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12 May 14 Airone Mozart raised vent


This modern raised vent comes with remote control and a choice of motors, that offer airflows up to 1,800 m³/h. Airone Mozart features beautifully finished stainless steel frame with clear glass that makes your kitchen light and airy, and bright yet efficient LED lighting.


The Mozart raised vent has dishwasher safe aluminum grease filters and comes standard with 820 m³/h motor. The price is around € 2,200. Airone.

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19 Apr 14 Gutmann Abajo raised vent


The Abajo downdraft system is as close to invisible as a raised recirculation vent can get. This Gutmann raised vent seamlessly integrates into the kitchen countertop. The modular Abajo ventilation ensures user friendly, ergonomic handling and effective extraction performance, with a high fat and condensation separation. The lid of this raised vent can be opened and closed at the touch of a button, providing access to the easily removable, dishwasher-safe filter. Combined with the various hobs and stovetop models, the impressive range of design options further distinguishes the Abajo system.


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15 Jul 13 Silverline Apollo Premium tabletop vent hood


The new Silverline Apollo Premium is an advanced tabletop vent that is specifically designed for open plan kitchens with unobstructed lines and views, where a conventional extractor hood is not the best option. This vent hood retracts completely into the tabletop at the push of a button. You can only see the stainless steel frame with a facet finish and a black, tempered glass plate, that fits harmoniously with black ceramic stove tops.


The quiet 90cm wide Silverline Apollo Premium features a friendly 4-level LED control panel, integrated into the black glass surface. It remains visible for 15 minutes after the tabletop vent hood has been used. You can also operate the vent hood via remote control. 3 efficient LED lights illuminate the cooking surface. Top extraction rate is 1,200 cubic meters per hour. Price is approximately € 1,500.


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09 Mar 13 Siemens designer wall vent hood


The gleaming angled black glass canopy seamlessly incorporates touch controls and familiar Siemens white and blue LED lighting. The new eye catching 90cm designer wall vent hood delivers outstanding performance, thanks to the Siemens advanced technology hidden inside. The 3-speed + Intensive brushless iQ drive motor has 500 m³/h extraction rate, that can be boosted to 750 m³/h with Intensive mode whenever necessary.


The LC98KA570 designer wall vent hood features innovative edge extraction. It can also work in recirculating mode with Siemens CleanAir technology. Dishwasher safe metal grease filter, electronic controls with filter saturation indicator, dimmer. Siemens.


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27 Feb 13 Frecan Paradigma System – innovative modular ceiling vent hoods


The new Paradigma System by Frecan is the industry first modular suction system, developed to simply go unnoticed and stay that way in the kitchen ceiling – thanks to its compactness and ceiling light like aesthetics. The 4-speed perimeter aspiration System allows you to design a beautiful ceiling decor, creating a very functional yet completely unobtrusive light / suction layout.


You can install up to 4 modular ceiling vent hoods with 600 m³/h suction rate each, giving you an incredible 2,400 m³/h in total extraction power. Similar to Frecan Coanda range hood, the new Paradigma System utilizes the Venturi effect and allows each module to generate air currents which help to attract the smoke to each of the aspiration spots.


Each Frecan Paradigma System module comes with remote control, 4 low energy, bright 9 watt lights, deferred stop and washable stainless steel filter for easy maintenance. Frecan. Previously, Frecan Satelite wall hood.



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05 Sep 12 Siemens extractor hood – wall mounted vent


The stainless steel, 90cm wide Siemens extractor hood, the C98KB540 mounts on the wall, giving you all head clearance you ever need during cooking. The three-segment face plate with high-performance stainless steel filters, digital display and easy-to-use electronic controls project sophistication and functionality.


Siemens equips this extractor hood with 3 bright 60-watt halogen and 3-speed blower with intensive setting, capable of reaching 520 m³/h extraction rate. For recirculating installation only. Price is around € 900. Siemens. Previously,
wall exhaust vent hood by Neff.


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02 Mar 12 KitchenAid downdraft vent hood


This new KitchenAid downdraft vent hood is ideal for those homeowners who want to create the maximum amount of space in the kitchen. The discreet downdraft range hood doesn’t sit above the cooktop, instead the KitchenAid retractable KCDD 9010 is installed below it. Suitable for any kind of hob, it slides up into position only when needed, resting invisibly below the work surface at other times. This downdraft vent hood creates a new sense of space in the kitchen, giving aspiring chefs the freedom to achieve the state-of-the-art interior they desire.

The KitchenAid KCDD 9010 has a powerful airflow of 900 m³/h and can be ducted or recirculated. Its perimeter extraction technology is highly effective as it extracts cooking vapours and fumes along the outer edges of the hood. The vapour stream breaks on the downdraft hood central panel, creating a low pressure area along the perimeter. This attracts a smaller vapour stream to the extraction zone, ensuring outstanding results with 10% better grease filtering and noise reduction.

Tough and stylish, the KitchenAid vent hood has a black glass top with a stainless steel perimeter aspiration panel. Other features and benefits of the KitchenAid KCDD 9010 90cm wide raised range hood are,
– automatic up and down motion with 30cm elevation
– noise level of 58 dB(A)
– 4-speed fan with Intensive setting and delayed stop
– touch electronic control with blue LEDs
– neon lighting
– solid and durable structure in easy-to-clean stainless steel
– everlasting and washable metal filters
– anti-pinch safety system


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17 Nov 11 Fresh Air Supply Vent

Tim Carter, of, demonstrates how to get fresh air into your home. Furnaces, gas water heaters, exhaust fans, etc. push air from houses, and it must be replaced.
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28 Sep 11 HOW TO: Clean an RV Vent Fan

We demonstrate how to remove, clean and reinstall a Fantastic vent fan in your RV. The fans are used so often and move so much air, that they get really dirty. Once a year or so, we like to remove and super-clean ours. We’ll show you how to make your Fantastic fans look like new. Having an exhaust fan in your motorhome, travel trailer or fifth wheel is terrific for saving on air conditioning use in the summer, and for removing moisture from the camper in colder weather. Removing and replacing the fans to give them a really good cleaning requires no special tools or knowledge, and can easily be completed in a half hour or less. Be sure to confirm that all methods and materials used are compatible with your particular RV. RV Geeks offers basic DIY (do it yourself) RV service, repair and maintenance tips from full-time RVers who have been handling most of their own maintenance since hitting the road in 2003.
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06 Jun 11 Tankless Direct Vent plumbing conversion errors (when removing a tank-type heater)

Jim from EZtankless explain in detail the common errors and misconceptions that people (homeowners and plumbers alike) have when they disconnect the old tank-type water heater to replace it with a gas fired tankless water heater. Music: Title: Feeling good – Kevin MacLeod – Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0” )

Explaining a water heater dip tube.
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