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25 Nov 11 Top Gear Car Sauna Game

Hosts discuss recent heat wave alert, which they like because it means they can play the Car Sauna game

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    @Jazda1Jazda Episode 3 of Season 13

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    2:30 agreed, Jeremy. Agreed.

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    *It’s. Don’t even bother criticising the Americans.

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    @MrHandsomeVan I guess you’ve missed the thread of the conversation

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    @angryirishmen Deaf people watch Television shows too dumbass.

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    @ysakhno Look at the display it clearly says…

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    @ysakhno im talking about when they first start.

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    @bryanstrain What?! That’s 143.42º F actually!

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    thats 100°F. not very hot. i wish that was a heat wave where i live.

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    Vote, Jeremy Clarkson for Prime Minister!

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    I have to go work in 80 degrees, but 60 is hot enough, hehe :)

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    @angryirishmen It is much easier to understand by reading than by listening. Especially not american accent. At least for me, polish guy who learns english only in school.

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    @Jazda1Jazda Look for the answer in comments

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    what series and episode is that

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    how long would you stay in the merc during a hot day with the heater on to get it for free?

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    @angryirishmen It’s for deaf people most likley it’s prob a ethic (spelling) legaligty for some video like to have english subtitles

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    someone call the pyro!

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    @angryirishmen maybe because there are hard of hearing and deaf people who enjoy Top Gear too, asshole.

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    @angryirishmen it helps people who are not native English speakers

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    I’m starting to feel like the only person who agrees with Mr Brown that things are too hot in this country now…

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    @angryirishmen It’s not actually subtitles so much as closed captioning – for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

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    @angryirishmen My native language is not English, so subtitles help me to understand :)
    Thanks ysakhno!

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    Be afraid of the Rain… the Rain Drops Might make ya melt

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    OMG the sun is out.. lets Call a Level 7 UV red alert, Cause nasa says so

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    “so what we’re breathing is each other…AARGH!”
    Love their reactions to that! XD

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    thak for your video