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23 Nov 11 Video 4.wmv

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Macy Waltrip begs her father, Michael, to have a chance at getting behind the wheel of the Ol’ Aaron’s Dream Machine.

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    @ORilleyCupSeries Probably better than Darrell

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    Let me tell you something: it’d be nice to see Macy racing in NASCAR… I mean, why not? Give her a chance Mikey, in 2018 (if the world is not destroyed by then)… I say let’s wait and see…

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    @TheKyleBuschfan and she could be better then Michale!

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    Your dad let you drive!

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    man, i got mikey’s autograph, now if I could get macy’s….=D shes gonna be racing the ol’ dream machine by thew time she’s 20!

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    macy is my best buddie!

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    Little known fact. Macy Waltrip has more racing talent than Brad Keselowski. Not that that’s saying much.

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    macy is hot

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    Macy totally rocks!

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    awesome video

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    I think Macy could race in a NASCAR race

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    Janice, this is actually Macy’s like 4th commercial with her dad. Two Domino’s commercials when she was younger, another Aaron’s commercial with dad & DW, and this one

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    WoW Macy!!! I never knew you were in a commercial. That is so cool!!!


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    belive that 110 %

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    Macy has gotten big!

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    Just to let everyone know that i ment to say ”following in her daddy’s footsteps”.

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    This commercial is so adorable! I can’t believe how big Macy has gotten. I remember when she was born. Now look at her, falling in her daddy’s footsteps. Go Macy & Mikey!

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    i know macy personaly no kidding!!!

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    Macy is great and really makes Aaron’s feel like a family!

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    Love to see a follow up where DW helps Macy steal the Dream Machine lol.

  22. |

    she will get DW to help her

  23. |

    Darling! Macy’s a natural. :-)

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    This is so adorable! I hope Macy is in more ads!