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04 Sep 14 Braun food processor from Tribute Collection


The new Braun food processor, the KM 3050 is a versatile 3-in-1 food processor, mixer and jug blender. With this Tribute Collection kitchen machine, you have all 3 systems in 1 compact appliance.

Whenever you need something stirred, mashed, mixed or grated, the Braun machine takes the center spot on your kitchen countertop. It can easily handle up to 4 kg of dough.

The food processor is equipped with 900 watt motor, powerful yet extremely quiet. The variable speed with auto pulse function offers excellent performance. Choose from 15 speeds and several durable stainless steel discs for grating, slicing and shredding.

The machine also comes with a unique wide mouthed feeding funnel for easy and convenient filling of all fresh ingredients through the top.

The Braun Food Processor, the KM 3050 offers clear design language with its simple geometric shapes, and white and stainless colour combination with shades of green. Price is € 340. Braun.


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15 Nov 11 Ronaldo Tribute

A tribute to the greatest to ever play the game. Can he make one more comeback?

Video I made of the lyrics to Foundations. Music is by Kate Nash and I am not claiming it as my own and is in no way an attempt at copyright infringement.

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Makeup application of a recreated Lon Chaney Quasimodo by Chris Gallaher and Jeff Colbert, applying actor Perry Shields on October 16, 2004 at Universal Citywalk for the Lon Chaney Tribute.

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28 Jun 11 Castle and Beckett – There Comes A Time (Setup and Countown Tribute)

This is my video tribute to the extraordinary two-parter this season, “Setup” and “Countdown”. To me, these two episodes combined as a prime example of what television should be; powerful, moving, intense, dramatic, and full of memorable moments that will forever change the story as we know it. For those who loved this episode for all of the beauty and brilliance, this video is our way of celebrating that together. For those who felt otherwise about this episode, here’s your chance to see it through someone else’s eyes. Either way, I hope you all enjoy this tribute. As always, my sincerest thanks and appreciation go out to the entire “Castle” team for giving us a story like this, one that proves that television doesn’t have to be just entertainment, that it can inspire and connect with the audience on a much deeper level. Q

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18 Jun 11 Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service – Tribute

This is a video of a three pump re-tained fire station in the heart off Suffolk, England, UK These appliances are no longer at the station and are replaced by 58 plate PRT “Pump Rescue Tender” and a 51 plate Water/Ladder Tender And also have a Wre (Water Bowser) Sudbury Fire station does roughly 300-400 fire call’s a year!!!! Out of the 28 retained fire stations sudbury is in the top five busiest! This is a tribute video to SFRS and Yourselves as firefighter’s.. A firefighter risking there everyday life in what they do they we depend on when we need there help Gary

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