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12 Mar 13 Recessed table ventilation by Siemens


The flat, 90cm wide recessed table ventilation hood from Siemens, the ever elegant stainless and black glass combination moves out of the countertop when you are cooking, then smoothly retracts and disappears flush with your countertop. The design awards you with a completely unobstructed view of your modern kitchen. And the Siemens LD97AA670 delivers an extraction rate of up to 750 m³/h with superb efficiency, ensuring you always have fresh, clean air.


The downdraft vent hood is suitable for ducted or recirculating air operation. The latter requires a charcoal filter, of course. Between the fully raised and recessed levels, this table ventilation has almost 41cm elevation. It is equipped with the 3-speed + 2 Intensive levels high performance blower, electronic touch control with filter change indicator, dishwasher-safe aluminum multilayer cassette grease filter and LED light with dimming function. You also have a choice between 5- and 10-minute reset options for Intensive levels. Siemens.

Siemens designer wall vent hood
Siemens CleanAir recirculating extractor hood


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02 Dec 11 Wall ventilation hood – Silverline Planar Deluxe


The 90cm wide Planar Deluxe wall ventilation hood from Silverline has a sleek and discreet white glass front surface, and protrudes just 35cm of the wall, making it difficult to bang your head on the hood while cooking. Convenient built-in LED touch controls operate the quiet ventilation motor with 5 speeds and advanced edge extraction.

Two energy-saving neon lights at the back of the wall ventilation hood create a soft ambient lighting, while a 16-watt energy-saving bulb ensures optimal illumination of the stove top. The Planar Deluxe wall exhaust vent hood reaches 800 m³/h airflow and can be used in air circulation or exhaust installation. Other benefits are remote control and dishwasher-safe metal grease filters. Price is approximately € 850. Also available in 60cm and 80cm widths with black or white glass surface. Silverline.


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18 Sep 11 Gutmann Mesa recessed through ventilation


This innovative trough ventilation approach offers excellent ventilation on three sides of the cooktop. The recessed Mesa ventilator delivers efficient all-round extraction, while remaining completely hidden beneath the cooktop. The patented cabriolet technology allows cleaning of the used filters by simply lifting up the cooking area. The new recessed through ventilation – Gutmann Mesa.

Gutmann hoods
Ceiling range hoods






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22 Jul 11 magicad hvac ventilation

Small video-lesson for MagiCad HVAC CAD program (Это небольшой видеоурок о том как делать штаны – круглые, в магикаде)
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13 Apr 11 Air King ventilation –

I interviewed Jeff from Air King, a company that has been around for 10 years, and the products being showcased at their booth in PCBC were bathroom exhaust fans and kitchen range-hoods. The CFMs, cubic feet per minute, of the exhaust fans range from 50 to dual-speed motor fans with a score of 300 ideal for bigger bathrooms, and they all bear the Energy Star symbol. The fans with the larger CFM scores comply with the new California energy standards that will be going into effect in July including the requirement of 2 speed fans to accompany heating and cooling operations. The range-hoods have inserts that accomodate traditional undercabinets within kitchens. Thank you Jeff for your time! Our Website: Our Twitter Company Website:
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19 Mar 11 Fujioh Kitchen Ventilation on Designing Spaces TV Series

FUJIOH supply kitchen range hoods, blower packs & liners to major cabinet manufacturers throughout United States & Canada: KraftMaid Cabinetry Inc, Mill’s Pride, Armstrong, Yorktowne, Kitchen Craft, Medallion, Huntwood, Tru Wood, Wellborn, HAAS etc. Fuji Industrial USA is a manufacturer specializing in Kitchen Ventilation. Our products include, Range Hoods, Blower Packs, Wood hoods and Liners. By comparison we offer more styles and standard colors than many of our competitors;including our no-fingerprint Stainless Steel. Blower Packs from 250-1400 CFM. Both Internal & Remote Blowers. 5 standard colors with matching liners. All models in stock for immediate delivery. Custom liners; guaranteed delivery in 30 days or less. FUJI INDUSTRIAL USA, INC. Riverview Plaza Bldg. 3, Suite 212 16300 Christensen Road; Seattle, WA 98188-3403, USA TEL: +1 206-835-9880 FAX: +1 206-835-9876 TOLL FREE: 1-888-547-9880 Email:

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