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17 Apr 13 GE Café French door refrigerator with hot water dispenser


More details on the new GE Café French door refrigerator, the CFE29TSDSS, that has hot water dispenser. Previously covered in GE French Door refrigerators for 2012, this 29 cubic foot fridge freezer heats up to 10 ounces of filtered water in minutes, using customized 90°F to 185°F temperature range or 4 preprogrammed settings, which are 90°F Keep Warm, 150°F Cocoa, 170°F Tea and 185°F Soup.


GE is betting on the rapidly growing tea popularity in the U.S. The tea industry has steadily increased from under billion in 1992 to over billion in 2012. And coffee drinking remains very robust. Thus, if you are a tea aficionado, there is no need for a thermometer and a sophisticated electric tea kettle to get a precise temperature at which to brew your favorite tea. More on GE Cafe Appliances.


In addition to hot water, this Café French door refrigerator features the most advanced water filtration system in the industry. The easily replaceable filter, the RPWF model is used in all latest GE French door refrigerators and certified by an independent third party to remove 98% of 5 trace pharmaceuticals, including ibuprofen and progesterone.

Other main elements of this GE Café French door refrigerator with hot water dispenser include,
– a full width, adjustable temperature controlled drawer to store meats, beverages, produce, cheeses and citrus foods at optimal storage temperatures, from 32°F to 40°F, with red, green, blue, aqua and purple LED lights in the drawer giving visual cues of the temperature chosen
– an innovative odor filter designed to allow you at the touch of a button to reduce unwanted odors within the fresh food section
– TwinChill Evaporators for separate air flows and climates in the fresh food and freezer sections to help maintain temperature and humidity levels to keep foods fresh
– a drop down egg tray, door storage for gallon sized products and adjustable shelves in the fridge section, and 3 freezer baskets and a space saving door ice maker in the freezer section

The suggested retail price of GE CFE29TSDSS Café French door refrigerator is ,000. GE Cafe.


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21 Feb 12 Sub-Zero refrigerators with internal ice and water dispenser


The new Sub-Zero refrigerators, the 42″ wide BI-42SID and 48″ wide BI-48SID built-in models have now feature an internal ice and water dispenser. This configuration offers the benefits of ice and water dispensing technology without sacrificing your kitchen aesthetic. The new energy efficient refrigerators with internal ice and water dispenser demonstrate Sub-Zero dedication to innovation and commitment to design.


The cleverly implemented internal ice and water dispenser in these side-by-side refrigerators holds approximately 50 ounces of chilled, filtered water. A Maximum Ice feature increases ice creation by 40% during a 24-hour period. Additionally, an advanced Sub-Zero water filtration system significantly reduces contaminants while preserving the fresh taste of clean water and ice.


Among other key features and benefits of the new Sub-Zero refrigerators you will find air purification system, dual refrigeration system that separately controls the temperature and humidity of the refrigerator and freezer sections, evenly distributed bright interior lighting, crisper and deli drawers with a special low temperature zone and adjustable glass shelves. Price for the 42″ wide BI-42SID refrigerator with internal ice and water dispenser starts at ,800. The 48″ wide BI-48SID base price is at around ,200. Sub-Zero. Previously, Sub-Zero refrigerator.



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23 Nov 11 using hydrogen to heat water

night vid on hydrogen gas burning to heat my hotub
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20 Nov 11 WHE – Waste Heat Engine (water lubricated steam powered)

Harry shows off the WHE at the Steam Automobile Club of America meet 2010. Cyclone Power Technologies Waste Heat Engine (WHE, pronounced “we”) recaptures heat from external sources to create steam which powers the engine. The WHE models are designed to run a grid-tied or primary electric power generator while producing ZERO Emissions. The WHE is designed to run on heat as low as 500ºF from many different external sources of “wasted” heat such as: * Commercial or small-scale industrial ovens or furnaces * Landfill and industrial gas flares * Engine exhaust — from vehicles or power generators * Biomass combustion — dry, vegetative waste materials
Video Rating: 5 / 5 What Is Cellphone Radiation? Cellphones use wireless technologies that work by emitting radio frequency radiation that are transmitted through the antenna in your phone. When talking on your cellphone, the device and thus its antenna end up right next to your head, letting the radiation from it easily affect your brain. This radio frequency radiation (RF) which is produced by cellphones is the same type of energy that is generated by microwave ovens. What is most concerning about RF from cellphones and similar technologies is that they have never undergone pre-market safety testing or been properly scrutinized since being put in use. Long And Short Term Risks To Children: Scientists are discovering that exposure to radio frequency radiation has subtle effects on the brain and other biological functions. These effects are more prevalent in children because their skulls are less thick allowing for more radiation to reach the brain, they have a nervous system that has not fully developed, and because they are likely to be exposed to a lifetime of RF. Researching Radio Frequency Radiation The cellphone industry has obscured the facts around radio frequency radiation through lobbying and manipulating public opinion through its own biased research. If look past the industry funded studies, it becomes clear that cellphone radiation is dangerous and potentially lethal. It is important to remember that Cell phones have only been used in such high volume for
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16 Nov 11 Hot Water Circulator Install

