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20 Nov 11 A Show Exclusive with Mike Vasilantone from Vastex

Vastex International introducing the “New” Econo Red 154 and “New” V2000 one color Press.

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17 Sep 11 No press numbers like a Vastex

Watch Mark, the designer of Vastex’s easy and reliable numbering system, number an impressive four shirts in 3 1/2 minutes. Whether in tabletop or rotary models, Vastex’s V-2000 screen printing press with numbering attachment is one of the most flexible in the industry. Why pay thousands for a numbering press that can only print numbers when your V-2000 will handle all your other manual printing needs as well? Oh–and did we mention the 25 YEAR WARRANTY? — For more information on the V-2000 and other top-quality Vastex products like dryers, flash cures, and exposure systems, check out our website.
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18 May 11 Discharge printing on a Vastex infrared dryer

In this video we demonstrate the ability to print and FULLY CURE discharge ink in an Econored-II-30. Discharge ink, vastex, screen printing equipment, silk screening, equipment, union ink, plastisol
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Hand dryers? Who cares about hand dryers?
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