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07 Nov 11 Don’t Miss This Opportunity —– For more information, contact: Capitol Real Estate Group, 661 368-0956, Capitol Real Estate Group —– Located north of n.loop blvd. This single story home on gas has block walls all round, new flooring including carpet, pad & vinyl, fresh interior paint, new light fixtures, new appliances and numerous misc repairs. Central heating and air conditioning. —– DRE License #01847765
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30 Oct 11 2009 – A review of my videos from this year – What did you miss?

THANK YOU ALL FOR WATCHING MY VIDEOS IN 2009. This video is designed to serve as an easy way to see if you missed anything that I filmed this year. There are several videos represented here, and these are NOT all of my videos. These are simply the videos that I think have some significance. These are just short samples… you can click the links on the video to see the whole video. For more info on Slow Down To Get Around please visit:

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30 Sep 11 Unico and This Old House – Auburndale Project

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08 Aug 11 Bumblestick – This Place is a Dump (part 2)

Jeb and Hector figure out a way to dispose of their garbage but it is easier said than done. More waste (of time) at

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03 Jun 11 Space Pen…An Out of this World Invention!

Discover how the Fisher Space Pens (also known as the Zero Gravity Pen) are manufactured. They are pens that uses pressurised ink cartridges and are claimed to write in zero gravity, upside down, underwater, over wet and greasy paper, at any angle, and in extreme temperature ranges.
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27 May 11 Stefan Molyneux: The Nature of Human Society on This Planet – Alex Jones Tv 1/4

Alex welcomes to the show Stefan Molyneux, a Canadian philosopher, blogger, essayist, author, and host of the Freedomain Radio series of podcasts. He has written numerous articles for Libertarian websites and has logged over 1700 podcasts, produced over 500 videos, and authored several books, including On Truth: The Tyranny of Illusion and How (Not) To Achieve Freedom. Stefan’s podcast ranges over topics such as anarchism, ethics, Austrian economics, atheism, religion, education, family, and politics.
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19 May 11 This Is How Michael Caine Speaks – The Trip – BBC Two

More about this programme: Comedy series starring Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon. Steve agrees to review six restaurants in the north of England and takes Rob with him. During a wine-fuelled first lunch on their trip, Steve and Rob try to outdo each other with their impressions of Sir Michael Caine, both spanning decades and emotional ranges.
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12 Apr 11 This Old Crappy House – Dishwasher Replacment

In this episode of This Old Crappy House we clumsily remove an old dishwasher and install a new one. Along the way we give you some key safety tips.
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15 Mar 11 Siemens Home Appliances – This is the Life

Our view is that you shouldn’t have to compromise to get the best in life. We have developed the most innovative and energy efficient range of home appliances that all come with guaranteed Siemens performance and design excellence.
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