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23 Nov 11 Alice in Wonderland – Johnny Depp and Tim Burton continue to make movie magic together Johnny Depp went into great detail at the “Alice in Wonderland” junket on Saturday (Feb. 20) to explains his affinity for — and his development of — the madcap milliner, the Mad Hatter. Seems the hatter’s crazy behavior — and the phrase ‘mad as a hatter’ has a basis in fact. The mercury used in the trade of hat-making caused irreversible brain damage and it was common for hatters to develop mental, physical and emotional problems. ” The mercury solution was used — not in the glue — but in the process of turning fur into felt and was subsequently breathed in by the hatters, who would exhibit trembling, loss of coordination, slurred speech, loosening of teeth, memory loss, depression, anxiety, etc. Depp decided to explore the tragic nature of the Mad Hatter “This guy was damaged goods, physically and emotionally obtuse. He decided that as opposed to being a “hyperactive nutty guy,” we should explore “all sides of his personality at extreme levels, from levity to… dangerous rage.” And the mercury also explains why the Hatter was “investigating things beginning with the letter M.” “It was interesting trying to map it out,” Depp explains. Burton then jumps in, “Being a Disney movie, we decided not to focus too much on the mercury poisoning aspect.” Cue nervous laughter. There are still modern concerns about mercury poisoning coming from higher levels found in the fish we eat, as well as in paint, pesticides, mercury tooth fillings, cosmetics, floor
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16 Nov 11 How-To put round pipe together

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Video describes the benefits of residential geothermal heating and cooling.

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28 Jun 11 Chicco Together Twin Stroller – Kiddicare Watch this video featuring products available on Chicco Together Twin Stroller – Syria Description Chicco Together is the ideal stroller for twins or siblings who are similar in age. comes complete with an innovative anchor device for the Key Fit 0+ Car Seat (not included) providing maximum versatility for the front seat or rear seat, or even both of them together, ideal if they are twins. The seats are spacious and comfy, they both have a safety bumper bar and a foot rest for extra comfort. The pushchair includes 2 sunshade/hoods, a spacious shopping basket, dual matching leg cover and a full-cover rain hood. Rear seat approved for use by infants from birth, the front seat is approved for use by infants from 6 months onwards (this can also be used from birth when combined with the Key Fit child car seat not included). FEATURES: • Innovative anchor device to attach Key fit car seats (not included). • Spacious and comfy seats. • Foot rests for extra comfort. • Suitable for twins or siblings of similar age. • Spacious shopping basket. • Rain cover included. • Rear seat suitable from birth – 3 years. • Front seat suitable from 6 months – 3 years (birth when using car seat not included). • Open dimensions – 130 x 64 x 105 cm. • Folded dimensions – 47 x 64 x 90 cm. • Weight – 19.5 kg. Chicco Together Twin Stroller – Syria Specifications • Age Range: Birth – 3 Years • PACKAGE DEAL: NO • Car Seat Compatible: Yes • Colour 1: Red • Colour 2: Grey

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