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27 Oct 12 Whirlpool Art Gallery decorative range hood


This beautiful decorative range hood from Whirlpool works in either recirculating or exhaust mode, instantly turning your kitchen in a must-see for friends and neighbours. Featuring 3-speed blower with top extraction rate of 570 cubic meters per hour, Whirlpool Art Gallery is a decorative hood with stainless steel structure covered by a colourful etched glass panel. Available with 6 interchangeable decorative panels – Cocktail, Imagination, Shadow, Harlequin, Monochrome and Vintage, the wall range hood comes with 2 halogen lamps, charcoal filter and is quiet, reaching only 60 dB of noise level. The glass panels are quite simple to change, affixing them to the steel structure just like a painting to the wall. Price for Whirlpool Art Gallery decorative range hood is around € 750, with each additional panel going for € 250.






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16 Sep 12 Whirlpool Sports 10kg washer


The German made WFE1210CS Whirlpool washing machine has sleek white with cranberry finish, 10kg capacity, 1,200 rpm top speed and 15 washing programs to satisfy every possible laundry need you may ever encounter. The washer dedicated Sports program ensures that even the toughest sports stains are completely gone, employing an optimal wash temperature and spin speed to maximise thermal and chemical reaction.


In addition to Sports program, the Whirlpool 10kg washer offers Cotton, Big Items, Wool, Delicates, Hand Wash, Super Eco, Drain & Spin, Rinse & Spin Only, Gentle Spin, Intensive Rinse, 30 Minute Quick Wash, Daily Wash, Jeans, Synthetics, Coloured, Normal, Cold Wash, 95°C, Anti-Bacterial, Pre Wash and Easy Ironing programs and cycles.

Other key benefits and features of Whirlpool Sports 10kg washer are stainless steel drum, start delay, remaining time display, bleach dispenser, powder or liquid in pre wash / main wash, fabric selector, wash / rinse temperature options, Add Garment option after cycle start, adjustable feet, cradle action for woollens and Whirlpool 6th Sense functionality. Price for the Sports 10kg washer is about ,300 AUD. Whirlpool.


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13 Aug 12 Whirlpool Ice Collection


Signifying a shift in the culture of home appliances, Whirlpool brand introduces the Ice Kitchen Collection. Defined by silver accents, elegant lines, sleek handles and streamlined controls, the Ice Collection is a break from the uniform whites, blacks and stainless steel. You can have the new Whirlpool appliances in elegant White Ice or refined Black Ice. Ice Collection.






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17 Jun 12 60cm Whirlpool refrigerator


This ‘A++’ rated, very stylish Whirlpool refrigerator measures 60cm wide and offers 320 litres in cooling capacity. The fridge freezer comes with 6th Sense Technology found in Whirlpool JetChef microwave and in other refrigerators.


The bottom freezer refrigerator features touch display, LED lighting, MultiFlow cooling system, stainless steel bottle holder, antibacterial filter, 2 thermostats, 4 fridge shelves, wine rack, 4 door compartments and 3 freezer drawers. Price for this 60cm Whirlpool refrigerator is around € 750. Whirlpool.

Whirlpool stainless steel refrigerator
Whirlpool side by side refrigerators


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23 Jan 12 Whirlpool Limited Edition MAX Microwave


The Limited Edition Max Microwave was released to celebrate 100 years since Whirlpool establishment. This microwave comes with 6th sense technology and features both Steam and Crisp functions together for the first time. In addition, this microwave has an ambient lighting system to help quickly and easily identify which program the microwave is on. The White Light for example, indicates that the microwave is ready to use.

The MAX Limited Edition retains all the innovative features of Whirlpool popular MAX microwave range including the sleek design which allows it to elegantly fit in virtually any kitchen. The uniquely curved back allows it to be placed directly into corners, unlike traditional microwaves, freeing up a valuable worktop space.

The Whirlpool microwave comes in three finished – Moonlight, Platinum Bronze and Caffeine – and with an extensive range of high tech functions.


The Red Light indicates that the microwave is cooking using one of the following functions,
– 6th Sense Crisp, a quick and easy way to prepare deliciously crispy foods like bread, quiche and pizza
– Manual Crisp, an exclusive function of Whirlpool microwave ovens, which uses the patented Crisp plate, 3D microwave system and quartz grill to provide perfect crispy and crunchy food, both on the surface and on the underside in just a few minutes
– Microwave, Whirlpool 3D patented microwave distribution system, the only one able to guarantee the perfect three-dimensional distribution of microwaves inside the oven
– Quartz Grill, a fast, efficient self-cleaning grill that reaches high temperatures in very few seconds and uses less energy than a traditional grill yet cooks 3 times faster
– Combi, microwave and grill combination that ensures browning results as good as those expected from a traditional oven


The Blue Light means the 6th Sense Jet Defrost function is in operation, taking advantage of Whirlpool exclusive 3D microwave distribution system to ensure high-speed, uniform defrosting, due to the three-dimensional movement of the microwaves that easily reach every part of the food.


