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19 Nov 11 Springhill Suites-Statesboro University Area

Visiting Georgia Southern University? Springhill Suites, a Marriott facility in Statesboro, offers comfortable and affordable luxury in the form of spacious, modern suites with high speed Internet, in-room refrigerators and coffee makers plus swimming pool, fitness center, business library and more. Whether you’re in town for official business or an Eagles game, Springhill Suites has the comfort and the customer service you want. Visit us

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01 Oct 11 University of Waterloo – 4th Year Mechatronics Engineering Project – TOWEL REVOLUTION

This is a video I put together for my 4th year Mechatronics Engineering Design Project. In a nutshell, our project is aimed at completely automating the towel folding process which is currently employed in Hotels, Gyms, Military, Cruise Lines etc. There are existing towel folding machines, but they still must be hand fed by a human operator. In the current laundry management system, there are fully automated clothing washers and dryers, so why is there still a bottleneck at the folding stage? The TOWEL REVOLUTION is a concept prototype that is meant to integrate into existing towel folding machines. It’s not meant to be a marketable idea, there are still a lot of flaws but it’s a prototype that demonstrates the potential in having a completely automated towel folding solution. The 3rd Annual Mechatronics Design Symposium is on Monday, March 22, 2010 on the University of Waterloo Campus in the Student Life Centre. Come out to see our project demo live as well as many other innovative inventions created by other 4th year engineering students! #37 – Most Discussed (Today)) – Science & Technology – Canada #34 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Science & Technology – Canada #37 – Top Favorited (Today)) – Science & Technology – Canada #88 – Top Rated (Today)) – Science & Technology – Canada Video Produced by: Johnny Loh
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The flatwork finishing department receives the linen from the washroom department in batches of different sizes and textiles classifications. As this section is the most labour intensive of the whole laundry process, especially in regard to the textile handling between the dryers and the ironers as well as the towel folders, it is important to ensure a constant flow of textiles, including buffers, with a strong focus on operator efficiency. The JENSEN-GROUP offers the broadest line of flatwork finishing equipment for the preparation, feeding, ironing, folding and stacking of flatwork, and the sorting and folding of towels.

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19 Jun 11 A closer look at the Sogang University Dormitories

***UPDATE*** As of Spring Semester 2009, all foreign exchange students will be placed in the newly constructed dormitory, not the Bellarmino Dormitory, which is shown in this video. Before I came to Sogang, I couldn’t find any decent pictures of the dormitories. Now that I’m here, I can tell you that they are very very small. There is virtually no storage space for your clothing, you are not supposed to flush toilet paper (you are supposed to instead put the used toilet paper in a trash can next to the toilet) and men can not go onto the womens floor – not even in the break area. **Not shown is the break area, which has a couch or two, a table, microwave, sink, TV and ironing board. On the plus side, the dorms are relatively inexpensive (about 00 USD per semester) it’s close to campus, and each floor has a washer and a dryer – dryers are not common in Korea.

Tyler, Texas is a city of about 100000 people in East Texas. This store opened just before Thanksgiving 2009. It is a Huebsch store with the new Galaxy 600 high speed extract washers. It has the top end Card Concepts mag-stripe card system. There is 1-Huebsch 80-pound washer, 4Huebsch 60 pound washers, 7-Huebsch 40 pound washers, 7-Huebsch 30 pound washers & 16 Huebsch Horizon 20 pound front load washers. There are 8-45 pound Huebsch stack dryers with 8-30 pound Huebsch stack dryers.
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