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11 Sep 12 Garlic squeezer – mincing garlic tool by DreamFarm


How many times have you wanted a garlic squeezer that leaves no mess after mincing is done and is easy to clean? For those of us who chop garlic often, the sticky and smelly fingers are very annoying. And if your family doesn’t enjoy garlic as much as you do, mincing garlic can be very taxing. Garject garlic press from DreamFarm solves these problems quite handily.


Garject is the only garlic tool that presses unpeeled garlic and automatically scrapes itself clean. The squeezer then ejects the garlic peel into the garbage bin with the press of a button, dong all three steps in one fluid motion.


No more scrapping the pressed garlic off the bottom of the sieve. Garject has a built-in scraper that cleans the sieve as you open the handles – in spite of the sticky nature of pressed garlic.

The chop garlic tool features the uniquely shaped crushing chamber. It is twice as wide as it is long, so the garlic is placed closer to the fulcrum, awarding you with increased mechanical force. The extra width and height of the chamber allows it to fit multiple cloves at once. This garlic squeezer is powerful enough to crush unpeeled cloves, producing fine, consistent mincing results. DreamFarm.


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13 Nov 11 SKProTool Concrete Anchor Installation Tool

The first tool on the market designed to help professional plumbers, carpenters and HVAC contractors install anchors into concrete, masonry and brick. This revolutionary tool cuts the installation process by 300% and significantly reduces the risk of injury or damage to material.
Video Rating: 5 / 5 In this HD video you can see and hear the new Lennox SLP98V gas furnace go through its start up and operating sequence, including the transition from burning gas to using the heat pump. This unit is equipped with the new iComfort controls.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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10 Sep 11 Lowe’s Appliance Selector Tool

The Lowe’s Appliance Selector Tool helps you find the appliance that fits your lifestyle. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions. The Appliance Selector helps you find the features you want, based on the way you live. The results update automatically, so you can see how your selections ultimately help you choose the right appliance at the right price, right now. Go to to start simplifying your appliance shopping experience. To browse all of the appliances Lowe’s has to offer, visit

Unedited 10 minutes video on a tripod, except for my youtube channel name Tags: Sherbet Sorbet Ben & Jerry’s Baskin-Robbins Breyer’s Cold Stone Creamery Dairy Queen Häagen-Dazs Magnolia parlor Soft serve Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream frozen dessert Milk Cream, water ice, sugar Halo-halo pop Ais kacang Dondurma fudge bar Popsicle
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19 Aug 11 Tool Review: Dremel 300

pricing on Amazon ranges from 50-60 USD.

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07 Aug 11 SpeedClean CondenserNeedle (P# CN-03) Condenser Coil Cleaning Tool

HVAC AC Condenser coil cleaning tool that attaches to a garden hose. Built for HVAC contractors that regularly clean condenser coils. Use with standard water hose and Non alkaline coil cleaner for best results.
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Video I took about 3 months after an evaporator coil swap (due to leaks in original coil). System is less than 2 yrs old, but started making a hissing noise in the high pressure LL after the new coil was installed. Superheat & subcooling are on target. Contractor says everything is fine, what do you think? Links to discussions about this issue: My post: Other posts:

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30 Jul 11 Machine Tool Technology Spotlight

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28 Jul 11 Making And Using A Bowl Hook Tool

I start with a suspension coil from a car and through a process of heating, bending and hammering, I end up with a rod that I am able to fashion into a very practical tool for turning bowls, plates and the like. It is a long process so therefor is an edited version – still, I hope it inspires someone to have a go!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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01 Jun 11 Flexible Crevice Tool for all Vacuums

Flex this tool in any direction as you insert it into tight cleaning places (does not retain flex shape). Perfect for routine clea Flex this tool in any direction as you insert it into tight cleaning places (does not retain flex shape). Perfect for routine cleaning and maintaining of appliances – which will save you money in improved efficiency. The Flexible Crevice Tool is 21″ long and will fit your vacuum hose end. The detailing brush is detachable. A great tool for cleaning Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, Dryer Vents, Stoves, Ovens, Air ducts & vents, Washers, Radiators, Condenser coils, and Auto Detailing.

Exquisite Anchor custom home with original design! Lots of French doors add charm and California feel. The touch of one button brings music throughout the entire home! Kitchen appointed by granite counters, Wood Mode cabinets, double Thermador Ovens, warming drawer, 6 burners with griddle, Cold water stock pot faucet, 2 dishwashers, Subzero side-by-side Refrigerators and 4 Subzero Freezer Drawers, Miele Coffee maker with own mug warming drawer! 2 Kitchen sinks both with own disposal. Bar has sink, wine cooler, ice maker and 2 pull-out refrigerator drawers. 3 Fireplaces. Paver lanai has flagstone fireplace and cedar wood ceilings; the ultimate in rich design. Summer kitchen with DCS Grill and griddle w/hood, Subzero mini frig., sink and own dryer to keep towels warm and dry! Pebble-tec salt pool with sunshelf and raised 8 person spa & outdoor shower. Master with bidet, centered tub & rain shower. Bonus has built-in seat with storage, built-in desk, wet bar with microwave, copper sink and mini Sub-zero. Whole house water filtration system …drink straight from the tap! 71/4″ baseboards, Waterworks Fixtures, Central Vac, 3 Air handlers, 4 car garage; 1 enters straight to master wing. Exterior up-lighting to complete its curb appeal. Owner would consider selling furnished.

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26 May 11 TREX 500, swash leveling tool

I’ve invented this tool to check the level on the swash plate while it moves, it’s basically 3 level bubbles i took from a leveling tool, and 2 washers, (the second washer has bigger internal diameter, and less external diameter, and it’s glued on the bottom of the big washer)

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25 May 11 A Powerful Tool for the HVAC Design Industry

HVAC Solution – powerful software to streamline your mechanical systems design.

An interview with an ART customer on how the ART CNC Plasma Cutter has made an impact on their productivity. Video shows a part being made from start to fnish while the manager discusses his views. See for more info.

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