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19 Oct 11 Pressure Washing Paving Algae Jet Wash Turbo Nozzle

Cleaning paving to remove slippy algae using a turbo nozzle lance from a Honda Diesel Pressure Washer with a Cat Pump 45, 17 litres per minute. Turbo nozzle is a Suttner 90 Degrees.
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12 Oct 11 Turbo 200 Capacitor Part 1

NLB Heating & Cooling Is A BBB Accredited Business How to replace a “Dual Capacitor” with a Turbo 200 Universal Capacitor. GO HERE: Number One HVAC Contractor in the Aurora, Joilet, Naperville, Plainfield & Shorewood area of Illinois. Independent Trane equipment Dealer, EPA Certified, Fully Licensed & Insured, Over 24-years experience in Commercial & Residential air conditioning, forced-air furnaces, hot-water boilers, electric heat, water heaters, plumbing, piping, electrical. We also have a Licensed Plumber & Licensed Electrician available to meet all of your heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical needs. 24-HOUR SERVICE 7-DAYS A WEEK.
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06 Oct 11 Nowy Oryginalny Turbo Oven.

Nowy Turbo Oven. Uwaga na tanie podróbki, które pojawiły się na rynku i również są reklamowane. Poniższy film przedstawia oryginalny Turbo Oven.

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12 Sep 11 1967 Nova twin turbo ls1

Last year car went 10.01 at 143 .Built 408 twin 64 mm dryers with a 6 speed. Just added a fab 9225cc heads,kryo tread viper spec 6 speed, twin disc copper faced clutch,qa1 adj shocks, all new rear suspension. hope to run a 9.8 with a 6 speed this year.

I have to give credit to for opening my eyes to Heat = Damage. Here’s the link to their Heat Archive And here are others views on Straightening? 1. How does Heat Damage Hair? Info and Pictures: (click on both links below) Info & Prevention: Info & Prevention: Using heat is a personal choice, In this vlog I’m talking about my decision to go natural, and why I chose not to use heat. This topic was included in this vlog so everyone is aware of what heat CAN do to your hair especially direct heat ie blow dryers, curling irons and such. The best way to straighten hair at home is to allow it to air dry and then straighten using a styling iron. Air drying ensures that your locks are not over dried, and they retain the natural oils that are needed for a healthy mane. Heat protection is important when you straighten your hair. These are usually serums that give your hair an extra defense against heat styling. To do minimal damage to your hair, educate yourself on the appropriate flat iron heat settings for your hair type. Is Protein Good For your Hair? What do we mean when we say I’m “Natural”? Everyone has their own definition, but I like the way Titi of Miss Jessie’s Put it “natural hair has become synonomous with a look. And we find ourselves calling hair natural based on the look of it.” Kinky Coily Curly Wooly aka Nappy, nuff said
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20 Jul 11 Roast Chicken Using Mercola Turbo Oven founder, Dr. Joseph Mercola shares a video of Luci Lock who demonstrates one of the many possible ways to use the new Mercola Turbo Oven.
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25 Jun 11 4g63 Turbo Manifold Swap #1

This is one of the problems I found after the Thursday night test & tune. Over the next 2 days, I kept watching my airflow counts dropping gradually in my logs and knew what was going down. Then I decided to drive it to work and it sounded like somebody was running next to me with a lawnmower… further confirming that I knew what was going on. Yep. Pre-turbo exhaust leak. It still had balls when I mashed the gas, but I could tell it wasn’t right. I was surprised because when I found the crack, I realized I shouldn’t have even been able to spool the turbo. This manifold flows better than the stock piece, sure… but unless you get one made of inconel, it’s a raging pile of crap. Get rid of it. 304 stainless doesn’t cut it. I even had the lower turbo/exhaust brace in place, so it wasn’t getting wrenched on accelerating and decelerating. This thing just wore out & broke off from heat and pressure, and it did it in less than 2000 miles. Yes, it’s the one in the polishing video. Other things that are a good idea to do… 1) always use factory turbo bolts and washers. You’re supposed to replace them with NEW bolts and washers. Use FACTORY TORQUE SPECS! 21-23lbs + 60-70° 2) Stainless Steel 3mm turbo gaskets are re-usable. Worth the investment. 3) Use Stainless Steel ARP head studs. They don’t break off like OEM ones do. This job sucks when you snap off factory studs. Use FACTORY TORQUE SPECS! 19-21 lbs (even on ARP hardware) for the M8 nuts. 21-23 lbs on the outer two M10 nuts
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21 Jun 11 Luci Lock’s Grass Fed Steak Recipe Using Mercola Turbo Oven Internationally renowned natural health physician Dr. Joseph Mercola shares a video of Luci Lock who demonstrates a simple and quick family recipe with grass-fed steak using Mercola’s fabulous Turbo Oven.

iChef+ Global revolution through unique touch control Plus for more pleasure with professional effects — by logical touch control through colour icons! Gorenje+ offers the first ovens with unique electronic programming module and a large colour display that allows selecting the functions simply by sliding your finger across the screen. The complex innovation translates into simplicity of use and highly appealing form. Controlling your oven becomes pure pleasure ringing a familiar bell of the best experiences offered by consumer electronics products. This is a revolution that employs the most powerful computer control to date to allow excellent results for beginners and professionals alike. Simple, logical, innovative. Plus for cooking and gourmet pleasures! More:
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16 May 11 Installing a T-28 turbo on a 98 Eclipse GSX

This is an easy install. Everything is in the same location as on the factory turbo, and bolts right on. Those of you who have never installed or haven’t upgraded a turbo yet might find this video more useful than those who have. Torque specs from the factory service manual are listed for what’s most important. It’s imperative that new turbo bolts are used with new FACTORY turbo washers. They’re a specially designed spring washer, and are single-use. Use of other kinds of washers may cause bolts to break or vibrate loose. This turbo was on the car prior to this installation, but it received a port job to match the burly EVO III manifold. We installed a head-feed turbo oil feed line rather than use the factory hard lines connected to the oil filter housing. Some argue that the oil pressure from the filter housing can be harmful to the life of the turbo, but IMO, that only applies to turbos with full circumference bearing center sections. Either way, the Stainless Steel line is cool. I’ll post the part number for the plug needed to block off the old line location.

Spin Cycle
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14 Apr 11 HVAC Amrad’s Amazing Turbo 200

I talk about the Amrad’s Amazing Turbo 200 run capacitors.

I show how the coil voltage on a relay is a very important thing.

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27 Mar 11 Secura Countertop Convection Turbo Oven- Halogen, Infrared, Convection Cooking

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