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25 Oct 11 The Hills Bulk Waste Pt 2

Really gets full in this video…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

I don’t know what the heck this is!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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    @FUGlitchyLogin Yeh they got the pile on luckily. They had to come back for more material, but this was in an area closer to the tip.

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    Did they manage to get the job done without having to come back? Nothing more annoying than a full wagon when the tip is miles away when you only have a few bits left, this happened to me a few times when I worked on the recycling truck a few years ago. There would be like 2 bins left at the end of a shift and we’d have to go and empty then come all the way back for them because of the trucks on board scales which shut off the compactor when it was full.

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    wonder how it was to drive all that to the dump, when full..

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    @johndeerman66 yes thats right most rear loaders our 25,000 psi 25 tonnes of pressure.but i know on mighty germen haller x1 there is a massive 40 tonnes of pressure.on the schorling 2r there is 41 tonnes of pressure .rosroca 2rk the most 43.5 tonnes.

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    I like seeing a rear loader get over powered.not that it couldn’t crush stuff it mashed the pudding out of that washer or wahtever it was but it could not do a full sweep or full pack cycle cool.Funny it lost most of its power in the seep and hold the sweep part but the raise up after it sweeps did not up or down it was still visious.I guess everthing has its limits and it sure did excelent show..

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    not relly you just keep crushing it into the hopper .yea it takes far longer as big object would be hard but you can do it in time .

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    why would ya put a bulky on when ur that full? thats just strange.

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    I heard it somewhere around 2500 psi to crush all that grabage and the bulk waste.
    yes you cand and you cand split the pump. but there is a “hyd trip” built it to the control-valve on the valve-spool is a small,
    piston on each side of the spool when the pressure get to a preset point the oil under pessure then pushes on this piston. this piston then pushes on the control-valve spool thus cutting the pressure to the rams

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    These guys don’t waste no space…LOL

    Great vid!

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    Yer I love seeing rear loaders struggling like this, very entertaining :) I reckon the packer had just given up after all that, couldn’t be stuffed packing anymore lol You can bet they went to the dump after that, I bet the tailgate wasn’t far from jumping off the locks with all that pressure. Thanks for the comment!

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    Man!!! That truck was packed out!!! I noticed that when he tried to pack that large metal object at 6:50, the packer blade didn’t curl fully to the sweep position!! I hope the truck went to the dump after that stop cause I would be afraid to see that tailgate burst open lol!!! Great Post!!!

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    haha Nah, missed me…

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    so at 7:52 did you get struck from a projectile?

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    Just trying to keep you busy in answering questions (jk :D) Wonder what percentage the tailgate’s load of trash was (its weight) to what was in the body LOL!! Must’ve been nearly 30% there, packed all into the hopper till the bitter end!

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    Probably cleared the hopper first, take the weight out of the tailgate… but who knows, could’ve been totally the other way around.

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    Awesome part 2, must’ve been hella fun to watch!!! Wonder if (once they finally unloaded) they ran the packer to clear the hopper first and then ejected or ejected and then ran the packer?? Definitely this is the ultimate strain on RLs like this!! Thanks however-many-tons-this-truck-finally-hauled-away for posting this series 😀

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    did u give them a reward?

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    that is one full truck!!

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    wow they must be brave to pack as much as the can even though the packer is heavy

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    Sorry but I can’t answer that, wouldn’t have a clue.

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    Thanks for explaining that, but how much force is exerted to the trash, 10 tons, 20 tons???

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    looks like they need a heil

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    Great work! Thanks (also for the first Video)

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    Oh yeah, I definitely would have done the same thing even if it took an extra 10-15 mins… especially if it saves them the drive after dumping out.

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    On older models you’ll find these cut-out systems weren’t around, but on the newer models you’re bound to find it incorporated into the system. I’m pretty sure the main use for them is to take pressure off the cylinders/rams, hoses and the pump to avoid damage to the truck. I know on some side loaders down here where once the system pressure is reached, the pump or packer will shut off automatically so you won’t be able to load any further, resulting in an inevitable trip to the dump.

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    now that wm’s gone, is this the recycling truck?

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    no the engine is a volvo

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    I think the truck is a Nissan UD but I don’t know what the recycling body is though

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    I sure don’t know the name of the truck or anything but its made especially for recycling i can see that.Has anybody got a video of 1960s american garbage truck there were some round shaped like a pipe.And had a compactor blade that run from the front to the back.