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23 Nov 11 using hydrogen to heat water

night vid on hydrogen gas burning to heat my hotub
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    what a fake, hydrogen burns yellow!

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    safety first why not make a video with the lights we can see.made me laughso try again,thanks jk 12 2010

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    hho but u can still spank me Savana ouch

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    liar ~ this is natural gas…! why do try to decieve people…
    you should be spanked!

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    yes hho is all natrual gas

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    That flame looks like narural gas

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    @cauchotres yes direct use is the key forget the tank

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    Would you have available a photo diagram of the HHO burner setup? Not clear in understanding the nozzle configuration relative to that large O-ring. Can you please explain it. How is the gas directed into the O-ring?

    This looks like a good way to augment an oil burning water boiler for central heating.

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    I was thinking if there were some pipes wrapped in a coil fashion around the flames you could recapture lost heat to boil water like a radiator system then use that steam to spin an electric generator to create more hydrogen gas. A symbiotic system.

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    Estimated gentleman I use a translator of Spanish Englishman, forgive the lacks(mistakes).
    With surprise I saw his(her,your) application of hho to warm water.
    It is what was searching.
    Only this application is possible of hho, gathering the gas in a tank, believes possible direct use?
    Thank you for his(her,your) response

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    that is a great idea , i have thought about using the exhaust piped through the core of a hot water tank i am sure it would work !

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    I like your videos, but why not just burn the biodiesel or waste veg oil even for heating the water. The biodiesel generator would be one way to run my hot tub pump, but I’m trying a steam pump.