Hot water circulator installation

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10 Nov 11 Why Buy from Air & Water, Inc. When it comes to residential and commercial heating and cooling products, Air & Water’s standard for quality has always remained the same efficient, dependable, and worry-free comfort. We aim to provide comfortable environments for our customers – regardless of the climate. Visit our website to see the best in portable air conditioners, evaporative coolers, ice makers, vacuums, and more.
Video Rating: 1 / 5 Specializing in water and sewer lines, water heaters and tankless water heaters, Syd’s Plumbing and Repair has literally built its reputation as the go-to plumber for professional, high-quality service. And we’re so confident in the quality of our work we guarantee it.
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07 Nov 11 Angie’s List Video Tips: Home Water Softeners – A water softener is a water treatment system that uses salt to remove minerals responsible for creating hard water. This water contains minerals that from deposits in your plumbing which can damage your pipes, reduce the life-span of water using appliances, clog your fixtures and also leave your dishes stained or spotty. Check with your local water company for a free analysis of your home’s water.
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06 Nov 11 Rain Water Hog install NJ Water Harvesting Rain Barrel

Visit Rainwater can be used for watering your garden as well as for toilet flushing, laundry washing and bathing. Rainwater stored in food grade HOGs can be used as an emergency potable water supply. Rainwater is soft water, which means that it wont cause a build up of calcium in your plumbing like hard water can. You can drink rainwater as long as your roofing material does not contain toxic materials. You will need to add a first flush diverter to the fine screen filter in the Inlet kit. Dont let your rainwater go to waste – the Rainwater HOG is functional, efficient and visually discreet rainwater storage! New Jersey is considered to be a “water rich” State, with an average rainfall of 45 inches per year. However, demands on our limited water supply due to population growth and development have increased greatly, making water conservation a prudent step for New Jersey’s citizens year round. During the peak irrigation months of April to October, when we experience hotter, drier summer conditions, it is even more important to conserve water in order to avoid mandatory water use restrictions. Summer outdoor water use increases as people wash cars, fill pools, and water lawns and gardens. Water conservation allows more water to remain in our streams, lakes and rivers for recreational uses and aesthetic enjoyment while also providing habitat for our wildlife. QUICK TIPS FOR CONSERVING WATER Install water conserving showerheads and faucet aerators

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05 Nov 11 Vortex Water KTWO TV Interview 307-577-6333. When water’s purity becomes its main attribute-both for function and consumption, then water is structured. Like many things in the world, the shape and structure of a molecule is an important determinant of its function. Vortex Structured Water uses Water’s Edge technology to give water the proper structure to optimize function. We can all tell the difference between bad water and good water. Vortex Structured Water gives you good water, and good water makes for a good life. In natural conditions water flows over rocks, in rivers ebbs and flows in the ocean and crashes on beaches, under the earth and makes its own correct way. For the purpose of city or well water supply systems, water is collected at its source and forced into a system of pipes. This is where the water is impaired the first time. The high pressure, and motion of traveling in a straight line is detrimental to water. Then, the impaired water is removed from water-pipes, mixed with chemicals which are alien to nature and then the polluted water goes down the drain. We take the water from nature and return it, in a polluted and unfit state. Structured Water: Improves your health, You will drink more water because it tastes better. Helps eliminate toxins in your body. Penetrates cells rather than just washing. Alkalizes your water to 7.0-7.5 pH Kills anaerobic bacteria Is softer water Hydrates your plants and gardens with less water Is perfectly balanced Refreshes showers
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31 Oct 11 Water Screamer – WA03 – Gizmode Innovations

The Water Screamer is the loudest early warning detector for leaky pipes, faulty water heaters, dishwashers and washing machines, on the market today at over 130db. Use the Water Screamer to detect even the smallest amounts of moisture before mold, mildew and serious water damage can occur. It can be placed near bath tubs, toilets, beneath sinks, or it can be used as a basement water alarm for early notification of flooding or leaky pipes. Most problems start with a small leak and grow to a disastrous water flow. Use the water alarm to detect those small leaks before it has a chance to get out of control.
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