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17 Apr 11 Thermador Pro Dishwasher $999

Video Rating: 5 / 5

This is my one yr. old Bosch SMS69M15EU dishwasher. It is one of the finest on the market. It works well and gets great reviews on the internet. Since everybody LOL seems to put movies about their dishwashers on YouTube, I figured let’s put mine on YT as well LOL.. I’m pretty satisfied by the result, although it was filmed with my cell phone, which has no great camera. So be gentle if you give comments..LOL 😉 Please, see my other video: The Leon from Holland
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Reader's Comments

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    @the56leons I’m not doubting it’s an excellent dishwasher, but I’d get it in another color.

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    Yep, that may be a little con, but stainless steel surely looks much better than a lot of those crappy white plastic dishwashers 😉 But most of all…it does not say a thing about how this Bosch does it work, and that is very good.! And that is what it is all about! And that is why Bosch dishwashers get good consumer reports. Better than a lot of other (US) brands. Finger prints or not = Bosch, yes thanks. 😉

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    Stainless steel = finger prints. No thanks.

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    That Kitchenaide dw looks a little bit cheap to me, strange shiny looks and all….I don’t know….but I don’t like that. Does not look like stainless steel. Has wobbly racks… Nope..Bosch just is more solid German build quality. Just like their cars. Mercedes, BMW….;-)
    We do not have Kitchenaide, Kenmore and brands like that in Europe..;-) I’ve been several times to the US, so I know what they look like IRL, the quality of building. Sorry..don’t like it…but that’s my opinion.

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    Thanks, I love ’em too! For 20 yrs I have dishwashers. Always Bosches…yep! 😉 Just solid appliances.
    Thanks that you liked the video. In a few weeks, I’ll make another movie “Bosch SMS69M15EU, the sequel”…haha..LOL :)

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    Nice video , I love Bosch dishwashers :)

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    @the56leons i wil o i will. Blomberg is European founded but made in Turkey :O it just can’t compare to the bosch… theres a kitchenaid video for rating it and he gave it a 10/10 but i think he has his lips stapled to kitchenaids butt because all His appliances are kitchenaids

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    So just stick to Bosch, Buffyfoo. They have good German building quality and are wellknown in Europe for their overall cleaning performances and reliability. Bosch gets good customer reviews.
    My Bosch also looks better than that Kitchenaide thingy, inside and outside! That Kitchenaide looks cheap!

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    @the56leons I have close to one which is a Blomberg. God dishwasher but in my opinion Bosch’s are the best you can buy

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    Bosch dishwashers are the best and have a good reputation. So get one.

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    i want it!!!!!