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14 Nov 11 Trials of The Mighty Danfoss 95kw Scroll

More Scroll compressor Fun Will not start with or without caps, just needs massive starting current.
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    @Tjita1 yeh it would be for commercial cool rooms or large AC plants

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    @Aussie50 I could have used that for my freezer. Three seconds to get from room temperature to -50 or something.. ๐Ÿ˜€ Amazing piece of equipment. I would assume that it’s normally used for cooling industries or big shops?

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    @Aussie50 Ok. Is it possible to have an outlet setup to power that at home, though?

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    @Tjita1 lol nah, it was dropped in transit and written off, I ended up cutting it open and dissecting it for youtube.

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    @KompulsaOfficial nah I wasn’t actually running it, I had it pulling power off a 25A breaker just to show a friend what would happen.

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    How do you power a 95,000 watt compressor in your home?

    It can’t be 240 volts. What did you do to provide it with a power source?

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    That there is one big ass compressor. Are you building a heat pump to heat an entire apartment block in Antarctica?

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    Yesterday at my workplace the water chillers were stopped and opened for regular maintenance. Two of this monster copressor was sitting inside each unit. These are 120kW cooling capacity Liebert-Hiross units.

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    @Aussie50 Are you sure its fully compatible with mineral residue?
    I thought a retrofit had to be undertaken to ensure that no mineral was left due to coagulation at low temps, eg evaporator blockages?

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    Nice video !


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    what is that 460 volt 3 phase ? and you know how many tons ?

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    holy shit thats big it can cool a building lol

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    wow, that sounds about right too, considering the little black ones I have are 700 – $800

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    i checked their website recently and saw that one like this was being sold for 20-30 grand

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    that’s a big compressor, I’d never seen one that big before.

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    its a synthetic replacement for mineral oil in refrigeration systems. fully compatible with mineral oil residue too.
    but it is very hygroscopic so its not much good on open air applications I don’t think.

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    what is polyester oil ?

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    V8jagnut has a old compressor built from one of those and it runs well with a small motor!

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    brand spankin new!.
    I hate to think how much its worth off the shelf at a supplier!

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    Is that a new compressor?

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    lol its all fun ๐Ÿ˜€

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    That was a few years ago, i dont have it anymore, it was left @ summerhouse when we sold it, i had taken it apart and screwed it up so it was useless anyways, and it was too big to be driven w my little 2.2kW vfd. But yeh iยดd liked to still have it tho.

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    those little 2cyl ones make great air compressors! if you’ve still got it, or can get another one you’ll have a damn good compressor!

    The oil should be fine mineral oil, like for sewing machines. wouldn’t hurt the mower in cold climates!

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    thats cool. yer blame me for taking the breaker

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    HOLY SHIT ๐Ÿ˜ฎ That is one HUUUUGE compressor!!! @ the summerhouse we used to have i played alittle w a big semihermetric two cylinder commercial refrigeration/ac compressor w 3phase motor, tho it was only around 50 kilos or less since i was able to carry it, well just barely able. The oil from it ended up in a lawnmower engine justg for fun to see what would happen.