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17 Nov 11 Cad Tips – AutoCAD MEP -Custom Duct Fittings
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12 Nov 11 Cad Tips – AutoCAD MEP – Routing Pipe
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11 Nov 11 Google SketchUp Tips – Using Dynamic Components

In Google SketchUp, you can learn about the products within a 3D model via the Dynamic Component Options Dialog Box. First, you’ll need a SketchUp model with Dynamic Components such as this one, the Universal Access Kitchen, which can be downloaded from Kraftmaid’s Ideas and Inspiration Collection in the Google 3D Warehouse. You may also want to make sure that you’ve got the Dynamic Components Toolbar turned on. Dynamic Components are smart objects within your SketchUp project, that often include various interactive options. After highlighting a Dynamic Component with the Select tool, you can activate the Dynamic Component Options Dialogue Box from the Dynamic Components Toolbar. Within the dialogue, you’ll find detailed information about the product including Product SKUs dimensions, and hardware specs. You’ll also often find links in the description field which route you through to the manufacturer’s website where you can locate a dealer or download specification information. In addition to the dynamic cabinets found in this particular Kitchen design, all of the appliances, and faucets include dynamic attributes. The Dynamic Component Dialogue box also allows you to try out different product SKUs in your design. Once you’ve selected the product and activated the dialogue box, choose a new Model Number from the drop-down menu and click ‘Apply.’ The product will then re-size, enabling you to visualize different design options using real-world product configurations. Check

These commercials aired on August 9th, 1984 during the 1984 Olympics on local ABC affiliate KGO. Thanks to my Aunt & Uncle for recording these. 1. Kmart (We’ve got all of your yuppie clothes here!) 2. Fruitful Bran (Psychedelic, man) 3. New Freedom Thin Super Maxi (I think that’s Rene Russo at the end) 4. Endust 5. Promo for “Call To Glory” (The ads worked. I want to see this now) 6. Special K (Amazing jingle and incredible mustache) 7. AT&T (With Cliff Robertson) 8. Promo for “All My Children” and “One Life To Live” 9. Macy’s (With Joe Montana…I think) 10. Taco Bell 11. Saab 12. KGO Bumper 13. McDonald’s (Epic) 14. TV Spot for “Revenge Of The Nerds” (The summer of ’84 was like summer movie heaven. I wish I had been old enough to experience it) 15. Sears Kenmore Appliances (“I am the Mom”) 16. Arco 17. Lipton Sun Tea 18. Promo for “General Hospital” (“Welcome back to the real world, baby! What took you so long?”) 19. Macy’s (Talk about being a ham for the camera) 20. Safeway (For some reason, “food store” makes me LOL)

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07 Nov 11 Angie’s List Video Tips: Home Water Softeners – A water softener is a water treatment system that uses salt to remove minerals responsible for creating hard water. This water contains minerals that from deposits in your plumbing which can damage your pipes, reduce the life-span of water using appliances, clog your fixtures and also leave your dishes stained or spotty. Check with your local water company for a free analysis of your home’s water.
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06 Nov 11 Wireless N vs Wireless G (NCIX Tech Tips #18)

This round of tech tips, #18, Linus will show you the advantages of Wireless N vs. Wireless G routers. He will do a series of speed test and range test in this episode of tech tips. Enjoy! Check out these great selection of Wreless N routers from

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27 Oct 11 Scotch Home Organization and Decoration Tips

Looking for an easy way to organize your home? Scotch Reusable Strips and Tabs are pre-cut strips of clear, reusable and removable adhesive for lightweight mounting. They offer great possibilities to organizing and decorating your home. Hang photos, posters, artwork or other lightweight objects on walls, refrigerators, windows and most other flat surfaces. Use Scotch Reusable strips and tabs for home organization and decoration. Check out more here:
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16 Oct 11 My tips for shiny, fabulous, HEALTHY hair. (Part 1 of 2)

Damage that you’ve already done to your hair can’t be fixed, but it can be helped. My hair used to be a huge, frizzy mess, but since I began using the methods I talk about in this video I’ve seen a MASSIVE change. Part two (All-Natural Deep Treatments and Leave-ins) coming soon. Sites mentioned, seller NightBlooming – hair sticks http – “Bone” combs
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15 Oct 11 Moving Tips from Mayflower: Packing your Kitchen

Moving tips and packing tips – learn Mayflower’s proven techniques for packing your kitchen items. Learn how to pack dishes, pots, pans, cutlery, small appliances and much more.

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17 Sep 11 How To Tune A Snare Drum : Bottom Drum Head Replacement Tips

Attach the bottom head of a drum, making sure the washers are seated correctly; learn how with tips from our expert drummer and percussion instructor in this free drum tuning video music lesson. Expert: Alex Casmiro Contact: Bio: Alex Casmiro has been playing drums for many years. He has been an avid member of his school marching band and has been teaching percussion as well. Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso

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15 Sep 11 Laundry Tips : How to Wash a Wool Sweater

When washing a wool sweater, trace the outline on clean piece of paper, hand wash the garment in a basin of diluted wool detergent, roll it up in towels to remove excess water, and lay it flat to dry, making sure it matches the traced shape. Wash a wool sweater, avoiding shrinkage, with advice from an experienced mother in this free video on laundry. Expert: Erica Bio: Erica has been doing Laundry for more than 10 years. She has a family and does the laundry for all of them. Filmmaker: Michael Burton
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Hello all! This is a review on a product that I was asked to review and sent the product. This is my honest review and I do actually like the product lol! Here is the website if you are interested in getting one for yourself!

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