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12 Nov 11 HHO Single Cell Test

First test of single tube cell. Two concentric SS tubes with centre core of washers on a bolt for maximum surface area. I was limited by a modified PC power supply which showed that the unit draws over 10A after 10 minutes of running.
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11 Nov 11 Ibanez RG 1570 Prestige TEST DRIVE by Slavko Pekaric

READ FULL DESCRIPTION: A demonstration of the Ibanez RG 1570 Prestige guitar on distorsion… These are stock pickups, and they’re ok for heavy music, but terrible for clean. I popped a DiMarzio Evolution in the bridge position, and a HumbuckerFromHell in the neck, giving it more versatility, and the difference is like comparing black to white (ok maybe black to gray…). The sustain is great, and the neck is one of the best ones I’ve come across, I have long fingers so it suits my need perfectly. The FloydRose… wait a second… THE FLOYD ROSE is an EdgePro… what can I say… INCREDIBLE!!! The only flaw I see in it is that the arm of the tremolo cant stay stiff (in one place) for long, there’s a system where you put washers on the arm to tighten it, but its not a perfect concept. Anyway, it sustains REALLY good, and the guitar does in fact stay in tune after a good whammy bar stunt… or more. I got mine with .009 gauge strings, but am switching to .010, they sound better, the lighter ones lack in bass response. The pickup height cannot be adjusted precisely because they put some sponge like thing under it to keep it in place, but the measurements are up to the standards, so you’ll have no problem if you want to switch pickups, they’ll just have to sit in one position they can. Dont take these “flaws” I mentioned seriously, this a great guitar, so if you’re deciding whether to buy it or not… do it. HOPE THIS HELPS.
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08 Nov 11 HVAC – Nitrogen Leak Test Evacuate & Recharge 8 of 9

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07 Nov 11 Cr125 Extreme Snow Tire Test

Honda cr125r 2001 Mods are just fmf rev expansion chamber and fmf power core muffler and homemade DIY snow tires. 50 dollars worth of carridge bolts, nuts and washers, a tube of locktight and about a day or two of work. Drilled the tires through the knobbies and then hammerred the bolts thourgh the holes, took about 200 for the rear and 300 in the front.. Then tighten the nuts down with some lock tight, once its all done i cut them with bolt cutters to clear the swingarm and fork guards.. seems to work well so far!

The Freedom EVO® robotic workstation is the foundation for liquid handling in Tecan’s product portfolio. Tecan’s versatile liquid handling platform can be configured with a wide choice of high precision pipetting arms as well as 96- and 384- channel devices which permit sample transfers from a wide variety of labware formats. In addition, the Freedom EVO’s flexible design permit seamless integration of separation devices, detection devices, microplate washers, microplate shakers, barcode readers and incubators enabling the automation of your entire application.
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31 Oct 11 Test of diff gears after replacing shims behind spider and axle gears

Showing the improvement of the gear lash noise after replaceing the spacer washers that sit behind the axle and spider gears in a 1955 MG TF-1500 rear end as part of a CW and Pinion change from 4.875 – 4.3.
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24 Oct 11 Broadhead Field Test #2.wmv

Test #2 is on the 1 ¾” Grim Reaper Mechanical RazorTip shot out of a 70#@29″ draw Elite GTO using a Beman ICS 400 arrow weighing approx. 410 grains. This is an ongoing series of review and field testing of each of the most popular Grim Reaper Mechanical and Fixed blade broadheads. We all have seen the damage these BH’s can do to steel barrels, micro wave ovens, refrigerators, plywood and plastic jugs so we thought people would like to see what these heads can do to big game animals in real time tests. Complete with all the variables you would face in true hunting situations, such as human error ie. Nerves, buck fever, excitement, etc. which may result in less than perfect shot placement. Shots through heavy bone. And see for yourself how you can gain the Grim Reaper EDGE on your next hunt!! And Watch ’em Drop!
Video Rating: 5 / 5 Squatters at the Solio ranch in Nyeri have resorted to rather crude means of preserving the dead due to raging poverty and lack of a health facility. The squatters have invented homemade refrigerators powered by charcoal. We spent some time with the squatters to find out just how this system works for them.
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19 Oct 11 35P2 Cooking Test of a 35 Gallon Wood Cook Stove

Lanny Henson demonstrates the incredible efficiency of his 35 gallon wood fired cooker by cooking a 50 lb bag of rice (186.3 lb cooked) with only 10 pounds of wood, for an impossible score of 1 to 18.63, or 1 gram of wood cooked 18.63 grams of rice! See more details at
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This is a short video from the OTS ’08 at Stoneleigh of the Primus Eta Express Stove.
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17 Oct 11 Webasto thermo90 running on test

This was the 2nd time I had run up my webasto diesel fired water heater. This time I used red diesel, before I used kerosine.
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you will just have to watch and see thanks for watching and visit the web site at and check out the sneak peak of the BBB show and order yer stickers there thanks big time!
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16 Oct 11 Microwave Door Switch Test MIcrowave Repair Help This video explains how to access a Whirlpool style microwave so that you can test the door switches to see if they are bad. This is for Maytag, Kitchen Aid, Jenn Air, Amana, Whirlpool and Kenmore microwave models.

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12 Oct 11 Land Rover Discovery 4 / LR4 Off Road Test

The fourth generation Discovery 4 was launched in 2009, and went on sale in the United Kingdom on 1 September. Compared with the 2.7 litre TDV6 engine, which continues to be offered on the Discovery 4, the new TDV6 3.0 litre twin turbo diesel engine delivers a 9% fuel economy improvement (EU combined cycle) and 10% lower CO2 emissions, at the same time as increasing power by 28% to 241 bhp (180 kW); torque increases 36% to 600 N·m (440 lb·ft). The results include a 060 mph time of 9.0 seconds, (0100 km/h in 9.6 seconds), a 24% improvement over the 2.7 litre model. The new engine has been optimised for low-end torque as well as economy, making it possible to activate the lock-up clutch of the ZF HP-28 automatic transmission at lower speed. This reduces ‘slip’ in the hydraulic torque converter improving both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The higher torque at lower engine speeds also enables longer gearing for more economical cruising. Land Rover’s engineers have also transformed the on-road ride, handling and off-road capabilities. The changes include new suspension components, revised steering, larger brakes, improved traction control, and enhancements to the Terrain Response system, which helps optimise the vehicle for different on-road or off-road driving situations. The exterior design of the Land Rover Discovery 4 has been updated, most obviously with smoother and simpler surfaces at the front, including a new, more aerodynamic bumper. Aerodynamic changes to the

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