for a safe target). In this example I use a “Steel Challenge” target made by a company called Quality Targets. They have reasonable prices and are a great “Made In The USA” company. The company is appropriated named, as the steel they create is of excellent quality, and the price is right. Please be sure to check out their website, they are now added to

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