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08 Nov 11 Tech – Robotic Hair Washing

This film was commissioned for Network of the World’s “Tech” programme to discover what hairdressers thought about robotic hair washers. Written, Produced and Directed by Thom Goddard
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06 Nov 11 Wireless N vs Wireless G (NCIX Tech Tips #18)

This round of tech tips, #18, Linus will show you the advantages of Wireless N vs. Wireless G routers. He will do a series of speed test and range test in this episode of tech tips. Enjoy! Check out these great selection of Wreless N routers from

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04 Sep 11 New Pellet Mill, Bio Green Tech Ltd Pellet Press, Briquette Machines. Make your own Animal Feed, Fish Bait Pellets, Biomass Fuels from waste materials, such as wood, wood shavings, sawdust, logs, wood chip, peat, strew, grass, paper, cardboard, cereals and many more. I can provide anything you need to make pellets, Dryers, Grinders, Conveyors, Sifter Sorters, Magnetic,Filters, Dust Filters, Cyclones, Conditioners, Pellet Mills (bother the flat plate and the ring die style) Pellet Coolers, Bagging Systems. I am also available for consultation to build an entire plant to your needs, you can contact me at http you can also call me on 0845 036 4444 outside of the UK +44 845 036 4444 we also have a rang of Biodiesel products as well. htt:// Bio Green Tech Ltd
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27 Aug 11 World Tech Update

Steve Jobs returns and unveils new iPods, Samsung shows off technology that tracks ad views, gestures operates games and appliances, Sony demos its TransferJet, Miss IFA talks tech and more.
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19 Aug 11 Curry Stone 2008 Finalist, Shawn Frayne_Humdinger, 2007_(Source: Google Tech Talk)

The Curry Stone Design Prize is awarded by the Curry Stone Foundation to an individual or group who, in response to a particular need in an area of: clean water, clean air, clean food, shelter, community health, and peace, have developed a specific design solution that has the potential to create beneficial change and vital community. Like the MacArthur Award, this prize is “no strings attached.” The recipient of the award will be announced each September at the Louisville IdeaFestival. Shawn Frayne, inventor of the Windbelt, the worlds first non-turbine wind-powered generator. The technology, which is light enough to hold in your hand, has enormous potential to help people in poor communities power lamps, run small vaccine refrigerators and charge cell phones for pennies a day. Frayne was inspired to create the Windbelt after a visit to a village in Haiti where residents rely on costly kerosene and diesel for lack of an electrical grid.
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13 Jul 11 DG Tech Appliance Repair

We provide service for: Dryers, Washers, Microwaves, Exhaust Hoods, Dishwashers, Ovens, Ranges, Cooktops and Trash Compactors…… Areas: Orange County, East Los Angeles, San Gabriel Valley, California.

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08 Jun 11 Circle-E. HVAC Tech Tip #5

HVAC Preventative Maintenance Series

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23 May 11 What it’s like to be married to an HVAC tech.

My wife explains it best.
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17 Apr 11 HVAC Bad Tech

DearestBecky and I show what a bad air conditioning tech does.

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27 Mar 11 Circle-E. HVAC Tech Tip #1

Circle-E. HVAC technician tips in order to provide preventative maintenance information for customers.
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I got a two-for-one deal today. Two houses with thermostat wire problems. Conveniently located right next door to eachother. Chasing down low voltage issues is kinda fun. Keeps the ole diagnostic skillset honed and tuned. Love my Fieldpiece meter. Most versatile tool in my bag.

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