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17 Nov 11 Enocean alliance to present self-powered wireless switches a

Enocean alliance presented self-powered wireless switches and sensors at the 2008 Las Vegas LFI show. They are powered by energy drawn from movement, light or even changes in temperature rather than batteries. This harvested energy is used for transmitting sensor data over a distance of up to 30 meters, through walls, within a building to control lighting, blinds, heating or air conditioning without the need for cabling.

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06 Nov 11 Wireless N vs Wireless G (NCIX Tech Tips #18)

This round of tech tips, #18, Linus will show you the advantages of Wireless N vs. Wireless G routers. He will do a series of speed test and range test in this episode of tech tips. Enjoy! Check out these great selection of Wreless N routers from

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17 Oct 11 Is Wi-Fi Wireless Radiation Frying Our Brains? Part 1 As winter arrives with a vengeance, the last of this year’s glorious autumn leaves are falling in our parks and woodlands. But this week came worrying evidence that Mother Nature is not the only force denuding our trees of their foliage. Research in the Netherlands suggested that outbreaks of bleeding bark and dying leaves which have blighted the country’s urban trees may be caused by radiation from the Wi-Fi ¬networks now so integral to life in offices, schools and homes. As a qualified electronics engineer, I am not surprised by such findings. I have long been concerned about the harmful effects of the ¬electro-magnetic radiation emitted not only by Wi-Fi devices but many other common modern gadgets, including mobile and cordless phones, wireless games consoles and microwave ovens. Much though I love trees, and worrying though I find this research, what really unnerves me is the effect these electro-magnetic fields (or EMFs) are having on humans, surrounding us as they do with a constant cloud of ‘electrosmog’. I am no Luddite. When I started work in the 1960s, I was involved in building walkie-talkies. I thought they were just brilliant and that electronic technology would save the world. But over the decades since, my scientific background has made it impossible for me to ignore the overwhelming evidence about the damage wreaked by this electrosmog. It is not the existence of these radio waves that is
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14 Sep 11 RedLINK Wireless Technology

First wireless technology developed exclusively by Honeywell for the HVAC industry.
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09 Sep 11 ECG Wireless Inspection Camera by NTE – WIC-1

Let the ECG® Wireless Inspection Camera with LCD Monitor (WIC-1™) be your eyes and hands while you look inside walls without tearing them apart, search behind appliances and other difficult places for lost items and hundreds of other uses. Allows for easy visual inspections in hard to reach places. Lightweight, handheld design with 3.28 ft. flexible shaft and useful accessories. Typical applications for the WIC-1™ include HVAC inspection, automotive inspection, cable routing, electrical and general contracting, home theater installation, plumbing inspection, law enforcement and anywhere else that you would use a standard borescope.
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The Whitman is the newest of our floor plans. This home features a Spanish stucco exterior with a beautiful tile roof. The large open floor plan boast a 2 story great room that with ample amounts of windows. The kitchen is a chef’s dream with a large kitchen island, double ovens, hardwood floors, gas range, and stainless steel appliances. The upper level has 3 bedrooms and a loft area. The master bedroom comes with a large walk in closet and an attached 5-piece bathroom. 9′ finished walkout basement features a large recreation room and 2 additional bedrooms and is rough plumed for a wet bar. This home backs to the community center and has fantastic views. Other fantastic features include a 21×10 covered deck, study on the main level with French doors, and an Energy Star certification! For over 43 years, Colorado Springs local new home builder, Campbell Homes has been building quality, highly efficient new homes in Colorado Springs, CO. We offer 6 unique Colorado Springs and surrounding area communities. We encourage you to visit any of our new home communities that we build in: Cordera, Indigo Ranch, Pronghorn Meadows, Jessica Heights at Feathergrass all in Colorado Springs and Meridian Ranch, and Falcon Hills in Falcon CO. Our knowledgeable new home consultants are local real estate experts and will help you whether you are relocating to the area or are a native. Our 33 new home floor plans are designed with our customers in mind. Just step inside one of our beautifully

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08 Sep 11 How to Install a PetSafe® Wireless Dog Fence

Learn how to set up a PetSafe wireless dog fence, without digging. First, select a unit that is right for your pet and your yard. Proper training of your pet is essential for the success of the pet fence. Pick a location for the transmitter. The location must have access to an indoor power outlet and the temperature needs to stay above freezing. Locate it on the first floor of your house in the middle of your dogs roaming area. Large metal objects can interfere with the signal, so keep it away from furnaces and refrigerators. Plug the transmitter in, set the boundary switch to high and set the boundary control up to 8. Install the battery in the collar. Activate the static correction signal, if desired. Set up the perimeter. Hold the collar where you want the perimeter to be, and have a friend turn the dial on the transmitter until the collar beeps. Place flags where the collar beeps to visually mark the perimeter. Fit the collar on your dog, ensuring the contact points touch your dog’s skin. Tighten the collar until you can fit one finger in between the contact point and your pet’s neck. Properly training your pet to stay within the boundaries of your new wireless dog fence is crucial to your pet’s safety and success in using the fence. For more how to content, visit For more pet products or to purchase your own pet fence, visit
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Yes! New website is up! In this video I teach different types of furniture to add to your Minecraft home! This is the first of four parts, the parts consist of the following categories… *Bathroom/Kitchen (This Episode) *Outdoor Design *Furniture *Extras Helpful Links! My Website: My Planet Minecraft: Forums: BrenyBeast:
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15 Aug 11 eCoupled Wireless Blender Demo – Fulton Innovation

Demo of a wirelessly-powered blender using eCoupled technology. For additional information, please visit or
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