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06 Nov 11 Secret Military Testing on Small US Town

The secret of covert military experiments against the populations of the United States, Canada, Europe as well as many developing nations is quite extensive. It ranges from releasing pathogens in the air (such as the NY Subway experiments or the Porton Down trials), to releasing substances…

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01 Nov 11 Generac ix2000 testing.

Starting first time and load test on AC unit and etc.
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Farewell fantrip 7-4-99 for the Market-Frankford Subway Elevated cars SEPTA (ex PTC) chartered by the NYD ERA. These BUDD Company of Philadelphia cars had the nickname Almond Joy due to the 4 humps on the roof that housed the ventilation fan motors. They were the cars that replaced the original el cars from the teens and twenties. The had lightweight trucks, and the first application of stainless steel for rapid transit car bodies. Fast, comfortable and colorful inside with picture windows, the el cars were ahead of their time and provided reliable service for 39 years. As modern as they were, the doors were air operated, there was no air-conditioning and the end door windows were drop sash, much like school bus windows. This made for some very exciting rides for rail fans. Notice the rare use of under running thiid raiI (600 VDC). I am very surprised that no other videos of these beloved cars exist on YouTube. If you have additional information about the performance and history of the Almond Joys, please post them in the section.
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30 Oct 11 Engine coolant system and compression testing

There are lots of ways to diagnose a head gasket or to check the general health of an engine, but this video is focusing on 3 major systems. 1) The coolant system 2) The combustion chamber 3) The valvetrain COOLANT SYSTEM PRESSURE TEST: The boiling point of water (coolant) RISES under pressure. It’s imperative that the coolant system has NO AIR in it, no leaks, a known-good thermostat, and a good radiator cap in order to function properly. If the pressure stamped on your radiator cap is not being achieved, Boyle’s law is not taking affect, and your coolant will boil when the car is being driven at it’s normal operating temperature, and may exhibit signs of a blown head gasket. Many have cursed the process of burping all the air out, sometimes even taking several days and heat cycles to complete the process. COMPRESSION TEST: The point of a compression test is to diagnose the health of each combustion chamber. A compression test is a crude test to determine if a ring, valve seal, valve, or a head gasket problem exists. It will show immediately in this test because the gauge will not rise to the pressure specified for your engine. There are 3 numbers you need regarding your car’s setup. High limit, Low Limit and Range. The high limit is specified by your car’s manufacturer and reflects the equipment they used to build the engine. If you EXCEED the high limit, chances are it’s caused by excessive carbon build-up, and a Seafoam or MCCC treatment will usually remove the carbon

Chris Rea – Texas
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08 Oct 11 Gas Stove Replacement : Testing Stoves for Gas Leaks

A q-tip mixed with soap and water if useful for checking for gas leaks. Learn how to test a gas stove for gas leaks from a professional handyman in this free video on home appliances. Expert: Mark Sullivan Bio: Mark Sullivan has been a handyman for over twenty years. He has professionally worked on several projects, including all facets of commercial, apartment, and office building construction. Filmmaker: Mark Sullivan
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With each person who is solar cooking with different kinds of ovens, you will tend to see varying results. Many factors play into how successful you are or how much you fail. I wanted to address that here in this video because after studying and from personal experiences, I seen it is best to fuse all elements that work for others in all your solar cooking.
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29 Sep 11 Mil Spec Fire Gel Pyropac – Canteen Testing

Testing out the replacement for trioxane, the Military Fire Gel, so far very impressed. More testing is to be done before I trust it like I do trioxane but I like what I see. Heating up 2 cups of water from 65 deg. to boiling in aorund 15 minutes. With atotal burn time of over 20 minutes. good stuff Military Fire Gel NSN 9110-01-518-9201 Fuel, Gel, Diethylene Glycol Fire Gel has been approved by the Defense Logistics Agency as the new, replacement for the old Trioxane Fuel Bars used by the United States Military for years. Fire Gel is the ideal fuel for cooking, for your survival stove, as a fire starter or to simply start a campfire. All this flexibility and it is still safe enough to go on an aircraft! Fire Gel was originally designed to provide an efficient source of heat for the soldier in the field. Fire Gel is considered safe aboard aircraft, odorless, smokeless, economical, non toxic and yet friendly to our environment. With an indefinite shelf life, Fire Gel is the perfect survival or recreational use. Fire Gel is a must for hunting, fishing, boating, camping, and cookouts. It works well in gel or solid fuel cookers to including Esbit Stoves and the US Military Canteen Cup Stove. MSDS report
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21 Sep 11 Testing compressor motor insulation to Ground: Contour HD POV.

