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06 Nov 11 Vangelis – Himalaya

This is a track from Vangelis’s 1979 album, “China,” a concept album about said nation. (Interestingly, Vangelis had never visited China at the time that he wrote the album. Nevertheless, he employs various traditional Chinese instruments and compositional styles alongside his own trademark sound for the piees on the album, including this one.) The video consists of various images that I found on both Google and Wikimedia Commons of the titular mountain range, including its tallest and most famous peak, Everest Mons (which, by the way, is actually located in Nepal and not in China.)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Tags: Himalaya, Vangelis

Reader's Comments

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    realmente no se como a pasar de l tiempo todavia este tan actual

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    Amazing music!!!!

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    I love this, used in cosmos by personal voyage. this is one of my favorites of vangelis

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    1 person need to jump off the himalaya

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    que espectaculo eso es vida

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    incredibly inventive , like nothing else anywhere

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    ik denk dat niemand het gevoel kent weg zakken in music , music is de de weg naar het universum. dats the key

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