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24 Nov 11 Yamaha EF3000iSE/B Generators – The Boost You Need

The Yamaha EF3000iSE and the EF3000iSEB are two of the most revolutionary inverter models available today. Ever need a little boost – extra power that gets your tool or air conditioner started quickly and efficiently? Well, now you can get that “boost” thanks to the EF3000iSEB generator from Yamaha.

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24 Sep 11 2000 Yamaha R6 Transmission

Well my bike had the dreaded 2nd gear pop out, where you would be in 2nd gear, and when you roll on any kind of decent power, like more than 1/2 throttle above 4k rpm it would slip out like it was in neutral, which sounds different than what is going on with your bike. I ended up replacing 2nd and 6th gear since those are the two gears that lock together, as in the dogs grab into each other,6th has a recessed groove and 2nd has the “dog” that goes into that groove, and it ends up getting worn around the edge just a little bit and when pressure is put on it, it just slips out. Along with the 2 gears i replaced both shift forks and the shift fork guide rod. Then i bought all new gaskets except for the head gasket. Its best to go ahead and not reuse any of the old ones. I also bought a few other lil misc things, like a new washer for the front sprocket, all new header flange gaskets, a new spring that goes in the shift rod assembley, and of course all new fluids and gasket stuff, lock-tite and anti seize. It ended up costing right around 0 i think… I should of bought a new clutch at the time but i didnt. I would do it if i did it again though. you could go the cheap route and just get new paper disks for the clutch and then run a micrometer on them and make sure the are with in spec size and if they are just rough em up with some sandpaper and then check em again and if they are still within spec just put them back in. hope this info helps. also use

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