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23 Nov 11 using hydrogen to heat water

night vid on hydrogen gas burning to heat my hotub
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11 Nov 11 Google SketchUp Tips – Using Dynamic Components

In Google SketchUp, you can learn about the products within a 3D model via the Dynamic Component Options Dialog Box. First, you’ll need a SketchUp model with Dynamic Components such as this one, the Universal Access Kitchen, which can be downloaded from Kraftmaid’s Ideas and Inspiration Collection in the Google 3D Warehouse. You may also want to make sure that you’ve got the Dynamic Components Toolbar turned on. Dynamic Components are smart objects within your SketchUp project, that often include various interactive options. After highlighting a Dynamic Component with the Select tool, you can activate the Dynamic Component Options Dialogue Box from the Dynamic Components Toolbar. Within the dialogue, you’ll find detailed information about the product including Product SKUs dimensions, and hardware specs. You’ll also often find links in the description field which route you through to the manufacturer’s website where you can locate a dealer or download specification information. In addition to the dynamic cabinets found in this particular Kitchen design, all of the appliances, and faucets include dynamic attributes. The Dynamic Component Dialogue box also allows you to try out different product SKUs in your design. Once you’ve selected the product and activated the dialogue box, choose a new Model Number from the drop-down menu and click ‘Apply.’ The product will then re-size, enabling you to visualize different design options using real-world product configurations. Check

These commercials aired on August 9th, 1984 during the 1984 Olympics on local ABC affiliate KGO. Thanks to my Aunt & Uncle for recording these. 1. Kmart (We’ve got all of your yuppie clothes here!) 2. Fruitful Bran (Psychedelic, man) 3. New Freedom Thin Super Maxi (I think that’s Rene Russo at the end) 4. Endust 5. Promo for “Call To Glory” (The ads worked. I want to see this now) 6. Special K (Amazing jingle and incredible mustache) 7. AT&T (With Cliff Robertson) 8. Promo for “All My Children” and “One Life To Live” 9. Macy’s (With Joe Montana…I think) 10. Taco Bell 11. Saab 12. KGO Bumper 13. McDonald’s (Epic) 14. TV Spot for “Revenge Of The Nerds” (The summer of ’84 was like summer movie heaven. I wish I had been old enough to experience it) 15. Sears Kenmore Appliances (“I am the Mom”) 16. Arco 17. Lipton Sun Tea 18. Promo for “General Hospital” (“Welcome back to the real world, baby! What took you so long?”) 19. Macy’s (Talk about being a ham for the camera) 20. Safeway (For some reason, “food store” makes me LOL)

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02 Nov 11 pool heater using a grill

pool heater, and this is my idea

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24 Oct 11 My ultralight Heineken cook kit using Ziploc containers

Here is my homemade cook kit, designed after a Gram Weenie kit. Tinny still sells a kit but it is a shorter one. The taller kits aren’t sold anymore. I like the taller kit since it gives me plenty of room to carry extra fuel inside my cook pot.

Here Obadiah’s shows you some tricks on moving heavy cook stoves like an ESSE Ironheart. We’ll show you how we do it using a floor jack and an Escalera. Part 3
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22 Oct 11 Using the Bangkok BTS (Sky Train)

The BTS (Sky Train) in Bangkok is excellent for getting above the traffic and reaching your destination in comfort — irrespective of the traffic jams below. I hope this will help those going to Bangkok for the first time to feel more comfortable about using the BTS — it really is very user friendly. There are route maps inside each carriage and an electronic voice announces the next station shortly after leaving the last station and again before arriving at the next. For 2 people a taxi can still be cheaper — depending on traffic conditions, time of the day etc. The BTS is clean safe, reliable and has great air conditioning.
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A/C pressure switches are pretty straight forward. They are both, electrical switches and pressure transducers. Their purpose as electrical switches are to interrupt the circuit. There are many, many different arrangements that these switches can be configured in an electrical system. So, always be sure to review the diagram for the system you are working on.
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10 Oct 11 Hobo Stove -using an IKEA item and making a simple wood stove

After viewing another youtube video, I realized that I had the same canister from IKEA and wanted to try it out with a branch that broke off a tree on the property after a rain storm. I used my Leatherman Juice c4 to cut up the pieces of wood and made a fire.

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24 Sep 11 Highlight Your Own Hair Yourself At Home Color Using Foils – Part 2 Segment B

Hi, welcome to Part II Section B of my series on how to highlight your hair yourself at home. I had to break Part II into two sections because my video was too long. In Part II I will show you how to apply the highlighting mixture to your hair using foils. No more hot dryers at the salon or unhappy outcomes. You lighten your hair yourself without heat and save your long beautiful hair from damage and dryness. You can add a little brightening to your look whenever you want. Perfect for preserving that summer blonde streaked look. I’ll show you step by step what to buy, how to mix your product, and how to apply it to your hair. I have been doing this myself for many years and have gotten many compliments. You will save so much money by doing it yourself that it is worth the time spent learning how to do it. Be patient because like all new things you attempt, it may take you a little longer than it takes me. Don’t forget to tune in to my Part III video where I show you how to remove your foils and check if they are done. I hope you will enjoy learning my hair tip. It’s a lot of fun to do your hair yourself. Good luck and please comment and subscribe. I love to hear from my viewers. Be sure to watch the final video, Part III. To purchase a YouTips4U Custom Designed T-Shirt, please click here: For more helpful tips, or if you have any questions, please visit

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20 Sep 11 How to enable Port forwarding with CISCO ASA 5505 using asdm 6.0 – ASA 8.0

This video shows you how to enable port forwarding with cisco asa 5505 using asdm 6.0 – asa 8.0 The Goal is to be able to access my cisco 2509 access server located inside inside my network. The access server ( support only telnet.
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17 Sep 11 Brazing with Nitrogen using a Nitrogen Flow Meter

Brazing with Nitrogen to obtain Contaminate Free Refrigeration Lines !!! Also honing in Nitrogen Flow Gauge , to Conserve the Flow of Nitrogen !!!
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07 Sep 11 Swiss Ranger Volcano Stove using Sterno

In this video I’m running the same test with my Swiss Ranger Volcano Stove except that I’ll be using Sterno instead of the fuel can in the Swiss M1 stove (the Notkocher M71). The video using the Notkocher M1 “Swiss Ranger Volcano Stove using the Swiss M1” is found at the following address: I got the Swiss Ranger Volcano Stove from Cheaper Than Dirt You can find it at: Lab0120 Title Swiss Ranger Volcano Stove using SternoRoom temp: 56° Humidity: 56% Weather condition: Sunny Burner: Sterno – 2.6 oz can (small) Stove/Pot stand:Swiss Ranger Volcano Stove Pot: Cup from Swiss Ranger Volcano Stove Fuel: gelled alcohol Amount of fuel: NA Amount of water: 2 cup(s) Water temp at start: 61° Time to boil : 16 minutes 37 seconds Time to run-out: NA Water temp at run-out: NA NA = Not Applicable / Not Available
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This was the first time I fired up my Primus 5 paraffin stove after restoring it. I’m not sure exactly how old it is but I’m guessing it’s a 1960s model. The smoke it gave off when it first got hot was from the fresh heat-resistant paint on the cooking ring.

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