In the following video I am testing the integrity of the winding insulation to ground. I am wearing both the Drift POV and Contour HD POV. This video is from the Contour HD.

In this episode about the YORK magnetic centrifugal chiller (YMC2), Buddy Doll (vice president of equipment sales, Johnson Controls) explains why people who have heard a YMC2 chiller in operation dont even believe its running. With a sound level that does not exceed the volume level of a telephone dial tone, the YMC2 is about half as quiet as other magnetic-bearing centrifugal chillers. To learn more about the YMC2, visit
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30 Aug 11 Behind the Scenes at Choice Testing Lab

For the first time ever, Choice have exposed the inner workings in this, Blunty’s behind the scenes tour of their testing labs! CHOICE Magazine is a publication of the Australian Consumers’ Association, a non-profit organization founded in 1959 to research and advocate on behalf of Australian consumers. CHOICE tests and compares different consumer products and services and reports their findings in CHOICE Magazine, and online. Check out the Choice website here;
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11 Jun 11 Wildfire Elm Temperature Testing The WildFire Elm testing program continues with a new tool to measure the surface temperature and give valuable information on how hot various parts of the stove are. Ongoing testing on the secondary air tube system. Vermont Iron Stove, makers and suppliers of parts for all Elm wood stoves, Moretown, Vermont
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04 Jun 11 Backyard Ballistic Testing

An overview of the ammo testing process that was deployed during my first year on TNOUTDOORS9. Hopefully, this will answer some questions regarding the testing format and protocol moving forward. The recipe and process for making the ballistic test jugs is included below in the description. With regard to your own testing, if you do not have access to a safe, spacious location for target shooting, please do not try this. Managed ranges certainly are not the place. There are tons of resources online to properly research your ammo selection. My tests are not definitive, only a representation, and possibly a basis for comparison. Folks usually perform extensive research when buying a TV, computer, car, house firearm, etc.. Why would you forego fully researching an ammunition selection that might be needed to safe your life? Pursue all available resources; ammo company web sites, videos, photos, gun forums, and law enforcement tests. MAKING THE BALLISTIC TEST JUGS Setup 5 half-empty one gallon jugs. Using a single 4-page section of newspaper, start stuffing into the jug one page/section at a time. If you roll it lengthwise, it goes faster and easier. I do not use ad slicks or heavy newsprint. I use a blunt stick or something similar to push the paper all the way down, compressing during the entire process to give a good pack and eliminate air bubbles. Be certain to fill any water gaps that are likely to occur near where the handle is molded into the jug. Add water as needed

The Bofors Defence 40 mm and 57 mm 3P, prefragmented, programmable, proximity-fuzed ammunition. As they are totally immune to ECM and have extremely high tactical flexibility, the Bofors Defence gun systems will be able to operate in a heavy ECM environment and combat many types of targets. # Programmable for optimized effect and tactical flexibility. # Air burst capability for small boat defence. # Immune to ECM. # Powerful prefragmented shells. # Long fuze triggering distance. # Maintained fuze triggering distance even at long ranges. # Available with PBX-explosives and LOVA-propellant.
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29 Apr 11 Testing Microwave Ovens

This video module will give you guidelines on how to check that Microwave Ovens are operating safely. We will look at what can cause microwaves to leak and how a properly calibrated leakage tester can be used to check for this. We will also show how to check that used Microwave ovens are working correctly before they are offered for sale.

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