The Green Light indicates that the 6th Sense Steam function is in use, carefully controlling the steaming process to cook vegetables, fish and many other types of food in the healthiest possible way.

In addition to ambient lighting, the MAX Limited Edition Microwave features flat mirror glass door and integrated handle for the sleek modern style Whirlpool is known for. The smart round back makes the oven compact externally but very spacious internally. With a width of just 39cm, the clever design means the Limited Edition MAX can hold plates up to 28cm in diameter, leaving you more usable space without any bulk.


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20 Nov 11 Cranberries Video – Whirlpool Duet Washer

Commercial featuring our new Monthly Payment Plan and the Whirlpool Duet washer / dryers.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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18 Nov 11 Whirlpool Cabrio Mark It Down Sale Commercial

Check out the new Whirlpool Cabrio washer with 6 Sense Technology! It senses and adapts to every load so you use the least amount of water and energy. It’s not only smart, it’s the biggest. The Whirlpool Cabrio can hold up to 3 baskets of laundry in a single load! Save on all washer and dryers during our Mark It Down sale. For more details, visit us at or your nearest hhgregg location.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Jocelyn and I made a site visit to the Maui Coast Hotel on the beautiful Hawaiian Island of Maui in Kihei. The hotel offers nice rooms at a more reasonable cost than some of the other hotels, especially those in Wailea. Also, on every even numbered floor, free laundry washer and dryers are available! Guests can gain access to the beach by crossing the street (traffic). There is a pool and a couple of restaurants that are very affordable. Also, there are several mom & pop stores and eateries in the area. Check out the amateur footage shot on a Flip Video Camera.
Video Rating: 0 / 5

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18 Sep 11 Whirlpool duet sport F21 error code fix

Whirlpool Duet Sport F21 error code & FIX. Also note TROUBLE SHOOTING MANUAL IS TAPED TO THE BOTTOM FRONT COVER w/ ALL THE ERROR CODES so you can (hopefully) fix other problems that you may encounter with it.
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A visit to the Speedwash Laundromat in Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts. An eclectic assortment of functional and non-functional laundry machines await you at this charming laundromat, located in the shadow of the Bourne Bridge at the Cape Cod Canal. Unfortunately, the largest machine, a 75 pound capacity Wascomat W244, was out of order this particular day. However three, 50 pound capacity, Wascomat W184’s are prominently featured in their wash and extract cycles. The lineup of other equipment at the Speed Wash Laundromat gives the launderer plenty of choices. From various other sizes of Wascomat Junior, Senior, and Giant washers to nostalgic top-loading Maytags, you’re sure to find a machine that will match the personality of each load of laundry. When it’s time to dry, there’s also a dizzying variety of dryers to choose from. Though all approximately the same size, there are various models manufactured by Speed Queen, WascoDry, American Dryer Corporation, Hoyt, and many, many more. Among the non-working machines are another W184 with no front door, a Wascomat WE16, and two rare Hoyt Windsor I dryers in spectacular Harvest Gold! The staff at the Speed Wash Laundromat are very pleasant, eager to offer laundry advice, and are always standing by ready to help in the (unlikely) event a machine you’re using malfunctions. Whether you’re in need of serious laundry washing, or simply looking for an interlude of light entertainment on your way to or from Cape Cod, you’re certain to
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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11 Sep 11 Whirlpool Direct Drive Clutch Replacement

When the clutch on a Whirlpool direct drive washer is bad the washer will spin slowly or it may not spin at all. This video will show how to replace a clutch on a whirlpool direct drive washer.

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20 Aug 11 Whirlpool MaxStar microwave in the USA


Just a quick note that Whirlpool WMC20005YD MaxStar microwave is now available in the USA. Long popular in Europe, the Max microwave offers .5 cu. ft capacity, 10 power levels, Add 30 Seconds function, Quick Touch popcorn button, and easy to clean controls. The oval back shape helps MaxStar fit into corners, maximizing your countertop space, and in spite of its small size, it accommodates 11″ plate. Available in black, silver or white, the Whirlpool MaxStar microwave retails for approximately 0 USD.


Other microwaves from Whirlpool,
Combi microwave ovens
JetChef 6th Sense steam convection microwave
Microwave oven hoods
Whirlpool MAX 28 microwaves


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