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This is a original 1971 Buick GSX 455 car. Yes this is a original, NOT A CLONE, 1 of only 124 ever made in 71 that includes 350, 455 and 455 stage 1 cars all together. This car is registered in the GSX registry. This car was not known to exist until it was discovered a little while ago. There are 3 known so far out of all 1971 GXS’s to have a paint code of 62 which is Bittersweet Mist. The others Bittersweet Mist GSX’s are restored one is only a 350 engine and 350 auto tranny car. The other is a stage 1 455 car. So this is the only 455 engine 1971 GSX made in the color Bittersweet Mist to date. I have talked to the original owner and have a document that has been signed by him and notorized stating that this is a true 1971 GSX, which he bought on march 12, 1971. I have the original protecto plate This car is a 4owner car, and can be traced to every owner and all the owners are still alive. This was bought brand new at Key Buick & Opel in Jacksonville, Florida on 3/12/71. It stayed in Florida until mid 1979, then it went to the last of the 3 owners in Alabama where it stayed until about a month ago 2/1/08. Now it resides with me here in Pa. This was always a southern car and is about 98% rust free. It has just a little around the back rear window and a pin hole in the rear seat pan and where the battery box is, that was because of a leaky battery but thats it. I have alot of picture of the doors, trunk, floors, fenders, rad support, frame, etc and all of that is 100% solid
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30 Sep 11 Smart Trades Update 8.22.11 Long Term Dow, Apple, S&P

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27 Aug 11 World Tech Update

Steve Jobs returns and unveils new iPods, Samsung shows off technology that tracks ad views, gestures operates games and appliances, Sony demos its TransferJet, Miss IFA talks tech and more.
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21 Aug 11 X-15 Record Breaker Update

Three X-15s made 199 flights during a research program which lasted from 1960 through 1968. It was a daring, yet highly successful program that resulted in hundreds of technical reports. It made contributions to the NASA space program of the 1960s and also on the design and flight of the Space Shuttle many years later. An unofficial motto of flight research of the 1940s and 1950s was “higher and faster.” By the late 1950s the last frontier of that goal was hypersonic flight (Mach 5+) to the edge of space. It would require a huge leap in aeronautical technology, life support systems and flight planning. The North American X-15 rocket plane was built to meet that challenge. It was designed to fly at speeds up to Mach 6, and altitudes up to 250000 ft. The aircraft went on to reach a maximum speed of Mach 6.7 and a maximum altitude of 354200 ft. Looking at it another way, Mach 6 is about one mile per second, and flight above 264000 ft. qualifies an Air Force pilot for astronaut wings. The plane was air launched by NASA’s converted B-52 at 45000 feet and a speed of 500 mph. Generally there were two types of flight profiles: high-speed, or high-altitude. High-speed flights were usually done below an altitude of 100000 feet and flown as a conventional airplane using aerodynamic controls. High-altitude flights began with a steep, full-power climb to leave the atmosphere, followed by up to two minutes of “coasting up” to the peak altitude after the engine was shut down

First single from her new album due in February 2011, freely available from her website
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17 Jul 11 Hvac update

Checking in
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23 Jun 11 Bamboo Shower Update- 50 Gal Solar Hot Water Tank (Part 1)

After thinking the bamboo shower project was completed for the summer, I ended up figuring out a way to make a solar hot water tank for our outdoor bamboo shower. These three videos demonstrate the innovations and adjustments that we had to make to bring hot water to our shower.
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29 Apr 11 Update to my Blade mcpx rotor grip bearing fix…

Please read…I had a comment on my first video, with concerns that I was weakening the tiny screw’s ability to hold into the feathering spindle. Not so, because In this procedure, and the first one, I have not had any of my new washer material under and between the head of the tiny screw and the spindle itself (not sandwiched), but instead engaged only by the outer head of the screw. The head of the screw AND the end of the spindle are both larger diameter than the spindle itself, so I am using that to hold the washers on, and the washers to hold a bearing if it should break. (the OD of the washer is as big as the OD of the outer bearing race). After all, when the bearing breaks all that is left holding on is the inner race, and it is held into place by the same outer screw head that I am using to hold these washers on! This brings me to my new concern, will the head of the screw pull through the soft brass of the new added washer? Probably. I thought it might, that’s why I am adding the additional tempered spring steel washer as well to help avoid feathering shaft screw “pull through.” With adding yet more washers, you have to gain back the space taken up. I am not “making up” the space by screwing the screw in less, I make up the space by filing (ever so slightly) material off the center rotor hub around where the rubber o rings install, bringing everything closer to center. Actually, that is reducing overall rotating mass! (not enough to make a difference though
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26 Apr 11 Las Conchas Stove Project Update 2

The Las Conchas Stove Project is an effort to bring clean-burning, efficient wood ONIL stoves to the communities in Las Conchas. This project is a collaborative effort between Familia Marianista en Guatemala, and HELPS international. This project could not be possible without our generous donors, thank you!
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The UniCan capillary action alcohol stove is a completely new design for ultralight alcohol stoves using Capillary Action instead of burner holes. Also, the alcohol stove body, pot support, and wind screen are all cut from a single can! I call it The UniCan alcohol stove. My very first video! Please see our video “The Truth About Pots”
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19 Apr 11 HVAC: Mighty Pump update and some other stuff

I give an update about the Mighty Pump. I talk about how to tell if your split system is mismatched. I talk about an electronic leak detector that costs under 0.
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16 Apr 11 X077 (Mega Update Today 7/7) – Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow – Part 18

We close today’s mega update by obtaining a very awesome soul, experimenting with the damages and ranges of various weapons, and talking to Mina about more useless, but fun stuff.
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“What separates the Ultra X3 1000W Modular Power Supply from the many other’s that are on the market is it’s completely modular. Some power supplies within the 1000W range claim to be modular, but the main motherboard leads are still hard wired into the power supply. This power supply comes with a very quiet 135mm fan which provides fantastic cooling and means this it can be used in almost any environment. I also like the fact that the Ultra X3 line of power supplies ranges from 600 watts to 1600 watts. So the user can pick a model for their power requirements. Watch the video to find out more and check out the bloopers at the end.”

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