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18 Oct 11 LG Washing Machine WM2455HG Review

Consumer reviews the WM2455HG LG Washer with 4.0 ultra capacity from Sears and discusses setting and features.

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08 Oct 11 Tide Loads of Hope: Washing Procedure

This video shows an example of what the washing procedure at the Tide Loads of Hope mobile laundromat is like. Tide’s mobile laundromat consists of one truck and a fleet of vans which house over 32 energy-efficient washers and dryers that are capable of cleaning over 300 loads of laundry daily. Tide will wash, dry, and fold the clothes for families for free. For more information about the Tide Loads of Hope program and to learn how you can help, visit,
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29 Sep 11 How to Make a Print in Photography : Washing Fiber Prints in a Darkroom

An archival washer is necessary gear for photographers who use fiber paper often. Learn to use fiber paper to developphotographic prints in a darkroom in this free photography video. Expert: Anthony Maddaloni Contact: Bio: Anthony Maddaloni is a professional photographer from Austin, Texas. Filmmaker: MAKE | MEDIA

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16 Sep 11 Speed Queen washing entry mats

Speed Queen clean supersized! This superbly built 125. Lb. capacity washer is used at my 2nd job for washing entry mats. In this video you will see a progession of process 23 from start of wash to final extract. View of full size Pepsi machine included for size comparison. Background noise is dryers and the radio I have on in the shop while working. sorry about some of the camera shake I really need a tripod.

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19 Aug 11 Bus & Truck washing made easy Bitimec Speedy Wash A 225 LX Gas or Diesel

Bitimec Speedy Wash A-225-LX: Ideal for 24/7 work, this workhorse machine will keep on going all day. The diesel or gasoline washers are totally self enclosed large vehicle wash systems used by small to large fleet owners and a favorite of ‘Contract Washers’ who can purchase a custom made trailer to move the machine (set up or down in 5 minutes) from job to job.

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09 Aug 11 60 Metre “Open & Close” Rotary Washing Line with crank handle

60m rotary washing line or rotary airer with a unique crank handle that opens and closes / raises & lowers the arms of this rotary airer. Larger families or those who require a rotary washing line that is extremely easy to use will love this. Simply turn the crank handle and watch the arms magically rise. This rotary offers 60meters of washing line which should provide enough drying space for the largest of families. It features a 50mm HEAVY DUTY aluminium centre pole with profiled HEAVY DUTY steel arms with arm end hanging hooks which are perfect to hang clothes hangers and sock dryers from. The crank handle system is easy to use and manufactured from top quality materials, the metals used in production are all high quality and are treated to make this airer rust free. As with all our rotary airers we offer a 5 year guarantee.


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01 Aug 11 Candy GO4 1274 LH GrandOPlus washing machine :: Hygiene coloured 90°

Well, video says most of things.. Really guys, high spin speeds are fatal for most parts in our washers! I started a research about that because I saw that in UK, most machines are being dumped after only 6-7 years (in good case!), and here in Serbia completely different. And Candy’s here are rated as Bosch in UK, so I found out only one cardinal difference – in UK average is 1400rpm, and in Serbia 800, then I started looking around and guess what – every single professional is recommending to reduce the speed whenever it’s possible – saving Motor, Spider, Drum, Pulley, Bearrings, and whole machine is put under less stress! Hope you enjoyed! Please comment! 😀
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11 Jul 11 How to Wash Colored Laundry : Setting the Temperature for Washing Clothes

Selecting the right temperature to wash your clothes. Learn how to wash colored laundry in this free video on cleaning clothes. Expert: Melody Mooney Bio: Melody Mooney, domestic goddess, is a not just a house cleaner, she is a super house cleaner! Her Superhero character, Hygena, who fights grime and crime was part of Stan Lees hit Sci-Fi channel se Filmmaker: Grady Johnson
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05 Jul 11 Truck Washing and Bus Wash Equipment. Mobile, Fast and Easy!

Bitimec Speedy Wash mobile Truck Wash and Bus Washing systems are economical self power brush washers that can soap, wash, and rinse a tractor-trailer in less than 8 minutes. Fast…. Mobile…. Easy!
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04 Jul 11 Washing Machine Drain Pump Replacement (part #3363394)

This repairvideo shows step-by-step instructions on replacing the drain pump on top loading direct drive Whirlpool, Kenmore, Sears, Roper, KitchenAid, Estate, Maytag, and Inglis washing machines. Buy part #3363394 now: Tools Needed: flathead screwdriver, Phillips head screwdriver, pliers, and a putty knife Visit for all your major home appliance repair help and parts.
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